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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 886: Enlist

Chapter 886: Enlist

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Leylin and Old Bayer were speechless at the scene before them.

The victims’ remains were collected, unable to be buried here lest they were dug out by goblins. They would be taken to Silverymoon City, given their final rites and blessings by clerics, and then buried.

“Thank you, Lord Leylin! Are you a mid-ranked wizard?” Bessany had recovered, and her eyes had swollen to the size of walnuts.

“Yes, I suppose so. I’m also going to Silverymoon City to study,” Leylin looked at the scenery outside and indifferently replied.

After meeting Bessany and the others, and since they were going to the same place, Leylin naturally did not mind accompanying her. The others happily welcomed him with open arms, as that last attack had scared them into cowardice. Without Leylin’s protection, perhaps no one would dare to continue on the journey.

The young ladies in the carriage were all surprised, it was rare to find a mid-ranked wizard as young as Leylin after all.

“How amazing… I always thought that mid-ranked wizards were all white-bearded grandfathers…” Isadora exclaimed. She’d actually recovered quite quickly.

“It’s nothing, there are many more wizards who are more gifted than I am. Mm, there will be many of them in Silverymoon City,” Leylin replied modestly, and after chatting for a while the atmosphere of the carriage grew more solemn.

After all, a mid-ranked wizard was a big deal to minor nobles. Isadora and the others did not dare to say anything more in fear of offending him. Bessany seemed as if she was about to speak, but she was not able to say anything until they reached Silverymoon City.

Leylin understood her intentions, as she had recently told him on the boat that she was looking for a tutor. However, he would gain no benefits from taking her on as his apprentice, and it was not something that could be done with no extra trouble. Where would Leylin even find the time? As a result, he could only pretend that he did not know.


“You were attacked by a goblin swarm?” A patrol officer from Silverymoon City seemed to take the matter very seriously, and had personally come to register them. “I understand, our city patrol will soon leave on their watch. The monsters in the wilderness have increased greatly in recent times, you must all be more careful.”

A clerk began to record the identities of Leylin and the others as well as their ranks. When he got to Leylin, his pen paused, “Wizard, please show me your proof of identity…”

“Mm,” Leylin nodded, taking out his proof of nobility as well as his wizard insignia and handing it to him, which immediately made the clerk cry out in surprise.

“Please take back your identification, mid-ranked Lord Wizard!” A rank 10 wizard was uncommon even in Silverymoon City, especially one who looked as young as Leylin. It was actually rather scary.

“Good, I want to join the Silverymoon City guard, do you know where I can enlist?” Leylin asked with a smile.

“You want to join the city guard?” It wasn’t just Bessany and the others that were extremely astonished. Even the officer from earlier walked over, attentively sizing Leylin up.

“Yes, I hold Lady Hope in the highest esteem, and I would love the atmosphere of Silverymoon City. I hope that I can fit in here.” This Lady Hope was the ruler of Silverymoon City. Her name was Alustriel, and she was a tolerant and good person who was one of the Chosen of Mystra.

It was rumoured that this city ruler had a very liberal attitude towards her subordinates from different races. She very much enjoyed disguising herself as an ordinary person outside of her palace to observe the lives of common folk, which won her the support of the lower classes.

Naturally, Leylin was telling a bald-faced lie. His true purpose was to assimilate into the lady’s troops as quickly as possible, and make preparations for the war ahead.

News of the war had broken out. Perhaps many knew, but information would be limited to the city ruler’s core organisation. This was precisely where Leylin would be able to seek benefits.

“You must be clear on this— once you truly join Silvermoon City, there will be many restrictions on your freedom, Sir!” Although the human fiefdoms all recognised the other’s’ nobility, the nobles on the continent all traditionally thought that only those with hereditary titles and with their own territories could be considered true nobles.

It was evident that Leylin’s title as an honourable viscount was not equal to the respect he got as a mid-ranked wizard. Perhaps if he really inherited Faulen Island it would be different and he’d be treated better, but Baron Jonas was hale and hearty so Leylin could only remain his heir.

Noble heirs like him were usually called sirs, and did not gain any particular privilege or preferential treatment. The office reminded Leylin of this point, and naturally made other implications.

“That won’t be a problem,” Leylin calmly shook his head, indicating that he already clearly knew all of this.

Although foreign wizards could occasionally receive missions from the city governors, and receive patrol duties, it was clear that it was part of the system for outsiders. They were destined to never become part of the inner circle of governance.

When the war came, those patrolling wizards would not be able to escape their fate of forced enlistment. As a result, Leylin thought that since he would have to eventually participate in the war, it would be better to join in advance with his status as a noble heir.

The officer stared at Leylin, as if trying to predict what the wizard was trying to do. In the end, he could only grudgingly give up. Afterwards, he called another officer to take Leylin away, “In this case, Aulen, go through the procedures with this wizard Leylin.”

Even as she saw Leylin’s back disappear into the streets, Bessany retained the expression of disbelief on her face.

“He’s immediately joining the city guards? Perhaps Lord Leylin is actually a second son of a noble family, and hopes to get knighted through this method?”

Alustriel naturally had the power to confer noble titles, and in reality the authority she possessed in the north was not at all inferior to any human country’s king. She was very generous as well. For second or third sons of nobility, or even other adventurers, serving Alustriel to become a viscount was a rather good option.

As a noble wizard in the city guard, he would naturally receive more attention and preferential treatment compared to the others. What other benefits would an heir get?

“Perhaps serving as a military wizard would grant higher authority in Silverymoon City’s wizard library, and they can read even more advanced books. Lord Leylin probably had this thought in mind when he joined…” Ena shook her head from next to Bessany as she expressed her own opinion. It had to be said that although she was normally rather uncommunicative, her guess was close to the truth. However, they had their own family interests, and could not be as reckless as Leylin was and do as they pleased.

“It’s such a pity… As a wizard, we should of course immerse ourselves in the sea of knowledge, and not wander around attacking and killing,” Isadora was the most dim amongst the three, and felt that Leylin’s decision was a great pity, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Which college should we go to? I’ve heard that Silverhand is rather good, but they don’t offer accommodation. And if we choose it…”

The three apprentice wizards very quickly forgot all about Leylin under Isadora’s influence, and began to discuss their future studies. For them, this was the truly most important issue at hand.


“It really is very nice,” Leylin followed behind the officer named Aulen and sized up the facilities around him. As the city of wizards in the north, Silverymoon’s design was extremely exquisite, and was filled with a sense of artistry, borrowing from the artistic sense of the elves.

In addition, Leylin saw many different races on the streets, including dwarves, halflings, elves, pygmies, and even beast slaves. This country appeared to be very liberal.

“What, is it surprising?” Aulen smiled as she took off her helmet, revealing shiny long hair as bright as silver and pointed ears as well as fair and delicate skin. It was clear that this guard was an elf.

Although most elves heeded the call of the elven god to live in an enormous island overseas, there were still many tribes who stayed in the continent. In the north, Silverymoon City was an important elf settlement, and no more than 40% of the population was pure humans. A fifth were free elven citizens.

“Mm, it’s because I used to live in the south,” Leylin lightly explained.

Although dwarves and halflings could be seen in the Dambrath Kingdom, they were few in number. As for elves? They were the highest grade of slaves, and were very rarely seen outside.

Ever since the Baltic archipelago had fallen, Faulen Island’s Port Venus had received part of their slave trade, and there had been a few pureblood elves amongst them. Naturally, neither Leylin nor Baron Jonas would admit to this.

After that, the elf officer Aulen led Leylin to the city hall. Every year, Silverymoon attracted many wizards and outsiders into joining it, and they had a well-established process/

The procedures were completed smoothly, as Leylin’s identity had not been fabricated after all. The arcane imprints on every file were completely in order.

“All done. Congratulations on becoming a member of the city guard, child!” Leylin’s professor was an elderly wizard who looked very energetic. He wore a handsome military uniform which molded to his body, and had sharp eyes from many years of serving in the army.

This wizard was a battlemage, and his experience definitely far exceeded that of those who worked in laboratories. In addition, the undulations he gave off made Leylin wary of underestimating him— at the very least, these were the undulations of a high-ranked wizard!

Although talented wizards were scarce, Silverymoon City obviously didn’t lack in them.

A military uniform set was handed to Leylin under the high-ranked wizard’s blessings, similar to the one he wore. It only lacked the medals of honour and other military decorations.

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