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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 833: Conference

Chapter 833: Conference

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“A priest of Cyric?” Leylin stepped backwards, “Since this is what the God of Murder’s pries wants, then I’ll forget it…” He had no plans of killing people here, he was in their territory after all.

“Lord Priest, please let me…” At this moment, the assassin on the ground began to crawl, eyes full of hatred for Leylin.

“Enough, fall back!” The voice yelled at the assassin without favouritism, causing him to freeze.

“You just wait!” The assassin glared at Leylin, drawing a finger across his neck before disappearing into thin air.

“Hehe… Little Cly was far too reckless and impulsive. Esteemed guest, please come with me!” The priest politely gestured at Leylin to move on. Leylin rubbed his nose and walked with him.


Leylin left a long while later, having acquired what he needed. This priest then turned here and there in the underground world, and finally left the Thieves’ Guild and arrived in a secret room.

The flames around them flickered sinisterly. At the very centre of the place was a shrine to the God of Murder.

In front of the figure was an old man with wrinkles all over his face, praying as powerful divine force rippled forth from his body.

“Lord Bishop!” The priest from before bowed respectfully.

“Is that person gone already?” The old bishop opened his hazy eyes. They somehow held a lustre that could see through one’s intentions.

“Yes, he has already left. He bought a lot information regarding Marquis Louis!” The priest did not dare conceal anything, and stated all of Leylin’s activities.

“I saw it. He will be the source of chaos in the future. His many murders and the chaos he brings will definitely bring joy to our master!” The bishop muttered.

“Then what should we do? Help him?” The priest asked, confused.

“There’s no need for that… Keke… Just be neutral. If required, he will definitely seek our help…” Lord Bishop snickered, “In addition, gift the news of him coming here to the Barbarians. Also, warn Cly not to interfere with the Master’s great work just because of a brother’s death, or I will put him on trial…”

The God of Murder’s punishment was notoriously brutal, and even this priest began to tremble in fear once it was mentioned.

“I understand! Our Master’s glory will definitely spread across the lands!” The priest said a prayer, and then left respectfully…

‘The God of Murder? How interesting!’ Leylin evidently realised that today’s incident had to do with the wave of assassins he’d faced before.

However, assassins were people who worked for money. Mahnke might have sided with Marquis Louis at the beginning or had been hired by him, but he had already been turned into a pile of bones. Leylin could not be bothered with him. Rather, a high-ranked assassin like Cly was a threat he could not ignore.

“Seems like this Thieves’ Guild is neutral. It’s under the rule of the Barbarians, but also has connections with Marquis Louis…” Leylin smiled grimly.

Churches always saw things from their own point of view, the conflicts of mortals transient like fleeting clouds. As long as their own rule wasn’t affected, they didn’t care about the king. It was so with the church of knowledge, as well with the church of murder.

‘The exploration of the sea started recently, but the place has already entered the sights of the gods. I need to step up my plans…’ Leylin’s expression could not help but darken, but after he returned to the inn he had calmed down, not revealing any hint of what he’d felt before.

“Boss!” Giant and Hulk stood up in the inn’s main hall, accompanied by the tens of pirates they’d brought. Ronald was also there amongst them.

“Mm!” Leylin’s eyes swept through this group of pirates. All who met his gaze felt a piercing feeling in their eye, and had no choice but to lower their heads.

“Tell them that I’ll get the bill for the roasted meat and rum over these few days!” It had to be said that Leylin had a pretty good impression of these people. At the very least, these pirates were more ferocious than the rest.

Of course, that was the extent of it. It wasn’t easy to recruit Professionals at or above the middle grades.

“Master, Madam Tillen has invited you to the back!” Karen noiselessly appeared behind Leylin, her footsteps incredibly light like those of a seasoned thief. She no longer showed any signs of her previous weakness.

“Has the poison from your body been removed?” Blue light flashed as Leylin asked in surprise. He only needed a bit of effort to obtain a cure for Karen’s poison, but Madam Tillen had already taken care of it. It showed her favourable attitude.

After all, she had the Barbarians backing her. It was currently the only organisation that could contend against Marquis Louis in the outer seas.

“Yes! She’s already removed my slave contract. Henceforth, I serve under you, Master!” Karen had already removed that maid uniform that gave rise to wild thoughts. She was now clad in black leather attire, a black leather holster for her dagger on her thighs that were as thick as ivory. It made her seem even more gallant.

“Good. Lead me there!” Leylin knew that Madam Tillen had already reported everything about him to the Barbarians, she was a part of them after all. They were now looking for him to lay all their cards on the table.

It was the same room as it had been in the morning, though there was now another giant in there.

This was a barbarian with green skin, sitting on the large sofa nonchalantly and with a great aura to him. The floorboards beneath him had slightly sunken under his heavy weight. He wore a cow-horn helmet made of wrought iron, and revealed a fine and solid upper body. His fierce looks were coupled with a pair of shrewd eyes.

At his right hand was an exotic saber 1 at a position from which it could be brandished most easily. Its sharp edge held a magic glow to it, evidently a result of it being enchanted by an alchemist.

“Hehe… the young master of the Faulen Family!” Madam Tillen now sat on the thigh of the barbarian, beaming up at Leylin.

Her fiery-red tail brushed against the barbarian from time to time, giving off an untameable feeling that was very tempting.

The two sat together, and Leylin suddenly had a bizarre feeling that this was rather similar to ‘Beauty and the Beast’, but Madam Tillen did not seem to think so. Her eyes were full of love as she stared into his eyes.

“Hehe… I never thought that young master Leylin, the heir of a Baron, would become a pirate!” Madam Tillen now sized Leylin up and down, eyes emanating a beautiful luster, “That’s not all. I’ve heard about young master’s talent in magic that even makes your mentor feel ashamed of himself. How extraordinary…”

In just a few sentences, she’d revealed that she now had all the information regarding the current Leylin.

“And so? Nobles will never admit it, and I obviously won’t!” Leylin chuckled and sat on the sofa on the opposite side. Karen stood behind him, her body involuntarily trembling as if it had evoked some past trauma.

The Barbarians would’ve been too stupid to hold influence over the outer seas if they couldn’t find information on him given his name and the fact that he was a wizard. The sincerity was a requirement of an alliance.

“Nice! Young master Leylin’s words are completely different from those dignified nobles,” Madam Tillen’s tone seemed to conceal some hatred, “They appear to be openhearted and benevolent, but in reality they’re worse than beasts…”

The barbarian warrior did not utter a single word all this time, but the pressure he gave off made him seem like a mountain, constantly attacking Leylin.

“This is…?” Leylin asked Madam Tillen bluntly.

“Oh, look at me!” Madam Tillen patted at her bright forehead and gave him a flirty look, “Let me introduce. This is Ogde Battlehammer, my lover! He’s also the captain of the Barbarians!”

As she introduced him, Leylin’s eyes flickered. The A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded, and part of the information was projected before him.

[Name: Ogde Battlehammer. Race: Barbarian. Strength: 15+. Agility: 10. Vitality: 10. Spirit: 9. A warrior above rank 15, extremely dangerous!]

Beside the numbers was a 3D image of him, including the magic saber. Just from the image, Leylin could tell that he had numerous magic items on him.

‘A high-ranked warrior above rank 15, with a bonus in strength as a barbarian! Even on the continent, this strength would bring him fame. Even if it’s the Marquis, with help from the barbarian race, Ogde should not be on the losing end in a battle against the Marquis.’

Leylin found that he had to recalculate the strength Marquis Louis had. In the World of Gods, Professionals between ranks 5 and 10 were elites. Those above rank 10 were great in their own right, and as for rank 15s and above, they were respected throughout the kingdoms and treated very well.

However, even a high-ranked warrior like that, with the power of his whole race on his side, was on the losing end against Marquis Louis. How powerful was the noble? At this moment, Leylin felt lucky that he’d left immediately after taking care of Half Merfolk Island.

As these thoughts flashed past, Leylin nodded at this high-ranked barbarian captain, “Nice to meet you, revered exemplary!”

Comprehend Languages flashed, allowing Leylin to understand what the Barbarian meant.

1. a single long broad blade, and a long handle suitable for two-handed use. Dating from Emperor Cheng of Han, made to slice through horse’s legs (hence the literal translation of the term, Horse Beheading Sword)

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