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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 795: 8 Years

Chapter 795: 8 Years

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“In that case, master, if a wizard can only store magic one day before using it the next, then isn’t it necessary to determine which spells to use on the day before? And once the spell slots have been used up…” Leylin raised his hand and asked.

“Yes! All wizards need to prepare all the magic they will use a day prior. It’s important to know which spells to prepare, and as for the issue of spell slots being used up…”

Ernest looked very stern. “Remember this well, Leylin! Once a wizard uses up all his spells and has no scrolls or magic artifacts on his body, he is no different from an ordinary person. Hence, you can never let yourself get into that situation. This is very important! I’ve seen many who used up all their spells and were unlucky enough to be gnawed down the core, without a scrap of flesh left on their bones!”

“I understand!” Leylin sat back down speechlessly.

‘Based on what he said, wizards actually use their spiritual force as a currency to buy the authority to use magic from the Weave. While this method makes the requirements to become a wizard less stringent, this is basically a nightmare for those who are talented enough to build spell models by themselves…

‘So in general, wizards are impotent and diminished versions of Magi?’ Leylin felt disconcerted. ‘So while it allows those without enough aptitude to use magic, this Weave is inflexible and confines true talent in magic!’

Leylin’s eyes flashed, ‘Perhaps this is the goal of the gods, to prevent the rise of a wizard who is too powerful. Could this be an effect from the final battle with the Magi? In that case, I should look up the history of this Weave Goddess. If my guess is correct, she must be a new god that only gained popularity after the ancient final war!’

Despite knowing this, Leylin obviously would not stick out his neck and try to change things. His goal was to remain low-profile as he grew up, and he absolutely would not do something like challenging the gods.

Before having the confidence to break through the power of laws, he had no choice but to explore the path of wizards.

“Next… I’ll teach you a meditation technique, and then you can start making contact with the Weave…” Ernest continued to teach from the lectern, unaware that this pupil that looked studious on the outside was exploring many new ideas.

‘Meditation here isn’t too different from Magi’s meditation techniques, but the effects are slightly weaker. Of course, coupled with the laws of the World of Gods, there are many areas I can learn from. As for the Weave…’ Leylin’s spirit began to extend outwards.

Using the method that Ernest had taught him, his spirit seemed to touch upon a powerful existence. It was a network of invisible energy shaped like a spiderweb, and it enveloped the entire World of Gods with its powerful energy.

Even the surface density of the energy pathways left Leylin’s scalp prickling.

‘Are those nodes spell slots? I never thought that just the surface layer of the Weave would be enough for me to feel stunned like this,’ Leylin watched the Weave, his eyes full of admiration as he grew more convinced in his guesses.

‘So powerful… It must have been created as a joint effort by the gods. Mystra should be one of the most powerful of peak rank 8s, which is why she was selected to manage it.’ Leylin knew very little about the gods. All he knew was that there were a few stages to the most powerful of them, second to the World Will that was the Supreme God. Unlike in the Magus World, there were greater gods, the middle gods, and the lesser gods.

Mystra was definitely among the most successful of the greater gods, having tremendous divine force. Even if Leylin’s main body were to fight her it was unlikely that he’d hold the upper hand.

“I’ve already given you the meditation method. Next up is to continue practising the use of your spiritual force and making contact with the Weave. Other students might need up to three months, but you’ll be able to do it in a month!” Ernest spoke frankly.

All of a sudden, a strange undulation spread, causing his expression to change.

“Weave! You’ve made contact with the Weave!” Ernest charged forward, grabbing Leylin’s slender arm. His eyes went read, “Leylin, is it really your first time touching upon magic?”

“Of course, master! I’ve rarely even left the manor since birth!” Leylin’s eyes gleamed as he answered innocently.

“Then tell me! Are you the illegitimate child of the Weave Goddess?” Ernest asked extremely seriously…


Come fall, there were scenes of a great harvest everywhere. Grain and flour filled warehouses, and many farmers looked gleeful at the sight.

This harvest was enough for them to pay their taxes, and would even leave enough food for them to live through the winter and plant seeds at the beginning of spring. At this thought, they could not help but begin to pray, singing praises in the favour of the gods, as well as the benevolence and generosity of the lord.

With the profits from having a port and with many residents moving from the continent to the island, the Faulen family’s taxes were set very low, which could be considered a very benevolent act from them.

Haystacks were piled up high in the training grounds of the manor, forming forts in varying shape. Two figures were now clashing on the ground.

“Pay attention to your centre of gravity, I’m coming!” Along with the warning, a blonde teen in white training clothes brandished a metal sword like a viper, twisting his body in an arc in mid-air, spinning around to arrive next to his opponent and thrusted his sword forward at an unexpected angle.

Leylin’s opponent seemed middle aged. His face had marks of age on it, his hands were full of calluses, and he now looked as if he was battling his greatest enemy.

“Hah! It’s this way!” He called in a low voice, holding the heavy sword in his hand horizontal.

*Clang!* The two swords produced a dull sound as they collided with tremendous force.

“Crap!” The man’s expression changed and he slipped. Having lost his centre of gravity, his entire body was thrown off balance.

*Boom!* He felt a tremendous force slam into him, but the force turned gentle when it hit his chest, and he seemed to be sent flying away rather delicately, as if he was light as a feather.

When the middle-aged man opened his eyes once more, the blonde teen’s metal sword was already at his chest, “You’ve lost, Jacob.”

“Yes, young master Leylin, I’ve lost!” Jacob laughed helplessly.

“Your earlier parry was not agile enough, and you lacked instinct in your movements!” In front of him was obviously Leylin. However, Leylin was now guiding Jacob in detail as if he was the teacher instead. Jacob listened obediently, watching him in admiration.

After sending Jacob away, Leylin picked up a white towel and wiped off the sweat on his face before walking into the bathroom. The steady rise of the cloudy steam made the room look a little hazy.

Coming before a precious mercury mirror, he judged his appearance. He had curling golden hair, blue eyes, and a handsome face which inherited his parents’ excellent features. While the fine hair near his lips betrayed his true age, it did nothing to conceal the mature charm he possessed.

‘It’s been ten years since I’ve started training to become a wizard!’ Leylin sighed. Hr followed it up with an order, ‘A.I. Chip, show me my current stats!’

[Leylin Farlier. Age: 13. Race: Human. Rank 5 Wizard. Strength: 1.5, Agility : 1, Vitality: 1.3, Spirit: 5. Condition: Healthy. Innate skills: Sturdy, Erudite. Spell Slots: Rank 2 slots (1), rank 1 slots (2), rank 0 slots (3)]

After fumbling around for many years, Leylin had developed more functions for the A.I. Chip, and even the stats were now more detailed. He turned his attention to the description of his innate skills.

[Innate Skill. Sturdy: Host has persevered through warrior training, and possesses a sturdy physique. (Strength +0.5, Vitality +0.3)] [Erudite: Plentiful experiences and great knowledge has allowed the host’s willpower and spirit to expand and become more resilient. (Spirit +1)

‘The stats that the A.I. Chip shows includes the bonus from my innate skills…’ Leylin looked rather solemn, “In other words, besides the strengthening of my spiritual force from birth, my body is practically comparable to a regular adult?”

After the passing of so many years, Leylin found that due to the limitations by the world’s laws, it was extremely difficult for humans to raise their strength.

There seemed to be some kind of bottleneck when raising any of his stats, and once they reached an average of one his progress had stalled. Only his spiritual force, which was related to him being a wizard, was still somewhat increasing, but it too seemed to have reached a bottleneck.

‘When it comes to my body’s stats, Jacob still surpasses me in many ways. The reason I could defeat him was technique… Is this some added bonus from being a warrior?’ Leylin stroked his chin, sinking into deep thought.

While the increase of his strength would be shocking to his peers, this did not satisfy him.

“Perhaps I should find an opportunity and go on a trip outside!” Leylin inwardly made a decision as he bathed in the warm water. He naturally had ideas about how to increase his strength, but he obviously could not implement them at home. Travelling abroad now seemed to be a rather good idea.

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