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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 853: Assassination

Chapter 853: Assassination

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Boruj was a high-level wizard who led a luxurious life and had a respectable position across the entire Dambrath Kingdom. The only reason he was following Louis in developing the outer seas was because the marquis had promised to construct a wizard tower for him.

This was a wizard tower, something all high-level wizards needed to conduct more profound research into other planes. It was how they raised their ranks. High-level wizards with the protection of a tower were miles ahead of vagrants with nothing to their name.

Given the many advantages, there was no doubt that the construction of a wizard tower was just as horrifying in its expense. Even the cheapest one costed more than two million gold coins.

Leylin was sure that Marquis Louis had invested close to half of his trade profits into this wizard tower which was still under construction. For him, this was equivalent to a gift from heaven. If he could completely plunder these supplies, it would be much easier for him to build a wizard tower for himself in the future.

Leylin had already found the construction blueprint unique to the wizard tower in Boruj’s bag of holding, but the base materials were also very precious. Marquis Louis had spent a endless amount of money and manpower to transport them from remote parts of the distant mainland.

He brought his men to the designated location for the wizard tower by following Tim’s map. There were already several camps here, and a simple foundation for the tower had already been laid.

“If we really had let him build his wizard tower, we absolutely wouldn’t have been able to break through the port’s defence today. It’s even possible that we’d have suffered a total defeat,” Leylin said with a lingering fear to the people next to him, as he saw that the project had just begun.

However, the camp was now in chaos. Many corpses were strewn messily across the place, and it was filled with pirates in a killing frenzy as they dashed from one room to another.

“Stop them!” Leylin waved his hands. He didn’t have a twinge of mercy for those random pirates who went crazy with bloodlust and lacked discipline.

Robin Hood brought his men over and started hacking frantically at the other pirates right away. When several of the pirates who were roaring away were beheaded, the remaining few finally came to their senses.

“Put down the things you robbed, or you will die here.” Leylin spoke indifferently, looking as terrifying as a devil to them.

Under the threat of death, most of the pirates obediently threw out the items in their hands, and rushed towards the port. There was also an endless amount of wealth there, and giving up their lives here was not worth it at all.

However, there were still a minority of the pirates who coveted and could not let go of the riches in their hands. With a wave of Leylin’s hand, Robin Hood and his men immediately went towards those stubborn pig heads.

“Open the storehouse!” Once they were done purging the entire area, Robin Hood grabbed a person who seemed to be in charge. Using his blade that was covered in fresh blood, he forced him to open all the storehouses one by one.

In that split second, Leylin’s men were immediately dazzled by a colourful radiance.

“Diamonds, ironwood, the core for configuring puppets, and so many wizarding alloys… Not bad, not bad, these are all goods that aren’t available overseas, and are necessary to build a wizard tower.”

On top of that, Leylin had even found a tiny warehouse after cracking a tiny mechanism, which stored copious amounts of mithril and pure gold. These two metals could absorb magic very well, and were precious materials required in many wizarding items.

‘These are probably only a part of it!’ Leylin sighed sorrowfully. “Slave trading is indeed the most profitable business!”

This was undoubtedly the reason why his family didn’t engage in the trade of refined sugar and fish floss for long, or else they would have been able to accumulate an unimaginable sum of wealth.

“Organize the men. Move all of this onto the Scarlet Tiger, and specially assign people to guard it!” Leylin instructed Robin Hood. Then, he brought Isabel and the others next to the marquis’ residence which had already been besieged.

Ronald was now launching a violent attack with his men, but the people inside were resisting tenaciously. What Marquis Louis had accumulated over the decades wouldn’t be destroyed so easily. Even if they had already gotten rid of most of his men at sea, there would still be faithful officials appearing at times like this.

However, their pointless resistance dissolved into nothing after Leylin appeared. With just a few fireball spells, the entrance to the marquis’ mansion was completely blasted open, revealing the interior of the building in all its dazzling and glorious splendor.

Isabel dashed in like a valkyrie, her black magical longsword taking in its fill of hot blood. She didn’t have any mercy whatsoever towards these foes who had caused her family to perish.

Leylin called Ronald over and gave him a grim order, “Ronald, tell those pirates that the entire marquis’ mansion and a few of the other important storehouses are ours. Anyone who dares to covet them will be killed right away!”

He wasn’t some kind of saint; he had gathered all these miscellaneous pirates here only to strengthen his influence. He was already kind enough to let them plunder the place wilfully, how could he give them the greatest benefits?

“Yes, young master!” Ronald was brimming with enthusiasm and vigour. He, too, had a burning hatred towards Marquis Louis’ family. Now that he had gotten his revenge, he was full of so much admiration towards Leylin that he would kneel at his feet.

The entire process was going rather smoothly. While Ronald was directing his men to empty the stores, Leylin had already obtained a battle report from Isabel.

“The entire mansion has crumbled completely. Other than Tim and a few others, the rest have been arrested, and even Marquis Louis was found dead in his study, is that alright?”

“It’s enough, let’s go!” Leylin sneered as he scanned the city centre. A few places were still rather tranquil, and were even radiating light—that was the location of the church!

Even a bishop would be unable to obstruct the tsunami of pirates, and could only passively rely on the powers of the god in their church to strengthen their defense.

Leylin certainly wouldn’t be so foolish as to let his men attack the church. As for the other miscellaneous pirates who had already lost their minds, he naturally didn’t have to bother about them anymore.

Moreover, Leylin’s attack this time was achieved by catching the marquis off guard. If the other churches reacted and even colluded with each other, it would be very troublesome for him.

“Yes, young master! The other pirates?” Ronald saluted with his right hand on his chest.

“They came for wealth, and will now die here because of wealth. Isn’t it perfectly normal?” Under the influence of a crazed atmosphere, there would only be a handful of pirates who would eventually discover danger, promptly wrap up their business here, and leave. Besides, if they could achieve this, then they would naturally have the right to continue living.

The Scarlet Tiger and a few battleships departed the harbour, which had already degraded into a living hell. They even lit up a few large fires, yet it did not attract the attention of many pirates. Those soaking in madness and slaughter would always have a relatively slow reaction towards the outside world.

A few rays of holy light obstinately shot out from the flames, even protecting the surrounding civilians. It was just that there seemed to be a few shadows within the rays of light emitting from the church.

“Heh heh… The church of the God of Murder? We will settle our debts one day…” Leylin smiled sarcastically. The look in his eyes was serene, yet it seemed to contain a devilish glint.


“Respected bishop, all the pathfinders have assembled, and are ready to set off any moment!” A young female priest looked across the refugees in the plaza of the church, her face flushed red with indignance and her gaze filled with pity.

“Those damn pirates! The light of our God will purify them completely one day!” The young female priest said, aggrieved.

The elderly bishop’s eyes seemed to contain the entire world, yet they were also brimming with a soft luster. He slowly started to pray to the sculpture of Ilmater in the centre of the church.

“Dear god, take pity on the common people! Alice, you have to understand that our forces are unable to contend against all those pirates outside. We must wait for a suitable opportunity…” The bishop’s voice was aged but resolute, yet seemed to have some sort of calming powers that allowed the young female priest to attain peace within her heart.

At this moment, a figure hurriedly ran in. “Sir! A priest of the church of Lathander is requesting to meet you!”

“Very well, invite him in quickly!” There was a glimmer of joy on the bishop’s face.

Lathander the Morninglord was a deity with a formidable occult force. He bore an intense hatred towards all kinds of evil and sordid behaviour, and his priests were unyielding towards cracking down on dark forces. With the assistance of his pathfinders in quelling the entire harbour, there would be hope in restoring peace!

“Respected bishop!” A priest with lustrous golden hair, clothed in a Morninglord priest gown entered with quick steps, an extremely resentful expression on his face. “Our church will dispatch all the forces we have on hand to attack those vicious people. I hope we will be able to receive your help!”

“But of course, we will not shirk our duty. I- Eek!” The bishop turned to look at his chest, stunned. A black dagger had been thrust into it, the blood like a blooming rose as it spread under it unceasingly.

A malicious curse immediately invaded the wound, one that even a divine spell couldn’t dispel.

“You… You’re not a Morninglord priest…” The bishop slowly collapsed. In the final moments of his life, he saw the priest’s face change weirdly, and it eventually became the face of a sinister person. He started slaughtering everyone around him as he laughed maniacally, and the young priest Alice fell into a pool of blood.

“Shadow Jump!” After assassinating the bishop, the assassin who was above rank 15 immediately mobilized a high-level technique and vanished into thin air. With the convenience of the shadow plane, he had arrived somewhere else when he reappeared.

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