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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 786: Arrangement

Chapter 786: Arrangement

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In order for Leylin’s plan to succeed, a clone was of utmost importance. Because he could not use his soul seed, it was necessary that he separated a part of his truesoul and give it enough authority to act independently.

Leylin had already obtained the technique to split his truesoul from Melinda, and the method to control it had just been given by Ignox.

“Next is to fuse these two techniques and find out ways to reincarnate in another world… With the Manderhawke Plate’s ability, my clone will then secretly enter the World of Gods… Since it will be an entirely independent body, my truesoul clone will also be considered a native of the World of Gods and won’t be monitored too closely, so I can quietly grow in strength…

“Even if I fail, I’ll only lose a clone. If I luck out, I won’t even need to take over the World of Gods. As long as I fuse with that clone once more and absorb all the origin force of the World of Gods from it, I’ll gain immense benefits… Obviously, if I do succeed, then the whole World of Gods shall be mine!” Leylin’s eyes burnt with fervour.

Since he had his goal set now, he could begin the rest of the preparations.

While a deep sleep lasted hundreds of years for some existences of laws, Leylin had a pile of things to take care of. On top of that, he had plans for his family and descendants. It did not take him too much time or effort to deal with these common things, but the sense of satisfaction they gave him made it all worth it.

The entrance of the laboratory that had been silent for a long time revealed a dark path. The brass lampstand emitted a hazy luster, and the undying flames above it continued to emit bright, blazing flames and heat.

“With a life span of over a hundred thousand years, it feels like a hundred years passed in the blink of an eye…”

Leylin looked grim as he walked out through the secret pathway and arriving at the outer world.

On an afternoon in a castle, the warming rays of the winter sun shone down, creating a cosy feeling. There was even some snow on the peaks of a few hills surrounding the castle, while also having some life around.

The place Leylin had exited from was the core area where security was at its strictest in the castle.

In the castle, many high-ranked Warlocks supervised and patrolled. The castle had an atmosphere of splendour and grandeur.

Every underground patrolling Warlock’s’ eyes was filled with reverence towards the castle.

What they were guarding was the most powerful Monarch in the central continent! The pride of bloodline Warlocks, the rank 6 Warlock and the most powerful of the Ouroboros Clan, Leylin Farlier— And this was his castle!

Yes, this castle was the newly-built core power of Leylin’s power in the south coast, and the main camp of the whole Farlier family.

“The Targaryen Castle is still the same as it was before!”

Leylin chuckled slightly, disappearing in mid-air and instantly arriving in the hall of the castle.

Numerous ceremonial items began to shake and produced the most splendid music. The throne at the centre began to release a black radiance, as if welcoming the arrival of an emperor.

With a flash, Leylin sat on the throne, the upper part of the throne automatically curving to allow Leylin to sit very comfortably.

“Mm, not bad!” Leylin nodded, and then sensed an elated conscient in the hall. This belonged to the emotional undulations of the castle.

With Leylin’s ability, just the powerful radiation that he unwittingly gave off could, within a short period of time, completely modify the Targaryan Castle.

When he had first built it, Leylin had also intentionally vitalised the materials of the castle due to his radiation and modifications.

The whole Targaryen Castle had long since become a real ancient Magus castle that did not lose out to the famed ancient Magi castles in the central continent. It had even created a conscient of its own, serving under Leylin.

The whole castle also had all sorts of mysterious abilities and powerful defences.

“Without my approval, perhaps rank 5 or 6 Magi might find it difficult to just move around in here!”

Leylin was rather confident of this fact.

“Notify everyone that I’m here!” Leylin patted the armrest of his seat.

*Clang! Clang!* At the heart of the Targaryen Castle, atop a large black bell tower, a cumbersome brass carillon began to move even without wind, producing dull sounds that somehow seemed to penetrate through everything.

The heavy carillon resounded in the whole castle, causing many Warlocks to watch with their mouths wide open in shock.

“Ni- Nine times in a row? This signal…”

A newly advanced Warlock looked stunned, as if he had seen something unthinkable.

“You’re really lucky, kid, that you managed to witness the moment lord Bloodline Monarch leaving his research!” Beside him, his team leader had given him a ruthless shove to his chest, with some desolateness in his voice, “It’s a pity that the central meeting hall is not a place we can go to… Only the enforcers, housekeepers and family of the Bloodline Monarch have the authority to enter…”

“Enforcers? I’ll reach that point someday! When that happens, I’ll…”

The young Warlock eyes seemed to be ablaze.

“Do your job well!” The team leader patted his head and then laughed encouragingly.

*Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!* *Clang!*

After the clanging of the bell, bundles of jade-green flames burnt within the discussion hall.

Every once in a while, figures could be seen coming out from the flames, bowing to Leylin respectfully and then standing by their assigned seat, eyes full of fervour.

Amongst them were obviously people who had yet to have the ability to shift locations easily. However, since this was the Targaryen Castle, this sort of teleportation was not an issue with Leylin personally allowing this, as well as help from the castle itself.


An even larger bundle of green flames burst into a blaze, revealing two Warlocks’ figures.

The leading one was obviously Syre from before. He looked somewhat similar to Leylin, his long black hair and eyes full of a mysterious charm.

The unique aura of Warlocks hovered about him, giving him a deadly attractiveness.

Standing beside Syre was Freya, dressed like an upper-class woman. Now, however, her eyes concealed some sort of grudge and bitterness.

“Freya, come!”

Leylin waved them over and got Freya to sit beside him, accepting the greetings from everyone else.

He was actually aware of her unhappiness towards him.

It was a pity that what Freya truly wanted was something Leylin could not give her.

For Leylin, he could spend a bit more time to arrange things for the people or matters he knew well, but he could not keep staying by their sides.

His gaze was always on the distance, attracted by the glamour of eternity.

Before he reached his goal, Leylin would not halt his footsteps.

However, Freya evidently loved him. She did not mind if Leylin played around outside indulging in sensual pleasures, but she was very dissatisfied with Leylin doing an experiment for a whole century.

While she hid this sentiment, Leylin still realised it.

It was a pity that it was impossible for Leylin to yield to her in this matter. He could only make it up to her with other methods. Perhaps, after truly gaining eternal life and freedom, would he then have the time to accompany her without restrictions.

Now, under the steps were a large number of high-ranked Warlocks aside from Syre. They were all Leylin’s housekeepers and enforcers in the castle, and their eyes were filled with fervent zealousness.

It was as if Leylin was a god in their eyes.

After the burdensome etiquette was done with, Leylin asked a few questions, mostly regarding the latest news of the Ouroboros Clan.

After getting his answers, Leylin was now up to date with the development of the organisation under him.

The Ouroboros Clan had long since gone through a complete transformation. With the limitless benefits from the underground trade, they not only had control of the south control but was also spreading towards their surrounding organisations.

Even the branch in the central continent was working out well, its reputation there flourishing even more than it had been.

The Farlier Family made rapid progress. Syre and Daniel, the two second generation descendants had already grown, and there were even a surge of talents from the third and fourth generation descendants.

Of course, many of them were fervently being sought out by many bloodline nobility, and it was obvious they would find many troubles with this in the future.

“Syre, you did very well with the underground trade!”

Leylin apathetically praised Syre as he watched the other Warlocks below.

“The reason I came out was to notify everyone that I intend to go through with experiments at an even deeper level. The next time we meet might be hundreds or even over a thousand years later. In the time I’m not here, I will hand everything regarding the Ouroboros Clan and Farlier Family over to my wife and beloved son, Freya and Syre…”

The other high-ranked Warlocks had long since gotten used to this sort of commands. After all, Leylin had done the same thing in the past and pushed the responsibility to others. This was just making things official.

Meanwhile, Leylin’s nonchalant attitude towards the hundreds of years that might pass gave rise to the envy of these Warlocks.

Experiments that would last for over a thousand years? For Warlocks like them, not getting past the hurdle of Morning Star meant they might not even live through one round of Leylin’s experiments…

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