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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 789: Birth

Chapter 789: Birth

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Waiting was always boring and painful, especially when one’s safety was entrusted to someone else. Thankfully, this torture was about to end. Through his own senses, as well as the information he’d obtained from the outside world, Leylin knew he would be born soon.

He’d even felt the invasion of an extraordinary energy during the long pregnancy. It was a pure white positive energy, used to heal and increase vitality. Having experienced it several times, Leylin quickly understood what it was. ’The blessings of a priest! Great!’

This blessing was very beneficial for the development of fetuses, and Leylin naturally accepted it without restraint. What made him even more satisfied was that a family who could afford to call for the blessing of a priest several times would not be ordinary. He was starting in a better environment, so the chances of a successful birth were much higher.

With a good background, he could even have a better life. After all, the chances that those with high social status got were always greater than the what peasants came across. This established trend would never be overturned.

Just as Leylin was pondering over this, he felt the placenta around him tearing, and a terrible odour filled his sense of smell.

Meanwhile, in the master’s bedroom at the very centre of a vast manor, the piercing screams of a woman sounded with many panicked voices. “OH! HE’S COMING OUT…”

A nobleman was pacing around on a bright velvet carpet, clenching his fingers so tightly that they had turned pale with stress.

“Don’t worry! He’s been blessed by the gods, so he will definitely be born safely…” a priest in a white gown consoled him in a gentle voice. On his sleeves were several shining threads of gold, and he had a unique emblem on his chest.

The emblem looked like a thick tome, with some mysterious runes on it. The priest was evidently the bishop of the region, loyal to the God of Knowledge.

His presence wasn’t necessary given his status, but this was a family of devout believers of Oguma. They were also his primary supporters in the region, so he’d ended up coming for the birth of their descendant.

“Thank you so much, Bishop Tapris! The Faulen Family will forever remember and abide by the teachings of the God of Knowledge…” The young man did all he could to suppress the anxiety in his expression.

“WAAH!” At this moment, a resonant cry could be heard from the bedroom, causing him to freeze. Immediately after, numerous maids and a wet nurse came to congratulate him, “She’s given birth! She’s given birth! It’s a healthy young master!”

“Really? Let me see him!” The young man’s expression was filled with fervour as he took the baby over from the nurse. There were signs of the umbilical cord being cut off on the stomach, but his limbs were thick and sturdy. His blue eyes were as deep as the ocean, and it was especially moving that he was a new life.

Meanwhile, the baby was wailing and bawling away, and the young man was left at a loss.

“What a strong child! God shall bless you!” Tapris had a kind smile on his face, and white light tenderly caressed the child’s head. The divine force placated the baby, causing him to fall asleep.

“Please allow me to donate a hundred gold coins to the church to show my humble respect!” The young man told Bishop Tapris, and these words immediately caused him to freeze before the smile on his face widened, “God definitely knows of your goodwill! I will personally pray for the baby as well…”

This bishop had originally intended to take charge of the baptism and even become the godfather of the baby to further deepen his relationship with the Faulen Family. Now, though? A hundred gold coins didn’t seem half bad, since it was a huge amount of money.

‘Nobles are all sly and greedy. They definitely won’t close off all the escape routes they have.’ Tapris suddenly recalled the education he’d received and watched the young man meaningfully, but he did not get angry.

After all, ever since he had dedicated the rest of his life to the mighty Oguma, rage and the like had grown rare. The mighty God of Knowledge taught his followers and priests to always remain rational, and fury was the biggest enemy of rationality.

Hence, Tapris seemed rather elegant as he chatted with the young man before hinting that he was going to leave.

Before that, the bishop seemed to remember something. “Oh yes. I’ve yet to ask the young master’s name…”

“Leylin!” Leylin Faulen! This is the name his mother picked for him!” The young man exclaimed excitedly.

“Leylin? That’s a good name.” The bishop gracefully bade them farewell and left. The young man impatiently entered the labour room, comforting his exhausted wife. However, none of them noticed that the baby who was sleeping peacefully in the cradle opened its eyes for an instant. Its eyes were full of glee before it closed them once more.

Such emotions were an extreme thing for a newborn. Leylin was exclaiming inwardly, ‘World of Gods, here I come…’

Leylin was rather satisfied that his name remained the same in this world. It had been intentional; he’d hinted it to his mother from time to time as a fetus in her body.

‘So this is my family in this world… I seem to have a good background!’ Leylin had seen most of his surroundings in that glimpse. The valuable velvet carpet, the silver crystal chandelier, the soft red brocade duvet, the large curtains embroidered with green daffodils, and lastly the numerous respectful maids and the wet nurse made it clear that Leylin was at least a minor noble in this world, or perhaps one with an even higher status.

After all, not every noble child’s birth would warrant the visit and protection of the regional bishop.

The birth was followed by a clamour. His father here was now receiving the friends and family who had come to congratulate them.

His mother beside him was already deeply asleep, while Leylin appeared to be the same. Inside however, he was getting excited.

Leylin took in a deep breath. ‘A.I. Chip!’

[Beep! Authorisation to unlock seal has been obtained. Beginning activation procedures.] Familiar robotic sounds could be heard, and immediately after numerous blue virtual lines were projected before Leylin’s eyes.

‘As expected, the A.I. Chip’s here as well!’ Leylin’s eyes were filled with ecstasy. The A.I. Chip had already been fused with his soul, and the truesoul that had been split naturally carried a portion of the A.I. Chip’s abilities. ‘No! Only a subroutine of the A.I. Chip has been separated. Still, even just that possesses a large portion of its abilities!’ Leylin was very excited.

With his extraordinary knowledge , he could definitely rise up quickly in the World of Gods even if he started off with nothing. With the A.I. Chip’s powerful storage system and analytical abilities… Leylin could not begin to imagine the great life he would soon have…

‘It’s a pity… this is the World of Gods, and the influence of gods permeates every single aspect. I can’t be too outstanding… For now, it’s necessary to act like all other babies. Otherwise, I’d get suspected or even treated as a foreign force or a being possessed by a devil…’

Leylin was grim. Gods treated the purity of noble bloodlines as an important thing. The bishop that had come today wasn’t just a nanny. At the very least, Leylin found many traces of magic in the room, such as [Detection of Evil] and [Soul Defence].

If not for using the rank 7 Alternate World Reincarnation spell and been baptised by the World of Gods’ origin, his soul no different from the other natives, he would long since have been discovered. When the time came, even his identity as a noble would not save him.

‘Of course, there are also disadvantages of being a native… My strength has been completely removed! Everything is blank right now. I can’t even begin to train yet, and I’ll have to climb up through the strength system of this world…’

With the baptism by the world origin force, all traces of Leylin being a Magus had been wiped. Besides his memories and the A.I. Chip, he was no different from a baby here.

Most importantly, even though he had numerous high-grade meditation techniques, he could use none of them at all. Those were the paths of Magi, and even if Leylin were to gather spiritual force using those meditation techniques the gods of this world would soon sense the foreign force. This body would suffer the same fate as his soul seed.

‘But there must be a way to use spiritual force in the World of Gods… There’s no need to hurry. I just need to grow slowly, and I’m bound to find it someday…’ Leylin consoled himself.

At this moment, the A.I. Chip completed its first scan. [Beep! Scanning of surrounding humans complete. Establishing database regarding races in the World of Gods.]

‘Alright then… Set up my statistics with the average humans of this world.’ Leylin instructed.

Neither his original standard of measurement nor the standards of the Heavenly Astral race fit into this context. The former was too low, while the latter started at Morning Star, which was too powerful. He needed to set up a new standard of measurement.

[Beep. Mission established. Scanning host’s stats. Beginning generation of database!] The A.I. Chip loyally followed Leylin’s commands.

Soon enough, a 3D image of a body appeared in front of Leylin, with concrete information next to it.

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