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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 887: Elven Wizard

Chapter 887: Elven Wizard

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“With the uniform, you’re now a member of the Silverymoon city guard. The magic equipment is enchanted with three uses of Mage Armour and one Cure Moderate Wounds. Please use them sparingly…”

“Yes, sir!” Leylin played his role very convincingly as he accepted the military uniform.

The uniform was soft in texture yet it felt tough and durable, and glowed with magic. Leylin couldn’t help but sigh at the luxurious and rich Silverymoon City.

Eternal enchantments were naturally very precious, so the wizard uniform was naturally limited in its uses. However, every year the guards would receive a new set, which could be considered a very good perk.

“Tell me, why did you want to join the city guard?” The elderly patrol wizard finally asked in a respectful manner. Leylin felt hidden magic undulations probing him.

‘Is this Lie Detection? It was personally cast by a high-ranked wizard as well… Such a shame that I’m the target.’ Leylin inwardly laughed coldly to himself as he raised his head and puffed out his chest, his face lightly flushing with emotion, “I wanted to quickly raise my ranking as a wizard, obtain many more wizard resources for my research and to study. I could only receive these benefits as a city guard, sir!”

The elderly wizard sensed the answer his secret spell fed back to him, and his eyes softened considerably. “Mm, you’re very honest. At ease!”

“Yes sir!” Leylin saluted smartly and respectfully withdrew himself. The elderly wizard inwardly nodded to himself at this swift and decisive reaction, ‘I haven’t seen a young man of his calibre in a very long time.’

A beam of light lit the room up once Leylin left, and a portal opened unexpectedly. A high-ranking elven wizard dressed in green exited it. The robe was embroidered with many plants, and looked almost like an ornate and exquisite dress.

“What’s the matter? Is there a problem?” The elderly wizard furrowed his brows together.

“No, I’ve investigated the recruit’s background. He is the heir of the Faulen family of Dambrath, and he matches the major image as well!” The elf nodded lightly, and continued in a graceful voice, “In addition, he has shown a powerful aptitude for magic since he was a child, and passed the rank 10 wizard certification when he was 18 years old.”

“Impossible! He’s already rank 11, his speed of advancement makes us in the older generation blush with shame,” the elderly wizard smiled wryly, “So you’re saying that there aren’t any problems with him?”

“I can only determine that there are none at the present. After all, we don’t have any conflicts with those human kingdoms in the south. As for his temperament, his reason of choosing to join us for more advanced magic spells is acceptable.”

The elven wizard nodded, “This sort of genius wizard will be a huge advantage for us in the future. Remove some limits on him for a few basic resources.”

“Understood,” The elderly wizard nodded solemnly. As a high-ranked wizard of Silverymoon City, he had already begun to anticipate the dangers the lay in the future.


“Congratulations, wizard Leylin!” Aulen congratulated Leylin on the outside, seeing him clutch the military uniform.

“You are now one of the patrol wizards in our city guard. A benefit of being a new recruit is the private accommodation in our barracks. You can set up a small laboratory in there, and Silverymoon City’s wizard database will be open to you. You have three days to report to duty at the barracks.” Aulen began to explain several things of note to Leylin.

Given that patrol wizards were fully integrated into the military structure of the city, and they even had restrictions on their freedom, they received excellent benefits and a great salary. With him being a noble genius, Leylin obtained even more than normal.

“Although we’re part of the city guard, we usually don’t have much else to do apart from a few patrols and inspections. I’m hosting a banquet in five days, and my hand-made scallion pancakes are really very good… I hope you can come, I can introduce a few people to you!” As an elf, Aulen had a long lifespan. However, she did not seem to renounce her desire for art and beauty, and still enjoyed life pleasurably.

Leylin could easily discern her character from her appearance and other aspects. On the other hand, it was difficult to find an elf’s gender without the A.I. Chip or spiritual force scans.

Aulen clearly regarded Leylin as a true colleague, extending this benevolent invitation.

“Of course, thank you for inviting me,” Leylin thanked her sincerely.

After he parted ways with Aulen, Leylin strolled around Silverymoon City, in his hand a map that she’d given him. As it was a city of wizards, there were a lot of them out on the streets. Many of the shops nearby sold magical resources as well.

Leylin leisurely walked into a shop and looked at the magic materials inside a transparent crystal showcase.

‘Mm, I’ve almost used up all of my magic materials, I should replenish them,’ Leylin looked at a few materials which looked like blue crystals, ‘This blue diamond is very pure, I never thought I would see this inside a normal shop in Silverymoon City…’

Leylin called the shopkeeper over and replenished all the magic materials he was lacking. Of course, they were only his most basic resources. He later headed towards the sections with magic potions and alchemical reagents.

‘There are a lot of low-grade potions and limited-use alchemical items, however there are very few premium products. Perhaps I can work a bit harder to find some,’ Leylin nodded to himself, noting the sky-high prices written below the high-grade alchemical items.

Rank 10 and fifth level spells were a very important threshold in alchemy. This was because of Permanency, a rank 5 spell which could make any spell effects permanent.

Permanency was something one couldn’t do without when they wished to practice making magic items and everlasting alchemical items.

Even in Silverymoon City, wizards who could use rank 5 spells were not exactly a dime a dozen, and there were even fewer who had high attainment in alchemy. As a result, the extremely high price of high-ranked magic items was understandable.

‘In addition, as the war draws closer, those high-ranked healing potions and completed sets of magic items which can rapidly increase strength will naturally soar in price. For the same reason, the price of raw materials will drop.’ Leylin couldn’t help but stroke the Ring of Wizardry on his right hand. If he auctioned his ring, which was nearly legendary, it was sure to create a violent commotion.

‘Perhaps, I can refine a few toys to earn some money…’ Wizards would never turn their backs on earning more wealth, and Leylin was the same. To become a Legend required the support of enormous wealth and resources, and poor little boys who dreamt of soaring in advancement after putting in back-breaking effort were just dreaming up a fantasy.

“In comparison, low-ranked wizards and apprentices can only undertake the most basic processing tasks, and they don’t earn much from it. It would be difficult for them to maintain their lifestyle and continue with more advanced studies,’ Leylin thought about this indifferently, before taking out a gold card account from the church of wealth.

Just when the serving girl had respectfully left, several other acquaintances had entered.

“Wizard Leylin!” Bessany called out in astonishment, with her Ena and her sister.

“Wow! That’s a gold card from the goddess of wealth! Only those with property worth at least 10,000 gold coins can have it…” Isadora’s eyes were fixed on the gold card in Leylin’s hand, and countless stars seemed to appear in her eyes. She only regained her senses once Ena pinched her hand.

“Oh, it’s you. Have you entered a college?” Leylin asked indifferently.

“We’ve already registered at ‘Oakleaf’, their tuition is cheap and they have inexpensive student accommodation as well. We’ve come to buy some materials,’ Bessany had been similarly shocked by Leylin’s net worth, but she felt that this level of wealth was appropriate for a mid-ranked wizard.

Although she was still a little bitter in her heart of hearts, Bessany still managed to smile, “Has Lord Leylin joined the city guard?”

“It’s alright to just address me as Leylin,” Leylin appeared very amiable and approachable, “As for the city guard, I have of course become a patrol wizard. I hope I can still meet you all in the future.”

Every wizarding college in Silverymoon had its own assignments, and the compensation for joining the city guard on their patrols was very generous. If the three of them continued to stay here, they would certainly have the chance to meet Leylin again.

“Really? That’s amazing! I wonder where Mister Leylin lives, I hope I can come and visit soon,” Bessany bit the bullet and decided to seize the opportunity.

“Visit?” Leylin looked at the little girl and shook his head, “My residence is in the military barracks. I’m afraid that without a pass, you cannot enter.”

After hearing this, the little girl’s eyes were filled with disappointment.

“However, I’m preparing to buy some property in Silverymoon City, to begin alchemical experiments and the like. If you agree, we can meet there.”

“I agree! Of course I agree!” Bessany immediately shouted, and her face flushed immediately, “What I mean is that… The three of us are very willing!”

Establishing a relationship with a mid-ranked wizard was a very good decision, so Ena and her sister both nodded as well.

“Very well!” Purchasing reagents and collecting resources, as well as selling the products afterwards were all tedious tasks. Leylin had long prepared to employ a few apprentices to do this. If they were already acquaintances, then it would be even better.

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