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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 788: Alternate World Reincarnation

Chapter 788: Alternate World Reincarnation

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“Injuries to the truesoul are the most terrifying. Even existences of laws will sink into a deep sleep in order to heal them…” Leylin laughed wryly, “This is a result of splitting a small part of my truesoul. If it’s anything like what Beezlebub did, it’s very possible that my main body would just die…”

The phantom Targaryen behind Leylin’s back withered and slowly disappeared. A bit of faint red light flew out from between his brows and disappeared into his hand, flashing like a firefly. This was the smaller truesoul that Leylin had split. The experiment had to begin immediately, lest it dissipate from prolonged exposure to the external world.

“Astral gate, open!” Leylin huffed in a low voice, and a procedure identical to before was executed. His soul force waded through the long astral river until it arrived at the tremendous crystal wall surrounding the World of Gods.

“Manderhawke’s Plate!” The stone plate in Leylin’s hands came to the crystal wall, emitting a light that caused a portion to seem to be on the verge of melting.

At the moment a channel opened through the crystal wall, Leylin’s eyes brightened and immense rank 7 spell undulations were emitted from his body. “Rank 7 spell— Alternate World Reincarnation!”

Time seemed to stop in that instant. That bit of truesoul in Leylin’s hands was enveloped in the brilliance of the Alternate World Reincarnation spell as it disappeared into the World of Gods.

Everything happened quickly. Once it was done, the Manderhawke Plate exploded into powder, and the crystal wall from before closed itself quickly with no trace of a flaw.

“It’s all up to the truesoul now…” The huge astral gate gradually collapsed, and Leylin could only smile wryly.

With his serious injuries, he could only slumber in his laboratory, recuperating with time as he controlled his clone in the World of Gods.

“These injuries are enough for me to sleep for a few hundred years. If I don’t get any benefits from the World of Gods, it would be such a huge loss…” With this thought, Leylin’s body disappeared into the ground under the laboratory.

With the slumber of his main body, all of his attention was focused on that clone.

The brainwashing and refining from a world origin was a very terrifying process.

Leylin’s truesoul could sense that ever since he entered the World of Gods, terrifying energy whirlpools had formed next to him, tirelessly washing away all traces of the power he used to possess.

Evidently, this was an effect of the rank 7 spell, Alternate World Reincarnation. It allowed Leylin to reach the core of the World of Gods and be altered by the origin itself.

Once this modification was over, he could perhaps wash off all traces of being from another world and truly become a native of the World of Gods.

This alteration happened extremely quickly. The luster of the Manderhawke Plate had diminished by a huge degree after opening just the external layer of the crystal wall, and after opening up the World of Gods, it had been directly destroyed with no traces of it left at all.

Next was the power of the rank 7 spell, the reincarnation spell that allowed Leylin to arrive in this world. Its luster gradually dissipated.

Just like stripping off a greatcoat, once the rays of light of the reincarnation spell dissipated, Leylin’s truesoul was fully bared in the immense darkness.

Vastness! Terror! Boundlessness!

This was Leylin’s truesoul’s first thoughts. Compared to this enormous world, his little truesoul was nothing and couldn’t even be compared to an ant, and it could only tremble in the corner.

The and powerful source immediately invaded into Leylin’s truesoul.

The truesoul, which had already been shrunk and condensed to a large degree, surprisingly gradually became slower under the alteration of the world force.

“Even soul force has been forcefully removed…” Leylin’s truesoul watched this process, able to only laugh.

The truesoul was constantly altered, to the point that Leylin’s own conscience was gradually becoming fuzzy.

Gradually, the changes from the world force went on to the deepest layer of his truesoul, where his memories and his most important elements of self were.

The tremendous soul force ruthlessly invaded it with no intentions of stopping.

“Could it be that… I’m going to be defeated just like this? With such a laughable method?”

Leylin’s truesoul was on the verge of death, and only this little thought appeared tenaciously, as if making its last struggle.

*Bzzt bzzt!* At this moment, a bright silver white light shone from Leylin’s truesoul memories.

Under the influence of the white rays of light, the world force hesitated for that slight moment, and then let go of Leylin’s memories, altering other areas.

“Could… could this be the power of the Alternate World Reincarnation spell? So it still has a bit of energy left, stored in my memories? Or… it’s something else?”

Leylin’s truesoul was perplexed, but having been diminished to the limit quickly sank into a deep sleep.

Time seemed to stop at this moment, but at the same time, a long time seemed to have passed.

“Where… is this?” Leylin, who regained his consciousness, sized up his surroundings, stunned.

Perhaps ‘sizing up’ wasn’t the right term for it, because he no longer had a body, and naturally had no eyes or organs like that.

What he was now doing was using his senses to explore the area like feelers.

Darkness… It was darkness all around with no light at all. Leylin, who was now conscious, measured up his surroundings and felt helpless.

“Even my truesoul has vanished. I’m just a body that’s a mixture of memories and a fragmented soul now?”

Leylin’s conscient was suddenly enlightened. At this moment, there seemed to be a black hole in the air that sucked his conscient in.

Leylin’s conscient found itself getting dizzy as it sunk into a deep sleep…

“How long have I slept for?”

When his conscient re-awakened, the surroundings had changed once again.

While it was darkness all around, orange-red light could be seen. He could even hear some low hums in his confusion.

Thankfully, while his conscient was weak, Leylin could tell that his conscient was no longer without a source but had something maintaining his life.

“In this state, what I need is to do what I can to reduce consumption of energy and allow the conscient to rest in order to amass more energy…”

Leylin’s conscient sank into sleep once more. However, before going back into a slumber, Leylin gave himself a prompt.

The terrifying calculation abilities of his main body now became the most precise stopwatch.

Once it reached 17280 000 in his mind, Leylin reawakened.

“Mm, 17280 000 seconds, which is two hundred days have passed?”

Awake, the conscient was elated to find that it had gotten stronger. There was the obvious feeling of energy being transmitted, as if there was a warm rush unceasingly pouring towards his stomach.

“Stomach? Mm!!!” An electrostatic force swept across him, and immediately after, Leylin felt his right leg twitch.

“This…” His conscient abruptly became clear as he then went through a more detailed probe.

Thanks to this slumber, the area that he could explore expanded, gradually forming the image of a baby hugging his head. The veins and even bones could be seen.

“I have a body now! So what happened was that I’ve always been in a pregnant woman’s stomach as an embryo!”

Leylin abruptly understood.

“So it seems like the Alternate World Reincarnation spell formation succeeded!”

However, Leylin soon found himself at a loss, “Do I have to start off as a baby? This is simply too shameful!”

However, with Leylin’s thick skin, this embarrassment only had him turn red for a moment, before he began to consider this situation as if nothing had happened.

“A baby is far too weak. With my current state, my parents should be regular human natives of the World of Gods. It’s a pity that in this situation, I have no way to protect myself. I can only leave everything up to fate…”

All the previous energy he possessed had been washed off and removed from him. Even the soul energy that Magi were the most proud of had completely disappeared. Besides a bit of awareness, he was no different from other unborn children and naturally had no way to protect himself.

In addition, just thinking for this moment left Leylin feeling dizzy.

“This isn’t good! A baby’s brain has yet to fully mature. In this state, I should try my best to withhold my thoughts. It’s better to sleep.”

Leylin understood everything.

Conscients cannot exist without a body. This was even more so in the World of Gods, where laws were even more stern. Leylin now had lost all his solidified soul energy. His conscient and spiritual force could only rely on this developing body of a fetus and he naturally could not overdo it. If the woman were to have a miscarriage because of this, Leylin would be doomed.

Leylin, who understood this well, could only sink into a deep slumber while hoping this pregnant woman would be safe.

“Ugh…” At this moment, in a port city in the World of Gods.

A noble young lady clutched at her swelling stomach, brows tightly furrowed.

“What is it, darling!”

A young man immediately came over to help her along, looking anxious.

“It’s the child. He kicked me…” The woman looked gentle, brimming in the radiance of motherly love.

“What a cheeky fellow!”

The young lad bent down, pressing his ear tightly to the swollen stomach, to which the lady protested coquettishly.

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