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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 787: Truesoul Splitting

Chapter 787: Truesoul Splitting

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“Father… you…” After hearing Leylin’s of intentions, Syre couldn’t hold himself back even if the Warlocks sitting below had no objections. At the same time, although her expression hadn’t really changed Freya was already tightly clasping her dress.

Leylin noticed all of these minute movements.

“Of course, before the experiment, I’ll definitely make time to stay with you…” Leylin glanced at Freya and consoled her.

Meanwhile, his eyes scanned across those below him, “Everyone, please allow me some time to be with my family…” Since Leylin had spoken, the high-ranked Warlocks naturally did not say more and bid farewell, leaving the space to the family of three with the highest authority.

“I’m sorry, Freya, but there’s a reason I have to do this!” Leylin watched his wife apologetically, “I promise! This temporary parting is all preparation for us to be together for eternity… Please believe in me…”

Freya’s eyes reddened, and Syre scratched his head.

“Alright, let’s not talk about stuff that will dampen our moods. Send the order for a banquet to be prepared! I’ll spend good time with you for now.” Leylin watched Syre tenderly and smiled.


Several months had already passed by the time Leylin had returned to his laboratory once more.

At the thought of how he’d been rushing everywhere for these months, even Leylin could only rub his nose and laugh wryly.

There was not just Freya and Syre in his family. Whether it was Celine and his son in Twilight Zone, Belinda, her sister and Aegnis in the underground Alabaster City and the rest who hadhad intimate relations with him, all needed to be pacified.

While the time he spent with each of them was short, the amount of time it added up to came to a terrifying amount.

Of course, with Leylin’s personality, he only spent more effort appeasing Freya and a few others. The rest of the women were consoled with just some transmissions.

After all, Leylin clearly knew which women held more importance to him.

“Besides taking care of those affairs, there was also the development of the Ouroboros Clan and the Farlier Family…”

Leylin merely set a rather approximate aim when it came to this and got his subordinates to do the rest. With Syre and Daniel, the two rank 6s in charge, there was little he needed to worry about.

“Next… is to vigorously do research on reincarnation techniques and do all I can to make a strategy for the World of Gods!”

Leylin’s eyes displayed his anticipation as he immersed himself in experiments and research.

Time flowed like water, and the years passed by in a blur. Things of the world outside his word seemed to lose all importance to Leylin, who’d sunk into experiments and getting proof.

In his mind, the truesoul splitting technique he had gained from Melinda, the method to maintain control over a truesoul clone that he had obtained from Ignox and many other techniques were already being broken up and re-organised to form an even more complex and profound body.

The mysteries of the truesoul began to unveil itself before Leylin, allowing Leylin to touch on the truth of the world on a deeper level.

“Universe and truesoul, macroscopic and microscopic, matter and conscient… At the very heart of it, everything mysteriously has its similarities. Is this the secret of the universe?”

Leylin looked intoxicated.

In front of him, dazzling starlight fused into one body, yet its form seemed to be constantly changing.

From the outside, its eemed to be an irregular spheroid formed of starlight. There were scenes of the explosion of the universe and shrinking of the black hole, which then gradually formed into a human figure.

[Beep! Completion of Rank 7 spell— Alternative World Reincarnation. Referenced material: ‘Soul Splitting Technique’, ‘How to control your soul— Enoja’, ‘Exploring the mysteries of the world’, ‘Truesoul concealment— Basics for Devils’]

The A.I. Chip’s prompt sounded, followed by an even more detailed introduction to the spell.

[Alternate World Reincarnation. Rank 7 spell. Ability to split the truesoul of the main body and project the body to another world to be reincarnated. The main body will have absolute control over the truesoul clone and synchronise completely with the world origin force’s frequency, getting treatment as a native would.]

In the Magus World’s history, there were few rank 7 spells, and much less spell models to record them.

This was because the existences of laws, after reaching rank 7, could make use magic at its source and bypass the process of using the spell model.

Besides, spells at rank 7 and above usually needed the corresponding power of laws as the basis, and had no properties that allowed it to be used widespread.

The spell formation that Leylin had specially developed was much different from the original soul splitting technique.

“It can be said that this ‘Alternate World Reincarnation’ is actually a new method of traversing to another world. If used on an ordinary person, it would still have the same effect.”

Leylin’s lips quirked up into a smile.

His rank 7 spell not only made use of the intelligence of Melinda and Ignox, but also included what he felt was important.

Amongst this was the A.I. Chip’s simulation analytical skills as well as the transformation by the world origin will.

In his reincarnation spell, the truesoul had to go through a transformation by the world origin force. Hence, the clone that successfully descended into the World of Gods would be no different from a native, and even gods would not notice.

Only with these would his clone have enough space and time to develop.

Of course, because the clone had abandoned all its original abilities and lacked any power from the main body, the clone would start off in the weakest state.

However, with Leylin’s truesoul memories, the clone would definitely grow quickly and then begin to spy on the domains of the gods.

It was only after reaching the realm of the gods and synchronising with the world origin force that the clone would possibly coordinate with the main body, in order to break through the barrier of the crystal wall.

“The theoretical and practical experiments for these have been completed. What’s next is to put everything into practice…”

Leylin looked very grim. Neither the splitting of his truesoul and reincarnating it in the World of Gods were simple tasks.

Even with Leylin’s semi rank 7 body of laws, he had to treat this very seriously.

“So I’ve finally reached this point?”

Leylin’s eyes were filled with emotion. All his memories flashed before his eyes, from starting off as an ordinary little noble that developed into a being filled with fear in the Magus World, to his memories of glory and splendour afterwards.

Leylin’s mind lingered with the mysteries and vastness of magic, the glory and mystery of the World of Gods, as well as the limitless strength system and the supreme truth.

Now, he was completely giving up the path the ancient Magi had walked, entering the World of Gods in order to search for the origin or to meet his end.

The slight wavering in his emotions was suppressed by him in the blink of an eye.

Soon, his eyes went back to a state that was impervious to desires and passions.

Leylin arrived in the astral laboratory. Here, an astral gate exactly the same as before had been rebuilt.

The large stone gates and the strange, simple patterns seemed to be narrating some ancient and great history.

“Manderhawke Plate!” Leylin’s right hand flickered with light, and a round stone plate appeared. There was even a large part missing at its edge, as if something had taken a bite out of it.

“Based on the data from the previous experiment, I’ve modified it further and made an imitation Manderhawke Plate with the addition of some other materials!”

Leylin’s eyes flashed as the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded.

[Manhark Plate (Imitation). Weight: 2451g. Effect: Weaken world force, makes it convenient for transmission of energy. This is an imitation, made from the Manhark Plate Beezlebub possesses. Holds 46.5% of power of the original. Maker: Leylin Farlier.]

“Mm! Compared to the previous inferior versions which only had 20 - 30% the effects of the original, this imitation is evidently more powerful. It should help the plan work more smoothly…”

Leylin touched his chin, suddenly looking resolute, “Let’s begin!”

*Rumble!* A dazzling golden, blazing sun slowly appeared from behind him.

This was a projection of Leylin’s truesoul, representing a peak rank 6 Warlock. This was the strength of the highest quality soul!

The golden soul flames that appeared physical wreaked havoc in the laboratory . Besides the astral gate, everything was incinerated into nothing.

“First up… the splitting of the truesoul!”

Leylin looked incomparably grave. Based on the technique to split the truesoul into two, a powerful tearing force entered his point mass.

At the heart of the point mass, which was where a Magus’ soul and strength gathered, the peak rank 6 truesoul began to tremble abruptly.

Pain! The intense pain of tearing one’s soul apart! Leylin bore the sudden attack, which made him turn pale with cold sweat running down profusely.

At his back, his blazing sun truesoul quivered, and even the Targaryan appeared, producing hisses of misery and suffering.

“Hah! Split!”

Leylin looked extremely malicious, as if a devil from hell. With his yell, a white streak of electricity fell, striking the figure behind him.


The golden sun split in an instant, forming two truesouls, one larger than the other.

“Ugh—” At the moment his truesoul was split, Leylin’s mind went completely blank, and his eyes were filled with confusion.

“Such weakness…”

Once he completely regained his senses, he forced a smile as he sensed the terrifying injuries to his truesoul.

“Just breaking off a small part of my truesoul is already so terrifying…”

Leylin gazed at the two irregular truesouls. While they had both turned into flaming suns, the physically larger one was obviously tens of times bigger than the smaller truesoul.

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