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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 794: The Path of A Wizard

Chapter 794: The Path of A Wizard

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*Bzzt bzzt!* A bundle of bright white light emanated from the ring on Leylin’s hand. Piercing white light startled Baron Jonas, blinding him temporarily.

Baron Jonas rubbed at his reddened teared-up eyes, finally managing to recover from the blindness caused by the light spell. What he saw in front of him after that was a wizard who was at a loss for words.

Dear gods! Jonas rubbed at his eyes, watching Ernest in front of him while unable to believe his eyes.

Was this the wizard that he knew? Everyone knew that wizards were the symbol of wisdom and calm. There were few matters that could make them lose themselves, forget leaving them at a loss.

“Haha… very good, Leylin. You did well!”

“Ernest… do you mean that… Leylin passed?” However, Jonas no longer thought of the other matters, because he had already come up with another possibility at the sight of Ernest’s expression.

“Passed? Ah, of course! His talent is so great that he might even have a place in the Magic Association! Even my mentor would be jealous of me taking in such an excellent student…”

Ernest spoke sternly once he calmed down, “Jonas, my friend! It is my responsibility to inform you that your child Leylin has great talent in the path of magic! Even now, his spiritual force far surpasses those of his age, and with the correct guidance I believe he might even break through to the realm of a grandmaster, or even…” Ernest’s body was beginning to twitch without his knowledge.

“Alright, alright! Well then, Ernest, are you willing to take my son as your student?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” Ernest already considered Leylin the student who would carry on his legacy. Had Jonas not allowed it, he might even have resorted to force to acquire him.

“Then that’s great! I want to announce this great news to everyone. I’ll hold a celebration!” Jonas’ face glowed red with pride. The fact that the young master of the Faulen Family had been taken in as the student of a powerful spellcaster definitely raised the family’s status and influence in the kingdom.

Jonas was already becoming impatient, “Well then, are there any other procedures for Leylin to study under you, what about fees?”

“We can talk about that later. For now, please give us some time alone…” Ernest respectfully waved his hand, and an invisible force pushed Jonas out. The door closed itself automatically.

“Don’t be surprised. That was merely the effect of ‘Mage Hand’. It’s a parlor trick.” Ernest turned, putting what he believed to be his kindest smile on his face as he consoled the startled little guy.

“Ye- yes, mister!” Leylin shrunk back on himself as if in fear, yet his eyes secretly held a shrewd expression, ‘A.I. Chip, has this been recorded?’

[The wizard’s spellcasting has been recorded. Storing data!] The A.I. Chip quickly answered.

‘Great! However, the power of this spell is rather…?’ Leylin could clearly tell that something was different about this person. Even in the Magus World, high-ranked Magi needed to practice for a long time in order to cast spells with such instantaneous effects.

‘No! He doesn’t have the ability to cast spells instantly. It’s like he had already prepared this spell beforehand and stored it. With a designated gesture and command, the spell model was activated…’ Leylin himself was an expert in of spells, and he immediately saw through the process.

‘Though I’m not too sure about the theory behind it, this seems to be the way spells are cast in the World of Gods. Compared to the Magus World, there seem to be many differences.’

“This… this is magic?” The young voice quivered, yet it held a curiosity within.

“Yes, this is magic! With just a slight move of a finger, you can call on the power of nature!” Ernest rubbed his hands, and flames appeared in the air, turning into a little bird, a man, and many other shapes. Finally, it abruptly dissipated, turning into a small flame.

Seeing that he had successfully captured the little guy’s attention and admiration, Ernest’s lips curved in a proud smile.

Yes, with just the slight movement of a finger, immense power could be called upon. There was no need to be like those warriors or other physical Professionals, labouring, bleeding, and sweating like a fool. Such things were very crude and violent.

Besides, even the lowest ranked wizard would gain many benefits from copying scrolls or performing alchemy. Compared to the Professions of those low lives, magic was obviously a more mysterious and noble path. Of course, such a thing would capture a child’s heart.

Ernest felt very good about himself, having arrogant thoughts. Of course, the terrifying expenses and harsh requirements for talent while one studied to become a wizard was something he ignored.

“Then… Can I become a wizard?” Finally, Ernest heard Leylin’s apprehensive words, which made him feel like he was in the clouds.

“Of course, my child! You have the talent to be an outstanding wizard! I, Ernest of the Burning Shadows, am very willing to be your guide on the path of magic!” Ernest did his best to seem solemn.

“But… there’s something I need to remind you of. While you have an astounding talent, you’ll have to put in more effort than ordinary people. The path of wizards does not allow for laziness,” Ernest expression was stern as he began instruction…

Soon enough, news of young master Leylin of the Faulen family coming under the tutelage of a powerful wizard spread its way around the port.

In the World of Gods, wizards usually represented power, mystery, and power that could not be withstood.

Wizards represented torrential power and mystery in the World of Gods, a strength that could not be withstood. The Faulens had produced a magic student, and he was even very talented. That meant that there was a huge likelihood of the appearance of a powerful wizard in this family!

This potential immediately caused many to disregard the fact that this family was a new and upcoming noble family. Many traditional nobles began to accept the existence of the Faulen family, and many made plans to extend an olive branch to them.

Baron Jonas cleverly made use of this opportunity, helping the Faulen Family gain many advantages, bettering the lives and the environment of the family.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Leylin. He was far too young and could not help out in matters of the family. The only thing he did was to accompany Ernest to attend a banquet, gaining the blessings of everyone in the land.

Bishop Tapris, who followed Oghma the God of Knowledge, personally came forward to express his regret.

Leylin’s powerful spiritual force did not only give him talent as a wizard. If he could accept the teachings of the God of Knowledge and abide by them in body and mind, he would have a smooth path to priesthood, and he could even advance faster than other priests. With such a great seedling snatched away by a wizard, Tapris naturally felt very regretful.

It was a pity that he would never know that it was impossible for Leylin to rely on the God of Knowledge, nor would he ever become even a rank 1 priest…

After they made their relationship as master and student official, Leylin’s lessons as a wizard began. Under Jonas and his wife’s enthusiastic attempts at making him stay, Ernest had decided to remain in the manor, completing his duty of instructing Leylin in magic.

In actuality, he was a wizard without a fixed residence and did not possess anything like a magic tower. Based on the intel Leylin had received on the sly, mostly from his mentor letting it slip by accident, he was only rank 9 and far from rank 15, the rank of a grandmaster wizard. He was even further from becoming a Legend.

If they wished to build a magic tower, unless they were favoured children backed by the most powerful of organisations, even grandmaster wizards had to save up for centuries.

Leylin maliciously thought that Ernest had nowhere to go, which was why he had no choice but to freeload at the Faulen family’s place. Of course, even a rank 9 wizard was an outstanding person on the Faulen territory, hence Jonas and his wife both agreed to it. Both sides were willing.

Leylin’s magic courses were scheduled for the morning. His culture teacher Anthony could only come in the afternoons, and Jacob was laid off his initial job of instructing Leylin in his path as a warrior. If not for Leylin coming up with the reason of needing to train his body, using half an hourglass’ time everyday, he would probably be patrolling the ports.

“Spells are actually gods’ gift to wizards. The Weave, created by the mighty Goddess of the Weave Mystra, is the source of all magic…” In the very first lesson, Leylin almost choked as he heard Ernest stating this seriously.

“Spells? Gods’ gift? The Weave?”

“Yes!” Ernest looked extremely grim. It seemed like these were his true thoughts.

“Alright!” Leylin nodded seriously, but he was snickering inside.

‘It’s obviously his own strength, yet he has been shackled. How should I judge him…’ As Ernest spoke, Leylin acquired a better understanding of the wizards in the World of Gods.

The spellcasters here, or rather wizards, essentially used meditation to increase their spiritual force, communicating with the devil web that was everywhere to create spell models and then store them as magic.

This conclusion left Leylin speechless.

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