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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 837: Return Home

Chapter 837: Return Home

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*Plunk!* A few figures were forced out of stealthy advancement, and their bodies bore the traces of having been frozen.

“How did you find us?” Cly’s face was now filled with disbelief.

“Dead men don’t need to know anything!” The blood-red Devilblood Dagger appeared in Leylin’s hand, making him look more evil.

*Whoosh!* He turned into a phantom, pouncing towards these few assassins.

“Damn it…” Feeling sluggish from the frost, Cly’s expression was incredibly sinister. Somehow, he already knew who had sold him out.

In the end, all he saw was a dazzling blood-red.

*Pu! Pu! Pu!* Making use of the hindrance from the ice storm and the poor visibility, Leylin took care of the assassins in an instant. The many enemies with immense injuries caused by the ice storm finally lifted their white flag to surrender.

However, Leylin was disinclined to bother with matters like his subordinates looting and taking prisoners. He looked at the prompt his A.I. Chip gave him.

[Beep! Host has been enhanced by the Devilblood Dagger. Agility has increased by 0.3!]

‘0.3? Not bad. If that’s changed into spiritual force, that might be even less than 0.0001!’

Leylin was very satisfied with this. He had far too much spiritual force, and slight increases like this meant nothing to him. Hence, he focused on his shortcomings.

Making use of the ability of the Devilblood Dagger, he was confident that he could develop his stats in an all-rounded way to become the perfect existence!

Though that was only for perfection below rank 10.

His stats had turned into: [Leylin Farlier. Race: Human. Rank 8 Wizard. Strength: 3.5. Agility: 3.3. Vitality: 4.5. Spiritual force: 8. State: Healthy. Talents: Sturdy, Erudite. Spell Slots: Rank 3(2). Rank 2(4). Rank 1(???), Rank 0(???)]

At this moment, Karen came beside Leylin. “Master, all the remaining people who resist us have been purged!”

“Good! Send news to the Church of Murder to say that I have already received their goodwill!” Leylin now had a satisfied grin on his face.


Faulen Island, in the temporary camp that Leylin had first built.

Jacob, who was patrolling the area, suddenly heard his subordinate reporting to him in panic. “My lord, there’s an unknown fleet nearing us!”

“What? Are they pirates? Be on the alert!”

Jacob’s expression was solemn. On the outer seas, pirates would never go extinct. They were like a pack of ravenous wolves, attacking any ships or ports that would bring them wealth.

A bell rang urgently, and with the soldiers urging them on, the slaves hid within wooden houses. The rest of the soldiers took their weapons and watched the sail in the distance.

However, even Jacob involuntarily gaped, unable to say a word.

Large. It was much too large! There were three huge ships with densely packed human figures atop them, causing Jacob to say bitterly, “These numbers are probably enough to attack the whole Faulen Island. Could this be the three legendary large-scale pirate groups?”

“It’s the time to show your loyalty to the family till the end!” Jacob gripped the weapon in his hand tightly and yelled.

“Long live Faulen!” “Long live!” Many soldiers yelled together, but their voices were filled with immense fear. A few soldiers were already looking out for escape routes. Not everyone could view death with equanimity. Under the threat of death, too many things could happen.

The three huge ships did not hesitate as they drew closer. However, there were no pirate flags at the top. Could this instead be three large merchant ships?

Merchant ships? How was that possible? Jacob was completely confused.

At this moment, a figure flew like an eagle from the ship, heading in his direction.

“That’s Fly! It’s a mid-rank wizard spell, could it be…” Jacob’s expression changed, eventually turning into one of anticipation and elation, “It’s young master! Young master is back!”

As the streams of air dissipated, Leylin’s figure stopped in front of Jacob, “You did well with the camp!”

He’d taken a quick look at this camp from the skies and found that Jacob had completed everything according to his plans. It already was in a good state, able to take in a new population and slaves, which would help him with his trading plans.

“Many thanks for your praise! It’s actually thanks to the slaves. They work diligently everyday, but it’s a pity there are too few of them…” Jacob placed his right hand on his chest, bowing respectfully.

“You don’t have to worry about the slaves. I brought a lot… and there are other surprises as well! Prepare to dispatch people to take them.” Leylin had a trace of a smile on his expression. A huge flame flew from his hand, forming an obvious signal.

The three ships began to move slowly, releasing countless little boats that rowed in their direction like ants.

“Three ships…” Jacob’s eyes widened.

“Hehe… These are ships of the Rhodes Merchant group. I made a deal with them and bought large numbers of slaves and coarse sugar…” Leylin watched the many little boats, frowning slightly.

“Here!” He pointed to a coastal area, “We’ll need to build a new dock. Of course, there were far too few people before, but this won’t be a problem now…”

Seeing the unending stream of slaves and baskets of coarse sugar, as well as other construction materials unceasingly being sent ashore, Jacob clenched his fists. His face flushed.

While he had no idea how this mysterious young master had gotten a hold of this, that had nothing to do with him, did it? As a subordinate, all he needed to do was carry out his superior’s orders. That was enough! Just seeing how much Leylin had spent, it was obvious that he was planning to go big.

“Jacob! Make arrangements for the slaves being shipped over. Males and females are to be separated and watched. Don’t let them get up to anything funny!”

Leylin’s blueprint had been very large, and he had even especially left out blank spaces in it. Hence, it was not an issue to take in hundreds of slaves.

Besides the unskilled labourers, there were many confused faces. The sickly slaves who were chased into a camp barricaded with pointy wooden fences.

There, Nunooker, whom Leylin had appointed as head of the slaves, had already commanded the older ones to bring out pots of mashed fish soup to share with the newcomers. He then darted to Leylin upon catching sight of him, kissing the soil under his feet, “Respected master, Nunooker expresses his reverence for you!”

“I heard you managed the slaves well. Good job!” Leylin nodded. Nunooker had already put on linen clothing and looked somewhat like a commoner now. There was even a lash hung at his waist that seemed rather worn out, making it look well-used. His clothes and whip all showed the rise in his authority and status.

“Do it well. After this, I’ll remove your contract as a slave and free you. I’ll even give you some land!” Leylin was never stingy with those who sided with him, and this would also set an example for others.

“Oh, great master, I praise you! Your benevolence is as vast as the ocean!” Nunooker knelt down once more.

A manager clad in silk clothing with gold threads on his cuffs came beside Leylin, “My lord, the goods have all been received. There are a total of 275 slaves and 5000kg of coarse sugar! There are also other goods as well. This is the bill for your account…”

“Mm, the numbers are right!” Leylin took a glance at him, knowing that he had not done anything fishy with them. The manager wouldn’t dare to anyway, since Leylin was a channel to dispose of stolen groups belonging to the Barbarians.

It was understandable why he feared Leylin. In addition, even if they were to practice fraud, this would not be able to trick Leylin. Hence, Leylin quickly signed his name after looking at the bill, then stamped it with a special ring of his.

This was a dagger and skull, the mark of the Scarlet Tigers! This ruby ring could be opened at the top, and it held Leylin’s pirate imprint inside. This was also proof that he had dealings with the Barbarians.

“Alright, you have already paid for the goods before. The deal has been completed successfully. Thank you for your cooperation!” After seeing Leylin sign his name, the manager sighed in relief and then revealed a genuine smile.

“Thank you for your cooperation!” Leylin’s eyes moved swiftly away, thoughts already on other matters.

Once he had left from Pirates’ Cove, Leylin had wiped out a few pirate groups who had wanted to take advantage of them. Once he had established his reputation and secured his status, he met up with Isabel and the rest at a place they had previously arranged.

Due to the many battles and prisoners, Leylin’s pirate group had already changed greatly by the time he met up with his cousin and the others. He now had a tremendous organisation, with three battleships and over two hundred pirates under him!

Though they seemed like nothing more than a mob, it wasn’t as if there weren’t any talents amongst them. If Leylin was counted as well, this new crew was the strongest one out of the big three. He even had the capital to challenge the larger pirate groups!

What happened next was obvious. With information from the Thieves’ Guild and Barbarians, Leylin brought his subordinates and plundered countless merchant ships that belonged to the Louis Family, killing all of the passengers. The goods were naturally mostly sold to the Rhodes Merchant group using the Barbarian Pirates’ connections, and in return he earned many slaves and resources.

Following that, the pirates that had endured countless battles needed to rest and reorganise. Leylin seized this opportunity to let his cousin Isabel take over, announcing her the acting captain with Hulk, Cyclops, Giant, Karen and Ronald assisting her. Meanwhile, he returned to his own family’s territory.

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