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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 897: Once More

Chapter 897: Once More

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‘Faith is actually a contract between gods and mortals. Mortals place their faith in the gods, and in return they receive divine skills. When they die, their souls will have the right to advance to the kingdom of the god.’ Leylin watched those fellows who were fit to be ordinary believers with bright eyes.

‘If they receive more benefits in return, they won’t hesitate to make offerings and worship even a bogus god. This is why there are still so many worshippers of devils and demons in this world…’

Of course, there was a limit to the worshippers that gods took in. They naturally couldn’t bestow their divinity without restriction, or they would make a loss. They could possibly lose a chunk of their divine force, even their godhood!

Leylin was currently in the early stages of building the foundation of his church. He had to give hris first believers more benefits than normal. How else would he attract the faith of others and have them believe in this non-existent feathered serpent god?

As his main body was still in deep slumber, he was completely unable to respond to his followers’ prayers and bestow them with divine skills. In reality, that winged Targaryen phantom and the bestowal of the sorcery was all part of a show that Leylin had fabricated and performed with this body.

Given that he was but a part of the main soul, even Tiff wouldn’t be able to discover any flaws once he disguised himself. As for the magic-like abilities, although those with bloodlines in this world could only rely on what they inherited, Leylin had no fear of bloodline transformation experiments. He was already a mid-rank 7 Warlock after all.

Warlocks had always been the best among those who possessed bloodlines. Leylin himself had reached great peaks in the use of bloodline energy, and to use a few captured bloodlines to manufacture a few fake sorcerers did not take much effort.

Of course, in the World of Gods, this was a miracle that only gods, demons and devils could achieve, explaining the fervent looks of these men. Sorcery could even be passed on to their children!

These benefits were attractive enough to make his subordinates gather around the church of Kulukan, and unite under its name for the time being. They were all ready to drench themselves in blood and fight for Leylin.

Another voice sounded at this moment, and Leylin’s lips lifted even higher than before.

[Beep! Rank 3 Weave analysis: 100%! Host body has obtained all rank 3 spell models. Spell amnesia has been blocked automatically. Casting of rank 3 spells no longer requires materials.]

The analysis of the third level of the Weave had already been at the final leg, and now the conditions were ripe enough for it to complete. Leylin couldn’t help but feel that the world origin force was watching over and taking care of him.

Gods always achieved success. None were unfavoured by the world origin force, and they were said to be the World Will’s darlings!

‘Seems like the dormant will of the World of Gods can’t control the world origin force anymore. There’s a vacancy for me, eh?’ The edges of Leylin’s lips spread even wider. “In the name of our god, let’s make war!”

“Kukulkan! Kukulkan” Everyone’s thirst for battle had already reached its peak. Of course, Leylin wouldn’t admit that he had intentionally influenced this.

Within the high-ranked werecreature camp in the Moonwood.

“Damn it! There are actually other humans!” The werecreature commander ruthlessly flung a trembling werecreature onto the ground as he huffed.

“Luckily, only the outskirts were taken down, and they didn’t reach the core camp!” The werecreature priest on the other side added coldly as he held onto his human bone staff.

“We need to tighten security across the entire camp, I’m ready to carry out a large-scale sacrificial ceremony for our Lord’s favour. He’ll send out hunters from his kingdom to assist us.” The lesser God of the Hunt, Malar, was a gigantic monster similar to apes and monkeys. It didn’t get rid of most of its bestial characteristics after it successfully deified, and had a morbid thirst for slaughter.

The hunters were an exotic species in Malar’s kingdom, and they were created specifically to hunt prey. The weakest of them was more powerful than a high-ranked Professional, and if the sacrifices of his followers in the mortal world pleased Malar, he would even open up a passage to dispatch the elite forces of his kingdom.

Although such forces from the heavens were definitely a little weaker as compared to a incarnated deity, the advantage was that they could be replenished without much heartache.

“Hunters?” The highly-ranked werecreature grimaced; the sacrificial offering required clearly cost him dear, “Our forces were already enough, but in order to ensure nothing will go wrong, let’s go ahead with that! I believe… if we can use the legendary red dragon as an offering in a moment, our master will surely be very pleased…”

“Then I will begin…” The werecreature priest arrived at a miniature altar within the camp. This was clearly the core of the camp; it did not suffer from any damage from Tiff’s surprise attack.

But the instant the priest entered the temple, his expression changed drastically.

*Wooo! Wooo! Wooo!* Crimson divine force poured out from the altar into its surroundings, the dazzling radiance representing some sort of special message.

“There’s an enemy…” The sound abruptly came to an end, following which an icy cold ray of light flashed past. With a blade cold enough to freeze the entire room, it ferociously thrust itself into the chest of one of the highly-ranked werecreatures.

“A thief who has almost reached the rank of Legends! It’s the person who launched a sneak attack on us!” The werecreature chief roared violently, and landed his fist on the ground with a thump. Powerful undulations spread in all four directions.

Earth’s Fist! A high-level physical Professional skill erupted in a series of invisible ripples, forcing a black shadow out of thin air.

*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!* The silhouette bounced around nimbly, and ran several hundred metres away, his figure barely visible. The werecreatures he passed by on the way collapsed with their hands covering their throats.

“You won’t get away, despicable raider!” The werecreature chief had a fierce look on his face as he followed behind at supersonic speed.

But right when the chief was at the entrance of the camp, the priest’s voice could be heard. “Be careful, it’s a trap! He might have a formidable spellcaster!”

The reminder obviously came a little too late. Just as the werecreature chief came to a halt, a sinister figure with a silver mask suddenly appeared, with a terrifying spell instantly taking shape on his palm.

Rank 5 spell: Dragon’s Breath! A powerful corrosive force instantaneously swept across the entire area, scorching the hair on the werecreature chief’s chest.

“Damn it!” The werecreature flew backwards as a dark green radiance on his body flickered continuously. A powerful force was resisting against the corrosive effects of the Dragon’s Breath at lightning speed. The werecreature priest behind the chief was constantly employing treatment spells.

After retreating more than ten metres, the werecreature chief had already completely broken away from the attack range of the Dragon’s Breath. However, the average werecreatures around them were not so lucky. They all collapsed onto the ground, and the entrance to the camp was instantly filled with victims everywhere.

The crowd controlling powers of wizards were always one thing that commanders were most fearful of.

“Who are you?” The werecreature chief clearly didn’t recognise Leylin, who was in disguise. Moreover, his opponent was formidable and nefarious, which made him feel as though he was facing his greatest foe.

“This feeling, as if he was devouring everything around him!” The werecreature chief’s pupils constricted. He now saw Leylin as the most dangerous enemy he had ever met.

*Zoom!* Without giving the chief a chance to even speak, Tiff immediately charged forward. His powers as a highly-ranked Professional, which were close to being legendary, burst out from him completely. His magic abilities flashed on his body from time to time, and he actually managed to forcibly stall five highly-ranked werecreatures although it was one against five.

“Kill! Argh!” A wave of troops charged towards the camp. An eldritch lion-headed person who was almost entirely covered in black led the front line. With a ferocious roar, a suit of armor made of bones appeared on its body, along with numerous bony pikes that suddenly thrust forward into the line of werecreatures that couldn’t flee in time. Fresh blood dripped continuously along the bony pike.

“Charge!” The army of scum instantly broke into the werecreature camp. They were from different walks of life and all kinds of races, but had been brought together by Tiff recently. After seeing what happened to one of them earlier, these dregs of society were investing 120% of their strength in combat in order to obtain the power of a bloodline and even let their descendants inherit it.

Even though their opponents were blessed by the lesser god of the hunt, Malar, they too were protected by the mysterious feathered snake god, Kukulkan.

It was undeniable that those who were chosen by Tiff were all rather strong and talented. They were on par with the werecreatures in the camp.

Mass Frenzy! Mass Healing! The werecreature priest hid somewhere behind as he watched the enemies solemnly.

The races that made up the opponent’s army were very diverse, thus he couldn’t think of which influential party they belonged to at all.

“Could it be that a new influential force is already emerging in the vicinity? With their nearly-legendary experts, this group cannot be belittled!” The werecreature priest muttered. He raised his hand and continued producing a spell which he had been preparing for a long time.

Dispel Magic!

A violet pillar of light descended from the sky, interrupting the werecreature priest and hindering him from casting spells. Leylin folded his arms, calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos, as he stared at the werecreature priest on the ground.

“Your opponent is me!” Leylin’s eyes were ice-cold. Previously, he couldn’t employ all of his strategies in order to conceal his true strength. But with his identity as a ‘divine emissary’, he didn’t need to have any considerations!

He raised his hand, and lightning chains shot out. Pale blue electric currents bounced across the place, causing a few low-level priests to collapse to the floor.

When in combat, kill the clerics first. That was the norm in practically every battle, and Leylin certainly wouldn’t sit idly by and let those low-level clerics leisurely heal and assist their troops.

After Leylin fixed his attention on him, the werecreature priest suddenly felt a chill in his heart, as though he was facing a gigantic dragon. Vast amounts of probing spells flashed by, yet shortly after they returned with a message that made his expression change drastically.

“Divine one! Which god do you serve?” The werecreature priest asked in a deep voice, scared out of his wits by Leylin’s false godhood.

On the continent in the World of Gods, stronger beings who could obtain divinity were scarce. The greatest possibility would be that they were bestowed divinity by the gods. Evidently, this werecreature priest considered Leylin as the saint of some deity.

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