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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 882: Perfect Body

Chapter 882: Perfect Body

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Indistinct shouts and cries could be heard, causing Lorent’s expression to change.

“We’ve been surrounded, and their numbers are huge…” A high-ranked assassin suddenly appeared from the shadows, a demonic claw with sharp nails poking out from his chest.

The assassin mumbled and collapsed, revealing the figure of a high-ranked pleasure devil behind him.

“You’re actually colluding with a devil!” Lorent yelled, unhesitatingly striking out. He had been overwhelmed with shock. This noble seemed to have some terrifying secret that surpassed his imagination.

“Quick! The confusion spell that I set up won’t last for long. We can’t let even one person go!” Leylin’s expression was icy.

After two years, Tiff and Delia were now completely under his thumb. He had gathered the strength of all the devil worshippers to kill Lorente in order to ensure it was done!

“Don’t worry, master!” Delia had now completely demonified herself. With Tiff, who had almost legendary strength, it was no problem to kill a mere high-ranked paladin.

Given that they were of factions that were natural enemies, with hatred accumulated between them, things blazed the moment they started fighting. All sorts of spell undulations rained destruction on the region.

It was a pity that Lorent’s extraordinary willpower and strength made no difference. A high-grade devil and a near-Legend Professional were enough to crush him. His surrounding comrades all cried out for the last time in their lives, gnawing at his soul like ants.

“Has it… has it reached this state?” Lorent’s eyes were slightly blurry, with a black dagger stuck into his chest. His longsword had disappeared long ago, and his armour was full of holes from the devil’s corrosive fire.

He panted. There was no remorse for losing his life, instead indignance and pain that justice was not served,

“Why… Why are there people like you in the world!” He looked at the young wizard drawing close, eyes like saucers and even blinking bloody tears.

“Because devils run amok in this world!” Leylin seemed to sigh, and the Devilblood Dagger slammed into Lorent’s forehead.

The Devilblood Dagger trembled. This was a high-ranked paladin who was subordinate to the God of Justice, definitely the strongest person it had ever absorbed strength from! It transmitted terrifying, berserk draconic energy to Leylin’s body, sending it in waves. It eventually cried out, unable to take the burden.

‘My Devilblood Dagger was made on Faulen Island. I hadn’t used any high-grade materials, which is why it can’t take this pressure…’ Leylin’s eyes glinted. A dark luster shot into the dagger from his hands.

“Woo Woo…” The skull at the end of the dagger roared, numerous tiny blood vessels extending and latching onto all parts of Lorent’s corpse.

Something that looked like a tumour was absorbed from these blood vessels. Powerful holy force was transformed, to the point that the dagger itself showed signs of breaking.

*Ting!* Finally, with a sad cry, the Devilblood Dagger shattered with a dull sound.

But the moment before it cracked, Leylin felt the transfer of tremendous life energy. The A.I. Chip’s prompt sounded:

[Beep! Host has gone through a one-time boost from the Devilblood Dagger. Strength +1.9. Agility +2.2. Vitality +0.8.]

Leylin’s current stats were abruptly refreshed, [Strength: 10. Agility: 10. Vitality: 10. Spiritual Force: 10.]

The massacre and all of Lorent’s life force had pushed the rest of Leylin’s stats to the bottleneck of 10 points. Alike to 1 point, this was an incredibly difficult hurdle in the World of Gods, showing how tough breaking through was.

Leylin now heard a sharp ringing sound from his soul. After his various stats had broken through, a long-awaited power spread throughout his body and limbs, landing him in a strange state.

The A.I. Chip’s prompts continued to show. [Beep! Host’s various stats have reached 10. Obtained Feat: Elementary Perfect Body.]

An introduction to this feat followed. [Elementary Perfect Body. As the host’s genes have gone through their initial upgrades, host has obtained a quality unique to exceptional creatures in the World of Gods. Body now possesses elementary resistances to poison, fire, cold, and corrosion. Endurance in various environments has increased.]

“So having a property of 1 all round is a threshold for regular beings. 10 is the threshold for exceptional creatures…” Leylin’s eyes flickered. His current stats had changed.

[Leylin Faulen. Age: 18. Race: Human, Rank 10 Wizard. Strength: 10. Agility: 10. Vitality: 10. Spirit: 10. Status: Healthy. Feats: Sturdy, Erudite, Elementary Perfect Body. Spell Slots: Rank 4(3), Rank 3(5), Rank 2(???), Rank 1(???), Rank 0(???)]

After breaking through this bottleneck of extraordinary power, Leylin felt the limitations on the advance of his spiritual force loosen. It now grew extremely lively, to the point that he was only a step away from making contact with the 5th level of the Weave.

“Deal with the aftermath according to my orders.” Leylin slowly exhaled, as if he had gone through a complete transformation.

“Understood, Master!” Madam Delia respectively bowed, her flaming tail and devilish wings playfully bouncing about. While they already knew his identity on the surface before, Delia and Tiff were now even more reverent towards him.

On the surface, he seemed ordinary, which meant what was hidden underneath that front was something more terrifying. For Delia, who had been a devil for numerous years, she understood this fully well.

As for Tiff, an existence that had been invaded by Leylin’s soul force for years, the effect of Leylin himself being in front of him was obvious.

“Good! Tiff and I will go ahead secretly. Delia, you’re in charge of the network in the Dambrath Kingdom as well as the surrounding followers…” Leylin gave instructions for his plans.

Once everything went as he had planned, Leylin turned to gaze in the direction of the imperial capital.

“The next time I return, things will be completely different…” Leylin’s eyes shone.


Great azure waves roiled and crashed in the vast sea, and ice sheets and a snowy barren island could faintly be seen in the distance. A few seagulls soared in the horizon, occasionally letting out a few clear cries.

A merchant ship heading north was speeding through the winds and waves. The sailors controlling the ship had tanned skin, their hands full of dark calluses gripping tightly on the mooring rope as if it was their life and everything.

“The oceans in the north are slightly different from the outer seas of Dambrath in the south.” At this point, the guests had all returned to the hold of the ship, and only Leylin and Tiff who was disguised as his butler were on deck.

In the face of such a sudden stormy sea, Leylin did not find it hard to adapt. Rather, he began reminiscing about his time with the Scarlet Tigers.

‘The kingdom’s navy has long since returned. I wonder how Isabel and the rest have been doing…’ Leylin gazed at the huge waves afar, yet he did not seem to see them. He instructed Tiff, “Legends are active in Silverymoon. Your identity is sensitive, so once we reach the northern lands you don’t have to follow me. Try to gather some forces in secret…”

“Understood!” Tiff pressed his right hand to his chest, looking exceptionally solemn. In this period of time, he was now certain that this little noble must be the chosen one of the feathered serpent god, Kulkulkan, and could even be the child of the god…

“Come to think of it, we’re finally reaching the northern harbour…” Leylin nodded, noting that the ship had already successfully passed through the storm.

The World of Gods was vast, and hastening on the journey was an exhausting and dangerous matter. Even as a medium-ranked wizard and with Tiff who was on the verge of becoming a Legend protecting him, it still required much effort to reach the north from the south.

They set off from the Dambrath Kingdom and headed north, passing through numerous human kingdoms and bypassing a few regions belonging to other races. They had even met with danger a few times.

The horse carriage had been relinquished after that, and they switched to a ship. The entire journey took around a year’s time.

“Welcome, esteemed young master!” The leader of the sailors came over, a trace of respect in his gaze. To be able to take on such huge waves without even a twitch meant this noble was a true man of the sea! That meant he was worthy of being respected by these sailors.

“Mm! We’re finally past that stormy area…” Leylin laughed.

“Recently, the sea tribes in this area have been very irritable. The tsunami was caused by an angered deep sea whale. Thankfully, our druid managed to calm it down in time…”

His expression was grim, “If this situation continues, I’m afraid we’ll have to give up on this route and invite a great or even legendary druid to investigate the cause…”

Leylin had to admit that druids were extremely proficient at protecting the environment and placating dangerous species. Being closely attuned to nature, most druids were elves, though there was no lack of humans and other races. This was even more obvious in Silverymoon.

“So we’re finally reaching the jewel of the northern lands…” Leylin exclaimed in admiration.

Silverymoon was the city of wizards. This legendary city was also called the jewel of the northern lands!

The city was protected by the Chosen of the Goddess of the Weave, who was also her daughter. She represented the peak of magic among humans, and every year countless wizards were attracted to this place so they could further their studies and train.

Silverymoon contained the most advanced research on magic, and the imperial palace even held information about legendary spells!

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