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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 823: Bloodsucker

Chapter 823: Bloodsucker

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‘I don’t really want the other two ships, but this main battleship is rather good!’ Leylin purposefully lifted the effects of the Flight spell, and landed on the Merfolk Pirates’ deck.

“What? This foolish wizard dared come here by himself?” The captain of the Merfolk Pirates was overjoyed, “Get up there! Kill him!”

Two odd-looking pirates, with the heads of a crab and a squid, swarmed around Leylin and surrounded him completely. Their eyes were filled with ferocity.

*Puff! Puff!* The air seemed to twist, and two sharp daggers which looked just like a pair of poisonous snakes appeared and bared their sharp teeth at Leylin.

“Mm! This Sneak of Shadows is comparable to Mankeh’s…” Leylin had a ferocious smile on his face, “What a shame that you squids alone aren’t enough!”

In a flash of blood-red light, the Devilblood Dagger appeared in Leylin’s hand. As he held the dagger, he seemed to transform into the image of a night elf, his every act and every move seeming to be filled with a unique beauty.

“Shadow Dance!” With the A.I Chip’s support, Leylin used a skill that could normally only be used by high-ranking rogues and assassins. The blood-red light turned into a whirlwind, immediately dragging the two assassins into itself.

The dagger’s lifesteal greatly surpassed that of a vampire. Once stabbed by it, the two assassins were instantly turned into corpses, falling to the floor.

*Bang! Bang!* Metal weapons clashed against each other loudly, and the mermen closest to Leylin fell to the ground. As traces of their blood-red energy was absorbed by Leylin’s dagger, they completely lost all of their life force, to the point where their corpses would scatter into dust at the lightest touch.

“He’s a devil! A demon from the abyss!” This horrifying scene scared all of the ferocious pirates so much that they wet themselves. All intelligent creatures feared the unknown. Although they could usually kill without even batting an eye, they had apparently never seen this sort of tragic manner of death before.

“As expected, personally harvesting lives myself is the most enjoyable experience…” Leylin’s lips quirked up into a rather evil smile, “Bull’s Strength! Cat’s Grace!”

Two rays of magic light flickered, and after receiving the boost of strength and agility, Leylin seemed to become death incarnate, reaping the lives of all the pirates around him. While he was killing, countless rank 0 and rank 1 spells shot out from Leylin’s hands without stopping.

The Devilblood Dagger was not some ordinary metal weapon. Of course, it did not have any effect on a wizard’s spellcasting, but without the Weave impeding him, Leylin’s movement was even quicker and smoother.

“As expected! On of a shipful of pirates, all of them have close-ranged professions, and there’s not a single Conjurer…” Leylin was like a tiger amongst a flock of sheep. His eyes swept across the entire ship, as if he was hunting for prey.

If anyone of the Conjurer profession came out to fight, even if they only had the Web or Grease spells they would become rather troublesome.

However it was a pity. The Merfolk Pirates were secretly controlled by Marquis Louis, and he wouldn’t put a Sorcerer or other high-ranked Professional with a bunch of pirates. Perhaps only the three largest pirate groups would have a Sorcerer in their midst.

“Did you see that? Our boss has already destroyed two of their ships, and there’s only one left. Get up there and kill them all!” Robin Hood lay on top of a railing, and after seeing Leylin’s success in battle, he roared loudly from the back.

At this moment, the pirate prisoners also let out a wolf-like howl, “Kill them! Kill them!”

The pirates who previously completely lacked morale now exploded forth with 200% of their fighting spirit and hot-bloodedness, loudly roaring at the Merfolk Pirates as they clashed in battle.

The battle between the ships would erupt at any moment, when they came side to side.

“We can’t continue like this! Fuck, where are these pirates from? They’re so strong and they even have a wizard supporting them, and they’re still coming here to cause me trouble?” The Merfolk Pirate captain looked as the sight of his underlings being killed one by one, and the Black Tiger pirate ship advancing quickly ahead. His expression grew even uglier.

Yet at this moment, the wizard was clearly advancing with thoughts of destroying the captain, and whatever ideas or hopes he had were all for naught. This captain understood very well that even if he chose to surrender, perhaps the normal pirates would end up alright, but he and his confidantes would absolutely be forced to walk the plank.

At this thought, his eyes gleamed ruthlessly. He tore off the cloak on his body, revealing stainless steel armour beneath.

“Make way! Archers, prepare!” As he was forced to an impasse, the captain prepared to personally enter the fray. After all, as the captain of the crew he was very strong.

“Battle skill— Charge!” The pirate captain was completely wrapped up in a dense layer of qi. He charged forwards like a battle tank.

“He should be a rank 10 warrior, and his armour and ring…” Leylin quickly retreated, his gleaming eyes making the pirate captain shiver.

At this moment, the A.I. Chip had already collected the captain’s stats and displayed them to Leylin. [Name Unknown, Sex: Male, Estimated stats, Strength: 11+, Agility: 5, Vitality: 8, Spirit: 3, Predicted Fighter Rank: 11. Evaluation: Dangerous! Armour and ring are radiating magic, deduced to be magic items!]

After his Charge skill, the pirate captain swung from his waist, and the broadsword in his hand began to rotate like a windmill. “Ha! Battle skill— Whirling Slash!”

*Bang! Bang! Crack!* The sword flew like the wind everywhere he went, slashing most of the deck open. Wooden splinters flew everywhere.

This battle skill was something the captain was very proud of, and something he had learnt very recently. He had to work hard under a Professional fighter’s guidance for three years before he had managed to gain their recognition and tutorship.

However, this was all worth it. After learning this skill, he had used its terrifying revolving strength to kill several warriors of a higher rank than him, and finally gained the treasured position of the captain of the Merfolk Pirates.

Needless to say, his opponent was only a wizard, and even if he had the abilities of a rogue, he could not beat a warrior of similar rank to him.

The pirate captain’s mouth split open into a wide grin. If the wizard was caught by Whirling Slash, then he could almost see his body being torn apart.

“You have a rather good battle skill there, it’s a pity that you’re too slow…”

*Puff!* The sound of a heavy hammer hitting leather rang out, and a layer of protection suddenly burst from the captain’s armour, offsetting the dagger’s attack trajectory. Even so, the tip of the blood-red dagger left a very deep mark on his chest.

Seeing that his armour had almost been cut through, the pirate captain’s face was filled with triumph at his luck.

‘What a pity! If I hadn’t used a rank 3 spell slot to memorise Flight, then one Dispel Magic could have broken through his defense just now and killed him.’ Leylin’s figure hadn’t stopped at all, and he charged once again through the group of pirates. Several severed heads were sent flying into the air, and fountains of blood gushed out.

Before it had the chance to touch the ground, the blood was absorbed by the dagger in Leylin’s hand. All the small cuts to his body healed immediately, as if they had never been inflicted in the first place.

“This ability… You’re a vampire!” The pirate captain seemed to recall a rather unpleasant memory, which made him cry out in alarm. This ability to absorb life force and and his quick regenerative ability, was very similar to that of the rumoured vampires.

*Bang!* A huge impact spread across the deck like a grade 8 earthquake.

Just when Leylin had single-handedly contained all the pirates, the Black Tiger smashed against the side of the ship. Many small boats hooked onto it, and pirates climbed the cables aboard. A great number of them waved their glowing blue weapons as they came on deck.

These weapons which had been soaked in Leylin’s poison did a great deal of damage to the Merfolk Pirates. Even the tiniest cut would paralyze them and drop them to the ground, to then be killed by their enemies.

The magic weapons that Leylin had enchanted, used by the guards, were even more formidable. Isabel took the lead like a Valkyrie, and many Merfolk Pirates were killed so quickly that they died in confusion.

“What? Thinking of escaping?” Leylin’s face was wreathed in smiles as he looked at the ugly expression on the pirate captain’s face.

“Ha! Battle skill— Blast Slash!” It was clear that this pirate captain knew that unless he could thoroughly shake Leylin off his trail, he didn’t have a single hope of escaping. After his expression changed, he charged forwards immediately, his broadsword shining like a blade of light.

Just as the captain was charging towards Leylin, the ring on his right hand suddenly emitted a beautiful burst of magical light.

“Swift Explosion!” The sudden blessing from the spell increased the captain’s attack speed fivefold. If his enemy did not notice this, they were sure to regret it.

However, Leylin had long anticipated this. He only smiled at the pirate captain, and gave him a signal, “Grease!”

*Clang!* The deck immediately became impossibly slippery, and the expression of the charging captain changed. He completely lost his balance.

“I already know about all your trump cards. Under these circumstances, you only have one fate, and that is to peacefully walk the path of death…” Leylin seemed as graceful as a dancer as he began to step out, his elegant figure flying over to the Merfolk Pirate.

A severed head flew high up into the air, and soon after blood rushed out from his neck.

The Devilblood Dagger let out an icy-cold laughter after it had feasted on the fresh blood, and its wings seemed to become even more true to life, as if the demon sealed within it had recovered.

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