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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 819: Merfolk Pirates

Chapter 819: Merfolk Pirates

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A pirate ship drifted quietly in the pitch black of the night. A crimson skeletal flag fluttered in the wind, holding an aura of death.

Within the captain’s room, the rocking hull did not affect Leylin the least. He was now on the upper levels with Isabel, Robin Hood and a few others, discussing their current target.

“We have over fifty sailors, but their quality is…” Robin Hood shook his head, evidently not thinking well of the sailors that had recently pledged their allegiance.

This was the truth anyway. Without the threat of death, they would not have submitted so quickly. However, having them show their loyalty was practically a joke. If there was a chance, they would definitely betray Leylin and escape without hesitation, even plunge a knife into his and the others’ hearts.

“I know this very well, but loyalty can’t be developed in just a day or two. Time will also help us phase out the people who intend to disobey…” Leylin’s voice was very calm yet held an exceptional callousness. Isabel and Robin Hood felt like they could see the near future of the many pirates, and their executions by Leylin for all sorts of reasons.

“I’m planning to develop a base to produce fish floss on Faulen Island. We’ll need a lot of money and slaves for it, and it’s too much to handle if we depend on our territory alone. We need to get this done, by hook or by crook.” Leylin stuck a dagger at a point on the map.

The primitive method of the accumulation of wealth was a drawn-out process. If one wanted to speed it up, there would definitely be blood and sin involved. Leylin did not have the skills to slowly guide an industry. He would only go on raid after raid to quickly build up a production line. Marquis Louis hadn’t given him much time, and he was running out.

Leylin never believed in random outside protection, believing that it would only bring about tragedy to entrust his life to someone else. Hence, he would rather take some risks to increase his strength, and expanding his trade profits was just one part of it. After this was done, he’d launch a series of attacks to set his opponents back in the region.

While Isabel and Robin Hood were unaware of Leylin’s thoughts, the murderous aura that he emanated caused them to involuntarily shiver.

“This is… the Half-Merfolk Island!” Robin Hood was the first to recognise the name of the island that Leylin had his eyes on, and he gasped, “There’s a famed group called the Merfolk Pirates occupying the place!”

“A group that Marquis Louis controls,” Leylin added coldly. How could he not have pried open Steve’s lips for such information? The man had been the captain of the Black Tigers, after all.

It was undeniable that a rank 10 fighter had a stronger will, but he was only able to hold on for half an hour longer than the assassin from before.

‘Hehe… He’s but a cripple in body and mind now. Even if Marquis Louis heals him, he’ll have a headache over this!’ Leylin snickered inside. If there were grades for torture and interrogation, he would definitely be a grandmaster.

Having gone through his hands, Steve had completely broken down. Perhaps even if the highest-ranked priest cast Regenerate and other spells on him, it would be difficult for him to return to his previous state.

Leylin suspected that Louis’ side would just kill Steve right away, it wasn’t worth inviting a high-ranked priest to cast divine spells. Even if many priests cast divine spells to heal others for a fee, it was very expensive to invite a high-ranked one. Even the sale of a rank 10 fighter couldn’t cover such a cost.

“The outer seas right now are just being discovered and developed. There’s no order here, only chaos…” Leylin’s palm caressed the map on the table, covering a large area, “Numerous adventurers, nobles and pirates rush to this place, but they can’t even get to developing 10% of the islands. Just 10% alone signifies an astonishing amount of profit and wealth!

“Our final goal is to subdue or eliminate all the pirates in this region, making us the undisputed kings of this dark world. Let all those of other flags end up struck down to the bottom of the sea!” Leylin’s voice was low, but these calm words seemed to be filled with an allure that caused Robin Hood’s breathing to grow rough.

In some areas, Leylin was even better than a devil at persuasion and negotiation. The promise of a beautiful future seemed to have moved the first mate.

“We have a huge advantage here, compared to those regions where the power struggle is complicated. There are no extremely powerful organisations to hinder us, only our greatest enemy in Marquis Louis.” Leylin smirked.

Marquis Louis had control over the Baltic archipelago and practically over 60% of the new trade in this region. Hence, he’d become the rule setter here, and his profits were unimaginable to most.

Leylin’s goal was to eliminate him and become the boss! The smart followed the rules, while the wise created them themselves. Leylin was going to completely destroy Louis, and make his own laws.

To attack Louis, it was necessary to first eliminate his subordinates and the pirates he commanded.

“Do you still have anything against my decision?” Leylin glanced at Robin. As for his cousin? As long as this had anything to do with Louis’ family, she was likely eager to join.

“No, Captain! I obey your every command!” Robin Hood immediately bowed, pledging himself with a serious expression.

“Good! There are only three large pirate organisations in this region, the Black Skeletons, Tigersharks, and Barbarians. Once we annex the Merfolk Pirates, we’ll be somewhat comparable to them.” What Leylin did not make clear was that the two of these three pirate organisations were linked in countless ways with Marquis Louis, and the Marquis might even be the one in control from the shadows.

If any of them had been sent to attack Leylin’s family, his only choice would have been to escape with Mistress Sarah. However, Louis had evidently underestimated Leylin’s side. That was why Leylin had managed to seize such an opportunity. Things would not be as easy the next time.

“Black Tigers, Merfolk, Black Skeletons and Tigersharks. These look like all of the pirates that Louis’ family has control over…’ Leylin’s eyes glinted, ‘If two of them are taken care of at one go, I’m sure he’ll have a spectacular expression on his face!’

Robin Hood was a very good navigator, and after Leylin sent down the order he immediately used the stars to determine the location of the ship. He altered the shipping route so that they headed towards the Half-Merfolk Island.

The Black Tiger gradually left the shallow seas in the tranquil night, heading for the more mysterious and treacherous deep waters.

‘It’ll take a day or two of travel to get to Half-Merfolk Island…’ Leylin’s eyes twinkled. With the help from the A.I. Chip, his calculative abilities still far surpassed his first mate and navigator even without a moving scale or any tools.

Just when Leylin was about to blow out the lights, a disturbance was heard. There were even sounds of weapons clashing, causing Leylin to frown.

“What happened?” Leylin furrowed his brows, putting on a coat and heading out. Isabel walked over from the room next to his.

When they got outside, the yells and curses grew even clearer.

“The sailors are rebelling?” Leylin indifferently walked with Isabel to the deck.

Many of the prisoners stood together on deck, holding machetes and all sorts of weapons. They had forced Robin Hood and a few soldiers into a corner.

Compared to the thirty to forty people here, Robin Hood’s few subordinates seemed lonely and weak.

“How senseless!” Leylin flicked a finger, and a few pirates that were in the way turned into ice statues. The rest of the pirates moved away in fear, allowing Isabel and him to walk all the way to the deck.

“My apologies, young master! After hearing that we’re going towards the outer seas tonight, the sailors all began to rebel!” Robin Hood’s forehead was beaded with sweat as he explained to Leylin.

Many dangerous sea monsters liked to forage in the night, and unless they were exceptionally powerful fleets, nobody dared to head towards the deep seas now.

On top of that, these pirate captives weren’t all that obedient from the start, and were full of rebellious spirit. They were also a majority, which meant that it wasn’t unexpected for them to rise in revolt, especially with people deliberately stirring up the situation.

“Seems like Isabel and Robin Hood listening isn’t enough to control them…” Leylin sighed from the bottom of his heart, and then walked ahead, “Put down your weapons, or you’ll regret it. When it comes to the outer seas, I can ensure that your safety is guaranteed.”

“Don’t believe him! This son of a b*tch and the woman from before just want us to die!” Just when the pirates were hesitant, a voice sounded from amongst the crowd.

“Come here!” Leylin’s eyes narrowed, and the mooring ropes placed at the ship’s railing seemed to gain lives of their own. They began to wave around, charging into the pirates like a python as they wrapped around one with triangular eyes, pulling him out.

“Vulgar maggot, did you think I can’t do anything against you if you hide in the shadows?”

With a flick of Leylin’s finger, a boiling hot fireball rushed out! It rumbled as it hit the bound pirate, lighting him up like a torch with sparks flying everywhere. Miserable cries sounded out, causing many pirates to retreat with fear on their faces.

“A wizard! It’s a wizard!” The pirates exclaimed. Most of the pirates had melee professions. True tall, rich, and cool wizards were a rare sight even amongst huge pirate groups.

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