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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 843: Mouthpiece

Chapter 843: Mouthpiece

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“Set out immediately towards the Baltic archipelago, and find someone for me,” Leylin could not help but to get Karen’s attention, as he saw the bewildered expression on her face.

“Who?” Karen was surprised. Could it be that the master had made other preparations over there? Did this mean that he had lost trust in her? Once she thought of the consequences of being abandoned, Karen involuntarily began to tremble.

That display made Leylin inwardly laugh to himself.

“Go and find Viscount Tim, and tell him the truth about who you are. In addition, tell him that I am willing to form an alliance with him and help him become a marquis!” Leylin laughed coldly, as if he were the devil.

“Viscount Tim?” Karen was shocked, and couldn’t help but to lift her head up. She had heard many times about the Faulen family’s affairs after joining Leylin’s troops, and she certainly knew that Viscount Tim had been the main ringleader in coveting the Faulen Island’s territory.

This viscount was also the Scarlet Tigers’ biggest enemy right from the start, so how could they suddenly shake hands and talk of peace?

“Carry out the order,” Leylin waved his hand. Karen respectfully bowed, disappearing into the darkness.

“That’s politics for you… The enemy of my enemy is a friend, and no matter how one fought to the death against the other the previous day, to the point of wanting to directly kill each other, one must join hands against the common enemy all the same…”

Although the ambushed spies in the Baltic archipelago could only divulge the most basic of information, Leylin could still see a lot of things in them. For example, the discord between Marquis Louis and Viscount Tim, as well as the eldest son William’s outstanding performance.

According to Leylin’s understanding of human nature, he had over a 50% chance of success to rope in Viscount Tim., a chance great enough for him to try and grab.

Even if he failed, he would not suffer any losses, right?


A few days later, The Gold Priest Xena eventually accepted Leylin’s conditions and signed the agreement. She received the sugar refining technique under the condition that they would protect the Faulen family for 3 years.

Both sides were very satisfied with their deal, and perhaps it would take a long time for both their profits and losses to come to light.

When all of these matters had been accomplished, a resplendent church had been erected at Port Venus.

As she had money, Xena, that prodigious b*tch, seemed to simply use gold coins to accelerate the progress. Naturally, it had shockingly good results. The main body was up within ten days, several times faster than Leylin’s construction of the city hall.

Naturally, this could not have happened with the efforts of the priests. As they could recover their divine skills just by praying every day, they were not afraid of generously using their skills to support the construction. Leylin could only look on in envy.

On the day that the construction was complete, Xena personally prayed and brought down the divine grace of the Goddess of Wealth.

Although the goddess herself did not appear, just being able to give all her followers in the port some additional luck and eloquence, as well as quick calculation abilities, was enough for those fellows to earn enough to fill their coffers in the future.

Naturally, the divine grace which was as boundless as the sea, and the imposing divine might, left a deep impression on Leylin.

The Goddess of Wealth was just a mid-ranked god, and shared the same status as a rank 8 of the Magus World. However, the feeling she gave Leylin was far more terrifying than many rank 8 entities.

Perhaps this was because it was her home turf, but it still gave Leylin an enormous shock. The powerful qualitative change that occurred when the power of faith was united with the body’s power of laws greatly inspired him.

There were still a few discordant voices in the crowd.

The priests of the God of Suffering did not say much; his believers were of the lower classes, such as slaves and labourers, as well as others like farmers. They simply did not care about a goddess of merchants, because in reality the total of their belongings did not even add up to a single gold piece!

However, for the Bishop of the God of Knowledge, Tapris, having priests of the Goddess of Wealth stationed here was a great challenge. Although he still sent people over to congratulate them, he turned a cold shoulder to Baron Jonas.

Leylin and Baron Jonas completely ignored his attitude. As a representative of the nonreligious royalty, there were some essential benefits that they would never relinquish, and would even defend to the death.

Leylin stayed there for a while, until the transaction involving the fish floss technique had been completed and Port Venus was back on track. Only then did he retreat back into his laboratory.

The azure sea sprayed stinging salt and a soothing sea breeze at the same time. A black shadow whizzed past, leaving ripples on the sea surface behind it on its way.

An enormous fleet of pirate ships was quietly moored on the horizon, a terrifying skull and dagger flag the colour of blood on their flagpoles. The Scarlet Tigers had made a name for themselves in the nearby region, and their strength began to approach that of the three great pirate crews.

It was rumoured that the captain of that pirate crew, the Scarlet Witch, was from the abyss of evil, and even enjoyed bathing in the fresh blood of her enemies. Just the mention of her name could make small children cry fearfully at night.

However, the rumoured Scarlet Witch, Leylin’s cousin Isabel, stood with the other high-ranking pirates on the deck, as if waiting for their true captain to appear.

“You’ve worked hard!” Leylin’s figure slowly descended in the howling wind. He first nodded at his pirate crew, then turned to face his own cousin. Afterwards, his brow slowly furrowed.

As she had sacrificed a great deal of blood and flesh, Isabel’s power had improved very quickly, and she was now almost a rank 15 high-ranking Professional. She was the number one combatant under him.

At the same time however, Isabel’s demonisation had also grown even more serious.

Although her appearance was still human, occasionally she emitted an extremely demonic and icy aura, which was terrifyingly evil. It was enough for weaker people to fall into a dead faint if they got too close to her.

As a result, even the most ferocious pirates did not dare to get close to Isabel.

“Our people have all been set up according to your plan,” Isabel had no interest in the fearful gazes from the others, and arrived at Leylin’s side.

“You’ve done very well,” Leylin captured Isabel’s small hand. Although it was as cold as ice, there was a touch of warmth to it that still belonged to the living.

“Ronald, come to the captain’s room. I need to hear your latest report,” Leylin looked towards Ronald, who immediately bowed and obeyed his order.

Of all the mates, he was the one with the best foundation. He even had some ability at leadership, something that had caught Leylin’s attention. His current position had slowly been elevated above that of Cyclops, and he had become Leylin’s top talent apart from Isabel.

Naturally, Leylin did not treat his old subordinates badly, and had given them a ship and 10 pirates. They were promoted to middle-ranked leaders and had awe-inspiring prestige, but now that their status had been upgraded, their thoughts also seemed to change a little.

After the pirates on the deck all left after reading the mood, Leylin spoke in a low voice to Isabel, “If you make the decision, then I still have ways to get rid of the demonic transformation of your body. However if you really wait until the transformation is complete, then I fear you will directly descend into the abyss, and your soul will never receive salvation…”

Isabel played with her long hair. Only in front of Leylin would she do these little feminine actions.

“After I give up my power, how do I get revenge on my enemies? I made a vow, that every day I live I will seek the deaths of my enemy to comfort the souls of my family…” Listening to what Isabel said, Leylin could only fall into a gloomy mood. His cousin’s character was so strong that it could give him a headache.

“Alright, since we have nothing left to do after this battle, we can take our time to consider how to resolve it. I only hope that we aren’t too late…” Leylin looked towards the sky where clouds were slowly gathering, heralding the arrival of a storm.

“My sword has long been thirsting for blood…” His cousin stood next to him just like a valkyrie.


“Damn! Damn! Damn!” Viscount Tim cursed as he slammed the bedroom door handle, holding an bottle of empty bottle of rum.

Those serving maids? He had long roared at them to leave.

“One day! One day, I’ll make all of you who despise and insult me pay the price!” Thinking back to those looks of contempt he had received recently, Viscount Tim’s mood became even worse.

“Mm? Who is it? Didn’t I say before, to all get out of my sight…”

Viscount Tim’s voice stopped, because the person he had discovered standing in his bedroom was not a maid, but a thief.

“The Scarlet Tiger pirate crew gives you our greetings!” This thief had a sweet voice that was pleasant to the ears, and her figure was very good.

Viscount Tim looked at her from head to toe, and his expression changed completely. He even looked like he had woken up from his drunken stupor. Scarlet Tiger? Were they not his enemies?

“Haha… Are you here to take my life?” Tim took a few steps back, and his dark heart was filled with hate. If it was his father and William’s place, that thief would been chopped to pieces before she could get this close to them. Only here in this neglected second son’s house could an assassin easily step through.

However, if he could fight for a little more time, the guards would notice something was amiss and immediately rush through.

“No, we’re here to help you! You, do you wish to become a Marquis?” The temptation of a devil poured out from Karen’s lips.

“Marquis?” Tim’s expression changed greatly, and he immediately shut his bedroom door with a dark expression.

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