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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 809: Devour Breakthrough

Chapter 809: Devour Breakthrough

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[Beep! Mission established, beginning scan!] The A.I. Chip carried out Leylin’s commands loyally.

Soon enough, the latest results were transmitted. [Compared to previous data, target’s vitality has risen by 0.01, strength by 0.02, spiritual force by 0.005. No obvious adverse reaction.]

“The flesh of high-ranked professionals does indeed provide a great boost for regular humans…” Leylin nodded. He understood that these numbers were exaggerated, and if it were himself the amplification to his stats wouldn’t reach even 0.00001. This was the difference created by the varying base stats.

“Ah… you devil! You’re a devil worshipper!” At this moment, Mahnke, who was still on the ground, shrieked. Though Cyric the God of Murder had always possessed a bad reputation, he was still a good samaritan when compared to demons and devils.

Knowing that the wizard keeping him captive was a follower of a devil, Mahnke completely lost all hope. As a member of the dark realm, he naturally knew that the followers of devils liked to sacrifice flesh, blood, as well as the souls of the followers of gods in order to obtain rewards from the devils.

“Kill me! Kill me quickly! Don’t profane my soul, else the gods won’t let you off!” Mahnke yelled hysterically, but paired with his dry throat his voice was like a broken bellow and it couldn’t travel out of the jail.

“Shut up!” Leylin’s brows furrowed as he kicked outwards, causing Mahnke to faint.

“Now, here’s the most important part. Detect Alignment!” A bundle of white light in Leylin’s hands covered Howard.

Soon enough, glee appeared on his face, ‘The alignment is still neutral! It seems like as long as it doesn’t profane the soul all the terrible consequences will be taken up by Beelzebub. The ability to grow in strength by devouring flesh and blood is rather valuable…’

Of course, Leylin knew very well that the part with the greatest energy was the soul. The energy he would acquire from a person’s flesh and blood alone wouldn’t even be half the total that the body had.

However, profaning the soul was labelled chaotic and evil. Leylin could only resign himself to part with that desire of his. Leylin nodded and retrieved the Devilblood Dagger, giving Howard an instruction, “Alright, you may go! After you leave this jail, you will forget everything you’ve just done!”

“Understood!” Howard staggered out, leaving Leylin alone in the jail, deep in thought.

‘It takes a lot of energy to turn the power of flesh and blood into spiritual force. On top of that, I’ll need to ensure that I wipe out the memories of the soul in its final moments…’ Numerous possibilities streaked through Leylin’s mind, allowing him to make more plans regarding the Devilblood Dagger.

He’d originally planned on travelling outside to use the Devilblood Dagger, hunting to quickly increase his strength. But due to the need to keep a low profile, he had no choice but to exercise patience.

But now? The situation was now very different. Leylin had been bullied in his home territory, and he urgently needed great power. Otherwise, the Faulen Family could very well be wiped out just like Isabel’s!

Of course, there were slight differences in their circumstances. Isabel needed to pray for strength from devils and demons, while Leylin only needed to rely on himself.

“After a little modification, I will be done here! Mister Mahnke… It’s now your time to shine…” Blood red radiance flickered on the surface of the Devilblood Dagger, reflecting Leylin’s expressionless face. He glanced at Mahnke on the floor the way he would at a dead man, or perhaps a swine before slaughter.

The devouring power from the dagger was intoxicating, but with his own grasp of the law of devouring Leylin could control it skillfully.An unceasing stream of heat gathered in the dagger in his right hand, extending to his entire body.

A sense of comfort stimulated a great breakthrough in his spiritual force, sending it spurring towards a deeper level of the Weave. At this moment, the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded by Leylin’s ear. [Beep! Detected change in stats to host body. Vitality increased by 0.2, spiritual force increased by 0.05.]

Countless prompts refreshed, allowing Leylin to see his stats increase. His spiritual force, which had long since reached the peak of rank 6, finally broke through with this burst of strength.

*Crack!* A slight sound could be felt directly from his soul, and Leylin felt his spiritual force making contact with an even more terrifying level of the Weave.

He understood what had happened, “The third level of the Weave! I’ve contacted the third level of the Weave and officially become a rank 7 wizard!”

At this moment, the A.I. Chip’s voice was transmitted.

[Beep! Host’s spiritual force has contacted level 3 of the Weave. Advanced to rank 7 wizard (spiritual force +0.5)] [Host has advanced to rank 7 as a wizard. New additions: Rank 3 spell slot (1), rank 2 spell slot (1), rank 1 spell slot (1)!] [Detected drastic changes to host’s stats. Recalculating…] The A.I. Chip refreshed the screen with more information. In just a moment, Leylin’s stats were renewed.

[Leylin Farlier. Age: 15. Race: Human, Rank 7 Wizard. Strength: 2.5. Agility: 2. Vitality: 3.7. Spiritual force: 7. Status: Healthy. Innate talent: Sturdy, Erudite. Spell slots possessed: Rank 3 spell slot (1), rank 2 spell slot (3), rank 1 spell slot (4), rank 0 spell slot (???)]

‘Forget the spiritual force, I’d long since reached its limit. But the increase to my other stats… It’s practically the sum of my fifteen years of growth…’ Leylin’s eyes flickered, ‘Could it be that now that I’ve reached fifteen and become an adult, my body’s stats have all reached the average standard, and more importantly, my growth is now complete? This way, I’ll be able to advance and accept more strength?’

Leylin looked at the spell slots, “As expected. I got a rank 3 spell slot after advancing to rank 7, it looks like this Goddess of the Weave is impartial to all wizards…”

The increase in spell slot numbers followed unfathomable rules. Some enchanted tools could increase the number of spell slots, and it was rumoured that those the goddess favoured could have more spell slots after advancing. However, there were two ironclad rules: One, one could have no more than 9 slots for a rank. Two, Only after reaching a certain level could wizards gain spell slots of certain ranks.

In other words, Leylin was now a rank 7 wizard, and he could at most only have rank 3 spell slots. It was impossible for him to have rank 4 spell slots, and even if he were to find a bunch of enchanted rings that could increase the number of spell slots, there would still be a limit of 9. It was impossible to have more than that, even for rank 0.

Furthermore, this iron rule was for all wizards. Even legendary wizards and those related to gods were treated the same way, with no change. Seeing the limitations that the gods put on wizards, Leylin’s lips curved.

‘Seems like the Magi left a very deep impression on the gods during the ancient war, to the point that they felt fear. They didn’t hesitate to shackle the spell-casting professions. Is that to prevent a repeat occurrence of the Magi?

‘If there comes a day that the shackles of the Weave are destroyed, what sort of interesting things are going to happen?’ Leylin chuckled, beginning to feel a little anticipation.

‘And then there’s the power from devouring flesh and blood…’ Leylin stood up, staring at the skeleton on the floor. He put the Devilblood Dagger away, and his brows began to furrow.

He felt that his body was swelling like an obese person who had eaten far too much, to the point that even his soul could not take it.

‘It seems like this ability can’t be used too often, especially before the body has digested all the energy. If that happens, the berserk life energy could become the most fatal toxin!’Leylin shook his head, knowing that this Devilblood Dagger should not be used lightly.

‘In addition, no one can know of this, or else I’ll be confirmed to be a devil worshipper. It’ll be game over for me then…’ At this thought, Leylin immediately began to clear up the skeletal remains on the ground.

Things that made it evident that they had been used for evil rites and the like and could not be left lying around. They were best removed by burning.

As for the souls the Devilblood Dagger absorbed, Leylin had modified its effects on them. They went through unimaginable suffering before their death that served to completely fragment their memories, leaving no traces at all.

‘With the Devilblood Dagger, all my accumulations can allow me to pass through the many ranks of wizards quickly…’ Leylin’s eyes flashed with a glint of light, ‘This means it’s necessary to find something to hide all this…’

This advancement was unnatural, and if just one person found something was off, Leylin knew that he would probably need to move away alone and hide himself in the name of training in seclusion.

After gaining enough strength, he would immediately travel in order to hide his unusual growth. And the many battles with Viscount TIm’s pirates would clearly be a great source for such a thing. Viscount Tim, and even Marquis Louis, would very soon find out that in a bid to obtain more profits, they had chosen a very terrifying enemy!

The devil was thirsting for his enemy’s blood to grow, and would soon take over the World of Gods.

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