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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 850: Destruction

Chapter 850: Destruction

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Purplish black light glinted off a blade that brought demonic strength with it as it descended from the sky in an instant.

The source was a nimble body that emitted the terrifying aura of a high-ranked Professional, the long sword in its hands beamed with the bright radiance of qi.

The sharp longsword broke through the two-legged wyvern’s scales, carving down in a perfect curve.


First there was a sea of blood, then the creature’s gigantic head came crashing down from the horizon, like a meteor.

“There’s an enemy!” A teleportation scroll appeared in Boruj’s hand, ready to be used.

[Dimensional Anchor]!

At this moment, a flying black figure dove down like a falcon. The rays of light in its hands interrupted Boruj’s teleportation spell with perfect timing.

“A rank 4 spell! He’s already a rank 9 wizard!”

The shadow belonged to the high-ranked fighter from before, and a youthful, handsome face was revealed. It was Leylin.

Isabel’s arm was covered in demonic scales. Making use of Leylin’s power, she struck out with another attack in midair.

Purplish black qi slashed through Boruj’s high-grade Mage Armour, resulting in a horrifying wound.

*Splash! Splash!* Boruj let out a blood-curdling screech as he fell into the icy-cold seawater together with William.

Following them into the sea, Leylin and Isabel looked like two nimble fish, easily swimming their way towards their target.

The wizard Boruj, who had always lived the pampered life of a prince, began struggling as large amounts of cold seawater entered his nose and mouth, and intense pain afflicted his chest.

Especially after he caught sight of a shadow of a soul out of the corner of his eye, their fight intensified.

Crimson rays surged out from the seabed. With frightening sharpness, the Devilblood Dagger broke through the multiple temporarily activated layers of magic defense, piercing into Boruj’s shoulder.

Feeling the immense life and spiritual forces gushing out as if a dam had just been opened, Boruj could only smile wryly as he observed the calm expression on the young wizard’s face.

A 16 year old rank 9 wizard with such meticulous strategies and absolute calm in battle. Marquis Louis had gotten himself a terrifying enemy.

While he desperately wanted to escape and warn his master, all his spiritual force was sealed the moment he was stabbed by the Devilblood Dagger. His limbs could only flail instinctively.

Large amounts of energy coursed through the dagger and entered Leylin’s body. Its smooth and unhindered flow made him want to shout at the top of his lungs.

However, he forcefully suppressed the desire. He did not relax his grip on the dagger until Boruj turned into a withered corpse.

As a high-ranked wizard, Boruj’s highest attribute was his spirit. Based on Leylin’s calculations, his spirit stat should be above 15, and Leylin was conveniently getting all of it without much effort.

Pure spiritual energy was transformed by the Devilblood Dagger and greedily absorbed by Leylin. With his experience of the law of devouring in his main body, Leylin had proficiently grasped this conversion process.

Soon enough, a prompt came from the A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Host has gone through enhancement by Devilblood Dagger. Spirit +1.]

In Leylin’s stats, it could be seen that his spiritual force attribute had finally reached 10. As soon as that threshold was broken through, Leylin experienced a strange transformation.

His soul ascended without limits, and it was as if he could see an even more terrifying layer of the Weave. However, his spiritual force had not reached the requirements yet, and thus he could only shrink back helplessly.

‘Level 5 of the Weave? It’s a pity, but I can’t go in yet!’ Leylin sighed.

[Beep! Host’s spiritual force has broken through to 10 points. Analysis of the Weave is now faster.] The A.I. Chip’s prompt sounded, as it continuously refreshed.

[Beep! Host’s spiritual force has broken through. Wizard ranking has increased. Now a rank 10 wizard.] [Beep! Host has advanced to rank 10 wizard. Rank 4 spell slots increased by 1, rank 3 spell slots increased by 1, rank 2 spell slots increased by 1.] [Beep! Change in host’s stats. Recalculating.]

Soon enough, Leylin’s stats were being recalculated.

[Leylin Faulen. Age: 16. Race: Human, Rank 10 Wizard. Strength: 5.2. Agility: 6.5. Vitality: 6.3. Spiritual force: 10. Status: Healthy. Feats: Sturdy, Erudite. Spell Slots: Rank 4(2), Rank 3(4), Rank 2(6), Rank 1(???), Rank 0(???)] [Progress of analysis of the Weave: Level 0 Weave at 100%! Level 1 Weave at 100%! Level 2 Weave at 36.29%! Level 3 Weave at 15.50%! Level 4 Weave at 1.96%!]

‘As expected, a wizard’s rise in rank is useful for the analysis of the Weave.’ Leylin studied his new stats and the progress of the analysis of the Weave, as a look of satisfaction appeared on his face.

[Beep! Detected that host’s spiritual force stats reached threshold. Triggered reaction. Devilblood Dagger’s enhancement to increase of spiritual force is now weakened!]

‘So the day has finally arrived.’ Leylin looked at the A.I. Chip’s last prompt and could not help but sigh.

10 points of spiritual force was really the threshold. From hereon, the dagger would be less effective.

Killing a high-ranked wizard had allowed him to raise his spiritual force by 1 point. Next time, however, it might not even be enough to raise it by 0.1.

‘This is just a passing phase, so I cannot rely on the dagger too much. However, I can still use it to raise all other stats to 10. I have a feeling that if I’m able to get everything to the threshold, something incredible might happen.’

Leylin had always believed in his premonitions.

On the enemy’s corpse, there were a few items that were sparkling with a magic lustre. A high-ranked wizard’s equipment was invaluable, and also very suitable for Leylin. His eyes shone.

After Boruj was almost completely skinned, Leylin destroyed the corpse and floated up quickly.

‘Even with the power of magic, I’m no divine being. I still need oxygen.’ Leylin flung off the beads of water on his hair and looked towards Isabel, who had also resurfaced.

“How is it? Everything’s taken care of?”

“It’s just noble trash. How hard can it be?” Isabel had a dazzling smile on her face. This expression of hers was rare after she’d demonised. After exacting revenge, at least in part, something that had been binding her down seemed to have disappeared.

“Good. William, Boruj, Crowe, and Citamo are all done for. I’m actually interested in Marquis Louis’ expression after hearing this.”

“That old fool won’t have long to live!” Isabel declared his death.

“Exactly. What’s pressing us right now is the meet up with the Barbarian Pirates and the destruction of the slaving fleet to completely destroy Louis’ influence on the sea.”

Leylin grabbed Isabel’s hand and, as rays of a flight spell flickered, the two of them soared into the sky.

Once they were back on the Black Skeleton Ship, Ronald and Robin Hood hurried over just in time, along with Leylin’s subordinates. They separated out into an entirely different group from the Barbarians.

“Hehe, we meet again, young master Leylin!” Mistress Tillen whipped her fiery-red tail, smiling as she greeted him. The previously stiff atmosphere immediately turned warm.

“I really need to thank you for the Tigershark’s Tears! I never thought this kind of poison has such great effect on the schools of Tigersharks.” Tillen’s beautiful eyes sized him up, as if wanting to pry into his heart.

“This is a potion my master made. He has great knowledge in poisonous concoctions and alchemy.” Leylin spouted lies with a straight face, intentionally or otherwise raising the status of his master.

In reality, Ernest only dipped slightly into alchemy. It would be a dream to be able to brew such high-grade poisons. Leylin, however, didn’t mind labelling and giving him a more terrifying fame.

As expected, after hearing Leylin’s mentor was a terrifying master of poisons, the other elite barbarian fighters had a sombre look in their eyes.

They had witnessed the scene before. Just using a Tigershark as bait made the entire group go berserk, and they even began to kill each other. Their blood also turned into a frightening poison that infected the others.

If a poison like this, that targeted species, was used against barbarians… Just the thought of it caused a chill to run down Tillen’s spine.

“Based on our agreement, the Black Skeletons belong to me and the Tigersharks go to you. Any objections?” Leylin focused on the captain of the Barbarians, Odge.

Currently, Odge had less than 50 men, and there were many casualties. Leylin’s 100 elite members were completely fine.

However, Odge’s higher-grade military power was intact. Therefore, both sides were evenly matched.

“You are… great!” Odge glanced at Leylin, voice sounding like metal rubbing against metal.

“Let’s go!” Odge’s gigantic figure left first, followed by the other Barbarian fighters.

“Handsome little young master, don’t forget we still have another agreement!” Mistress Tillen was the last to leave, prompting Leylin with meaning.

“Don’t worry, I would never forget.” Leylin watched them as they left the Black Skeleton Ship. From then on, this huge, magic-modified warship belonged to him. That was not all. The other large warships that Crowe had built with his blood and sweat were now Leylin’s as well.

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