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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 885: Summoning Spell

Chapter 885: Summoning Spell

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Leylin noted the bloodshot eyes of the goblins that were charging towards them. As winter drew near, even the weakest and most cowardly goblins would go crazy.

They were small, and it was hilarious to see a group of green-skinned, short people pouncing towards you. However, their gazes were as fierce as wolves, enough for even a retired soldier like Old Bayer to tremble in fear.

Dying at the hands of enemies was just death, but dying by the hands of goblins meant that their corpses would be dragged back for food! Old Bayer shuddered at the very thought.

“Please mount the horse and leave, my guest!” At this moment, a trace of decisiveness flashed on his face. He produced a rusty longsword from under the seat of the carriage and released the old horse that had been pulling the carriage.

“It may be a worn-out horse, but these bunch of short-legged creatures won’t be able keep up with you. After you break out of here, just go backwards. Don’t stop till you get to the harbour!”

Old Bayer passed the ropes to Leylin, turning back and now in a defensive stance, “As a noble young master, you must have learnt how to ride, yes?”

“Mm,” Leylin nodded, but did not leave since his luggage was still on the carriage.

“Can you tell me why you’re leaving your chance at survival to me?” He asked, slightly curious.

“I’m hot-blooded, that’s why! You nobles are so troublesome… Quick. Quick! There’s not much time left!”

Old Bayer yelled. The goblins had already surrounded them, so close that they could see the filth on the goblins’ green skin. Their putrid smell invaded their nostrils.

“You are a true soldier! But… I am not like those weak nobles…” Leylin calmly walked ahead. He abruptly closed his eyes, and a threatening aura burst forth.

Intimidation! A domain with the might of a dragon erupted from him, making the goblins halt their attacks immediately.

“You filthy vulgar bastards! How dare you block the way of a mighty wizard. Even death would be too kind a fate for you!”

*Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!* Bundles of dazzling flames abruptly appeared by Leylin’s side.

Lesser Fireball! Numerous spheres of blazing energy shot out, and then exploded amidst the group of goblins.

*Rumble! Rumble!* The flames ripped apart the bodies of the goblins, throwing them everywhere together with the soil. Even those bugbears could not resist the power of magic. Numerous huge pits appeared in the ground, and the goblins then completely collapsed!

They may have gone crazy for food, but the goblins wouldn’t challenge an enormous dragons. There was a warning from their very souls, that if they proceeded forward they would all die.

“Ooga!” “Ooga!” Amidst the terrified cries, Leylin’s spell had murdered tens of the hundreds of goblins. The rest howled as they fled. The road was covered with the wooden clubs and stones, and some goblins were even trampled. The goblins that were grievously injured crawled in the opposite direction from Leylin, as if evading a demon.

“You’re an esteemed wizard after all!” Old Bayer wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead. As someone living near Silverymoon, he was no stranger to the power of magic.

“Thank you very much!” Old Bayer sincerely thanked Leylin. If Leylin had not been around, he would be reduced to the fate of becoming goblin sheet. That was not an honourable way of dying.

‘With this strength, he’s probably not a disciple or elementary-ranked wizard. He’s at least a mid-ranked one…’ Old Bayer thought himself.

At this moment, there seemed to be a ruckus in the carriage ahead, revealing the frightened expressions of a few female disciples.

“Sister… I’ve used up my spell slots!” Isadora scowled miserably. Apprentices had few spell slots anyway, and the problem was that they were not that powerful. If the target was not directly hit, they could not even kill a single goblin. This was why rank 0 spells were also known as cantrips.

“Hold on! We’ll get reinforcements from Silverymoon soon!” Bessany gritted her teeth, misty rays shooting out from her hands.

Vertigo! A hobgoblin who had been charging forwards fell to the ground in a daze, dropping the wooden club in its hands. It rubbed its head, but before it could react further, someone who looked like a housekeeper used a giant axe to chop off is head.

“Good job…” A joyful expression appeared on Ena’s face, but she then saw the housekeeper being pushed to the ground by even more goblins, a few of them widening their large brown mouths to reveal sharp teeth.

“No…” Bessany wept. The sounds of gnawing had her on the verge of breaking down.

“Are we going to die here? I don’t want that! I’m a noble, and I’m a wizard. I shouldn’t die like this. M-My fate…” At the other side, Isadora looked ready to fall apart. Ena was usually quiet, but at such a crucial moment she was able to persevere. If not for her care, Isadora would long since been dragged away by the goblins.

Just as Bessany was on the verge of total despair, a carriage behind them suddenly caught her attention. Powerful spell undulations were transmitted, and a young wizard got off te carriage and took care of the goblin attack with a few fireballs.

“It’s… Leylin! We have hope!” Bessany looked ecstatic, suddenly waving the handkerchief in her hands.

“Leylin! Mister Leylin! Please save us!” The tender voice of a girl pierced the air and attracted Leylin’s attention.

“Oh, I didn’t think I’d meet acquaintances!” Leylin recognised the young ladies he had met on the ship, “Since we meet again, you’re in luck!”

Leylin didn’t mind a passing kindness. After all, he could improve their favourable impression of him. Of course, he still found these three wizard apprentices beneath him. What he truly valued was Silverymoon’s evaluation of him.

The city guards of Silverymoon would definitely investigate the incident. An impression that he was kind was much better than one that he was wicked and callous. Leylin never did anything that went against his principles. Everything was based on benefits.

“Rank 4 Beast Summoning!” Summoning rays flashed, and four wild wolves which were two metres tall jumped out of them. Spell rays flashed on Leylin’s body again, and after two more summoning spells he now had control over 12 wild wolves.

These large carnivorous animals had stiff fur, sharp canines and an astonishing jumping ability. Their eyes were filled with bloodlust.

“Charge!” With the guidance of Leylin’s spiritual force, 12 wild wolves charged towards the group of goblins that had already crumbled mentally.

*Awoo!* *Awoo!* Wolf cries could be heard faintly in the distance. As their gleaming white teeth tore at the flesh of the slower goblins. There were even miserable shrieks from the goblins that had fallen from the ground and been torn to pieces, further causing others to flee.

With Leylin’s attainments in his spiritual force, controlling the wild wolves was no issue. Under his command, the direction in which the goblins fled was controlled, and they began to pounce towards the carriages ahead.


The large hobgoblin ahead roared, smashing the head of a deserter with a mace in its hands, but that did nothing to deter those who were now frantic. It was quickly drowned out by the goblins.

The hundred goblin deserters who had surrounded Leylin darted into the goblin formation behind, resulting in great disorder!

Though goblins weren’t orderly beings from the start, they had orders to attack and withdraw. Now, however, they were in great disarray. Howling and trampling could be noticed everywhere, and even the hobgoblins and bugbears found themselves useless.

The faint howls of the wolves sounded. All of a sudden, a wild wolf perked up and threw itself at a bugbear, its sharp canines biting through its neck. Under Leylin’s directions, the wolves ignored the fleeing goblins, targeting the active group instead and prioritising the hobgoblins and bugbears.

Their command system completely broke down, and it was natural that the goblins were defeated. Numerous goblins abandoned the wooden clubs and rocks in their hands, fleeing in all directions and leaving behind the carriages and survivors.

Only 8 remained of the 12 wild wolves under Leylin. All of them had injuries, but Leylin did not feel bad for them. After the spell dissipated, they would return to the place they had come from. If they died, then so be it.

‘Even if it’s a mid-ranked wizard, it’s not that easy to defeat 500 or so goblins…’ Old Bayer’s eyes were filled with astonishment and shock, ‘That last attack in particular had strategy to it! Is that the art of command that the corps leader once spoke of?’

Leylin was also quite satisfied with the results. Casting suitable spells at opportune moments was something all wizards had to learn. Being able to disperse this group of goblins at the most minimal cost and limiting the casualties of the attack wolves was something that made him proud.

“Are you alright?” Of course, he limited his pride to that single thought. Leylin had the abundant experiences of his main body and if he couldn’t manage even this he should just have killed himself.

“We’re alright. Thank you, Leylin!” Bessany thanked him gratefully, eyes reddening as she began to bawl over a destroyed corpse nearby, “Sob… sob… Uncle Eita…”

This corpse already had several parts missing, and there were also many small bite marks. It looked exceedingly horrifying. This was the masterpiece left by the goblins from before. If Leylin had arrived a little later, everyone in the carriages would have been reduced to this state.

The aftermath had Ena and Isadora quivering in fear as they expressed their gratitude to Leylin over and over again.

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