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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 849: Two-Legged Wyverns

Chapter 849: Two-Legged Wyverns

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“Is that the item you made a deal with the devil for?” Once everything was over, Isabel walked in slowly, eyes focused on the bloody knife in Leylin’s hand.

She’d known something was off about her cousin from the start, and that he was evidently hiding something. In addition, Leylin hadn’t tried to hide anything from her just now. Hence, Isabel knew that Leylin’s quick rise in strength definitely had to do with a devil. However, even if she found out, she had no plans to divulge it.

Part of it was because of their relationship from childhood. On the other hand, they were all in the same boat. Although demons and devils shared a completely antagonistic relationship and were two opposing forces, there weren’t many differences in terms of their followers.

Isabel was rather worried, because making deals with devils usually meant giving up one’s soul. On top of that, devils liked to use all sorts of plots in order to nibble away at the contractor’s soul, causing them to completely become depraved.

It could be said that for those who were experienced, devils were far worse than demons. Of course, due to devils keeping to their side of the deal even more strictly, there were even more believers praying to devils than demons in the World of Gods.

After seeing Isabel’s gaze, Leylin could tell what she was thinking.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t deal with my soul!” Leylin launched a fireball from his hands, burning the withered corpses on the ground to ashes. Though there was nothing much to hide from his cousin, it was still better to keep some things secret from his underlings.

“Be careful. The devils’ cunning is famous even in the vast multiverse.” Isabel went silent after the warning, her eyes now filled with some sort of determination. Once they were back to the camp, Ronald and Robin Hood, who had not been seen for a long time, welcomed them.

“My lord, the whole camp has been purged!” Robin Hood reported respectfully. It had originally seemed like he’d been demoted, and few paid attention to him. The truth was that he’d been hidden in the shadows, helping Leylin manage the true elites in his forces.

“Good! Let’s go to the fleet. Things should be lively there…” Leylin’s face lit up with a smile.


A while earlier. At the seaside, on the Black Skeletons’ ship.

A teleportation gate burst into existence, and Boruj and William stumbled out pathetically.

Without high-ranked Mage Armour, William had been affected despite having escaped quickly. A large portion of his handsome hair had already been burnt off, and it was now like a bird’s nest. There were burns all over his body.

“What’s going on? What’s that?” Terrifying explosions could be seen even on the shore. William grabbed onto the railings looking dazed, crying out maniacally. The feeling of having a brush with death left fear in his heart.

“It should be the explosions, but the power has increased by quite a bit! My men are going to be annihilated!” Boruj was completely fine, but his brows furrowed while looking doubtful, “Why didn’t I find anything? Is this some sort of new concealment technique, or the effects of a large-scaled spell formation?”

“Something’s off.” All of a sudden, Boruj’s expression changed, and a ring on his hand exploded, producing a powerful magic barrier.

Mage’s Sword! A magic sword appeared, colliding with a huge metallic flying hatchet. A huge crash could be heard in the air, the resulting undulations causing several huge pits to appear on the deck.

“An enemy! Who is it? Where’s Citamo? Show yourself!” William had noticed something was off too. The large explosion from before had attracted their attention, but he had not found anything strange in his surroundings.

It was far too quiet on the deck, and all the pirates who had stayed behind to guard it had disappeared.

“Are you looking for this?” A huge shark head was tossed to the ground. This was the head of a sharkman, and one that William was very familiar with.

Citamo looked to have suffered before death. The area under his neck still had blood dripping unceasingly, and it looked like his neck had been squeezed off him while he was alive.

A huge barbarian appeared in William’s line of sight, his footsteps thudding on the ship’s deck. He raised a huge saber, the bloody injuries on his body already healing quickly in demonstration of his astounding life force.

‘It’s Ogde, the captain of the Barbarians! He sneak attacked the guards who stayed behind!’ William immediately guessed at something.

“It turns out that Hygar Island was just a facade. You’d already left… Everything was a trap!” It would take two days to rush here from the battlefield, but if there was a batch of elites that had set off earlier, this would be easy to conceal from others.

William’s lips quirked bitterly. Most of his family’s power was destroyed, and he might even be in huge danger. This would also be a huge blow to his status.

‘Without our men coordinating with them, this plan would never have worked. Who was it?’ William roared inside.

“Be careful! I might not be able to protect you in a bit!” Boruj’s voice rang, causing William to look even more bitter.

“Hehe… Young master of the Baltic archipelago, we finally meet!” An alluring fox lady walked out from behind Ogde, with tens of barbarian warriors above rank 5 with her.

“What about those Tigersharks? Why did they come here so easily?” William was in denial that the whole Tigershark Pirates had been wiped out. After all, it was a large-scaled group comparable with the Black Skeletons, and even had a huge group of Tigersharks. In the seas, they would definitely be the king.

“You mean those little fish? I’m afraid they’ve sunk to the bottom of the sea. Someone provided Tears of Tigersharks to us, and the effects are pretty good!” Madam Tillen produced an exquisite crystal bottle and shook it, looking innocent and flirtatious like a little girl who had gotten a beloved toy.

William stared at her blankly, beginning to lose focus in his eyes.

“Be careful! This is a bewitching spell by a bloodline holder!”

Calm! A huge sound boomed by William’s ear, allowing him to regain his senses, no longer daring to take another look at the fox lady.

“Boruj, high-ranked wizard Boruj. I will chop off your head and use it as a wine cup!” The leader of the Barbarians huffed roughly, eyes turning red as if he had seen a foe.

As Marquis Louis’ leading wizard, Boruj had worked hard when expanding in the outer seas. The number of Barbarian Pirates who had died at his hand were innumerable, and the relationship between them was completely irreconciliable.

Ogde snarled, his saber emitting sparks that flew for a few meters. Looking nonchalant, he slashed at Boruj.

As the light burst out, even the deck that had been remodelled and covered with a layer of magic seemed to be plowed through by something ruthlessly, revealing huge ‘bruises’.

Boruj looked solemn and serious after witnessing the terrifying offence by the Barbarian, the spell slot in his memories breaking out.

Arcane Hand! A huge magical palm reached out, clashing with the blade to form a terrifying explosion.

Once the undulations had passed, the sharp saber light cut the huge palm into several fragments, its own radiance dimming. However, it still proceeded towards Boruj.

Boruj frowned and pointed towards the ground. “Wall of Iron!” A thick, metallic wall appeared, blocking the blade. Still, there were now terrifying streaks of injuries on him.

“This can’t go on!” Boruj watched the elite barbarian warriors surrounding him, especially with Tillen who could use magic and a few barbarian priests, already having thoughts of retreating.

With a shake of his sleeve, an intricate spell scroll fell to his hand. Gazing at it, a rare expression of heartache appeared, but he still tore at it.

*Bang!* A dark green mist spread above the deck, and the barbarian warriors who were affected immediately collapsed, bodies still twisting unconsciously.

“Be careful, this is a Death Cloud spell!” Madam Tillen’s voice sounded. Afterwards, a few roars could be heard from within the mist, bringing a horror with them.

*Roar!* A few huge dark green monsters pounced from the mist. They looked like giant lizards that had meaty wings on their backs. Their bodies were covered by a layer of scales and they spat out bundles of corrosive fluids.

High-grade Monster Summon! Just as these few two-legged wyverns began to trouble Ogde, another even more enormous two-legged wyvern spread its wings and flew away with two people in tow.

“Ah…” Seeing the two-legged wyvern agilely avoiding the long-distance attacks by the archers, Ogde thundered, breaking the neck of a wyvern in front of him.

“Master, why aren’t we teleporting away?” While on the expansive back of the two-legged wyvern, William grabbed onto a scale and made an enquiry.

“I only memorised one teleportation spell. After that, I’ll need to use scrolls…”

Boruj had a wry smile, “I’m not sure if the enemy will still chase us, so we need to conserve our strength!”

“Damn it! Damn it!” Thinking back to the failure this time, William’s facial muscles began to contort.

“That Leylin and the Barbarians! One day… one day… All the humiliation I have suffered will be returned to you!”

“I’m afraid you won’t get that opportunity!”

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