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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 820: Smash

Chapter 820: Smash

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Wizards were often more intimidatingly powerful than high-ranking fighters, knights and other such Professionals.

“I’ll count to three, and if you don’t put down your arms and kneel in surrender, you’ll follow his example!” With a tug of the rope, the charred remains were immediately scattered into the ocean. This intimidating strength immediately made many pirates think of retreating.

It was a pity that this was the ocean, and they were surrounded by water as far as the eye could see. Even if they wanted to run, they had nowhere to go.

“One.” Leylin’s face twitched as he announced without any hesitation.

“Two.” Two rays of ice flew out, turning the fleeing pirates into ice sculptures.

“Three!” Leylin’s eyes were filled with a heavy killing intent.

These terrifying eyes finally led to the collapse of the pirates. They abandoned their weapons one by one, and knelt on the floor while weeping bitterly.

“Robin Hood, tie them all up!” Leylin rubbed his hands together. After all, he could not possibly kill all of these captive pirates. If he did, who would sail the ship?

In this world, a captain could only fight to the death in the face of mass mutiny. However, powerful people like him could put down their entire crew with a hand tied behind their back.

“As you command, Captain!” Although this was not the first time they had seen the young master’s power, the soldiers’ eyes were still filled with respect.

Given that those pirates didn’t dare to rebel, the soldiers on the deck could easily control them. Even if there were troubles on the ship, Isabel would resolve them before Leylin could even grow impatient.

Isabel would’ve taken care of the situation this time even if Leylin hadn’t. It was just that the situation would have ended up with many pointless deaths.

In the end, all of the captives who had taken part in the rebellion had been tied together and gathered on the deck. The soldiers and the rescued pirates who had not taken part in the rebellion erected several enormous wooden crucifixes there.

Leylin peacefully stood in front of the pirates, but he did not say a single world. However, this made the pirates begin to tremble in fear. Leylin was determined to go through with this purge, and did not have any intention of letting them off.

“Find me the leader of the rebellion!” With Leylin’s command, as well as the pirates identifying each other themselves, several wild and untameable ones were pushed out from the crowd.

“There’s only four or five? This is far too few!” Leylin shook his head, “Robin Hood, pick one out of every five to kill!”

Soon after, the remaining pirates huddled together in alarm. Robin Hood counted here and there, and every fifth pirate was immediately dragged out by the soldiers. This repeated until 5 poor devils had been chosen.

This was a method from Leylin’s previous life, called decimation. It was a way of investigation, used similarly to what he had employed to execute criminals.

“This is your sentence.” Leylin waved his hand, and his subordinates quickly swarmed around the criminals, binding them on top of the crucifixes.

*Thud! Thud! Thud!* The other pirates were alarmed by the sounds as several nails were hammered into the offenders, even if they avoided the vitals. Drops of blood ran down the nails.

“Bastard! I won’t let you off!” “Even if I die, I’ll drag you to hell with me!” “My lord, please spare us! Please spare us!”

Blood-curdling screams rang out, intermixed with curses and pleas.

“Aren’t you lively? I hope you can be like that tomorrow too!” Leylin smiled faintly.

This method of crucifixion was very inhumane. The targets inched closer and closer to death as they gradually bled out. The sort of fear it induced could lead to a nervous breakdown in normal people.

These physically strong people could perhaps stay alive until the second day. However, that was of no use; it only meant more insane pain and torment.

The violent sunlight of the sea would drain them of every drop of moisture in their body, until they were mummified. And in the end, they could only chose between bleeding to death, dying from sunburn, or dying of thirst.

Many of the captives who thought of this scene were so frightened that they couldn’t help but wet themselves. They didn’t even dare to meet Leylin’s eyes; the smell of urine spread.

“As for the rest of you, I’ll be gracious and show you mercy. You will only receive ten lashes. Now all of you, clean the decks immediately! If I see even a single speck of dust tomorrow, you’ll have to lick it clean! Do you all understand?” Leylin shouted.

When grace was absent, the fear of death was an effective deterrent. Of course, the prerequisite was that one needed enough power. Still, who amongst Leylin’s subordinates could surpass him in strength?

*Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!* Leather whips specially soaked in seawater were used to punish these pirates. On one hand, the salt in the water would prevent the wounds festering, but on the other hand, the pain would be even more severe.

These lucky pirates did not dare to grumble, and they began to clean up the deck even more quickly. Those who were currently crucified were deeply reminded of their betrayal.

‘Fear me, respect me, hate me!’ Leylin stood at the ship’s bow like a tall mountain, filled with a deep and immeasurable strength.

‘The hate and resentment of an ordinary person seem to result in some additional spiritual force and soul force emanating from them.’ Leylin shut his eyes, sensing the respect from the pirates on the ship.

‘What a pity… If this number was multiplied by a thousand times, and continued for over 10 years, it would be possible for me to comprehend divinity, and become a divine being.’ The power of fear was a standard tool for demons and devils. It was very effective, a god only needed to absorb the energy of faith arising from mortal fear. His subordinates’ shifting moods had allowed Leylin to touch on a path to divinity.

‘Pity. This method is completely undesirable, not to mention what the churches would do once they discover me trying to spread fear to become a god. Perhaps their first course of action would be to come and destroy me…’ It was very foolish to peep into the realm of gods without even becoming a Legend.

“Cousin, aren’t you going to rest?” Isabel arrived at Leylin’s side at this moment. She was the only one who would dare to do so.

At the same time, Leylin noticed that Isabel was looking at these condemned convicts with eyes filled with regret. Naturally, she wasn’t regretting their deaths, but she felt it was a great pity to lose so many sacrificial offerings.

“My dear cousin!” Leylin began as he watched Isabel, “You shouldn’t just act according to the other party’s wishes when dealing with an abnormal life form. Sometimes you need to negotiate, and even refuse… Perhaps this can help you.”

Leylin took out a black notebook and passed it over to her.

“Rules of Negotiation with Abnormal Entities- Demon Edition!” Isabel let out a low cry. This book contained knowledge about demons, and to the churches it was a standard demonic item.

“This is part of my teacher’s collection, I copied it out using magic. Perhaps it can help you, don’t let anyone else see it,” Leylin smiled faintly. In fact, this was from Beelzebub’s memories. After all, he was the commander of the devils’ army, and he had a deep understanding of those demons that were his enemies.

At the same time, devils were also the greatest experts in deceit, threats, and modifying contracts. With Beelzebub’s knowledge, the least it could do was to ensure that she wouldn’t suffer too big a loss when making deals in hell or the abyss.

“Even if you sell your soul, make sure it fetches a good price. Don’t be swayed by a few words and offer it up without thinking it through. That would simply be too foolish…”

“T-Thank you!” Isabel hugged the black notebook close, as if it was her entire world.

“Also, it seems like we won’t get any rest tonight…” Leylin waved his hand and said to Isabel, “Be careful!”

“What should I be careful of… AH!” Isabel was rather doubtful, but she immediately felt a huge jolt. As she was still firmly holding onto the notebook with both hands, she almost fell to the deck.

At this moment, a pair of powerful hands held her up steadily.

“If you feel that the storm is too much, go back to your room and leave this place to me,” Leylin’s words were filled with self-confidence, and it seemed to give her a great sense of security. Isabel agreed in a rather foolish manner, and really walked back to her cabin.

Yet after a short moment, she’d changed into her leather armour and grabbed her longsword, rushing back out.

“I’ve put away the thing you gave me!” Isabel’s face was flushed as she flusteredly explained.

At this moment, Robin Hood’s voice rang out, sounding completely exasperated, “Tigershark! It’s a Mutant Tigershark!”

The expressions of the people on the ship immediately changed greatly. The Mutant Tigershark was a type of deep sea monster. It possessed an enormous body larger than ordinary whales, and it had a savage nature. It particularly enjoyed hunting at night.

This Tigershark’s body could easily flip over the Black Tiger. Such a thing was exactly why these pirates were so afraid of sailing at night.

“What are you panicking for? Calm down now!” Leylin’s voice spread immediately, charged with a pacifying force. In just a moment all of the alarmed pirates calmed down.

The ship’s hull was tilted to an alarming degree, and it was tipping further. It was like a powerful monster was shaking the bottom of the ocean. At this moment, everyone on the ship could only pin their hopes on Leylin, the wizard.

Isabel stood the closest to Leylin, and she discovered that he had a strangely excited expression on his face.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. This opponent is mine, don’t interfere!” Without even waiting for her to respond, Leylin immediately jumped off the deck of the ship.

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