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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 899: Absorption

Chapter 899: Absorption

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Using its inborn sharp senses, the werecreature priest immediately felt a sense of danger— one that was enough to threaten its very life! Hence, it happily abandoned the two hunters behind to serve as cannon fodder and activated the transportation device it had to leave.

But how could Leylin give it the chance to do that?

“Dimensional Anchor!” Exquisite control over this spell allowed Leylin to destroy the werecreature priest’s transportation rays in an instant. Afterwards, the now-grim priest saw something it could never believe, causing its huge mouth to gape even more, to the point of dislocation.

Seven-coloured rays of light were launched from Leylin’s hands

Rank 2 spell: Colour Spray! The effects of such a weak spell only forced the hunters to pause for a while, but then they charged over again without hesitation.

But Leylin’s performance was far from over. Colour Spray, Colour Spray, Colour Spray …

Nine spell rays flashed at Leylin’s hands as if from rainbows, each one cast instantly. While a low-ranked spell had limited effects, a large enough number would result in a fundamental change unless one was completely immune to them.

Evidently, these two hunters were swallowed up by these many spells, and they sunk into dizziness and hallucinations.

Flaming Sphere, Flaming Sphere, Flaming Sphere… Fireball, Fireball, Fireball…

Numerous rank 2 and 3 fire spells took shape in Leylin’s hands, forming a scene like the stars in the sky. While they were all low-ranked fire-type spells, amassing them like this made them similar to the legendary spell, Meteor Shower!

Even the two hunters that had broken away from the attack before still sensed immense danger and retreated quickly.

“Consider it an honour that you’re dying under this move.” Leylin smiled slightly. With the guidance of his spiritual force, the flames in the sky descended like meteors.

*Rumble!* Continuous explosions sounded out, and the two hunters were drowned out by the multicolour spells.

“Hehe… The internet in my previous world also had the five fireball school, where they took over the world with five casts of fireballs. But this isn’t just five!” Seeing the dazzling flames, Leylin continued to let his imagination run wild.

Meanwhile, the werecreature priest saw the hunters who had exploded till there was nothing left of them, and now had a very grim look.

“So many spell slots, and you can even cast them instantaneously? Are you a Legend? No, even Legends can’t do anything about the limit of nine spell slots…” The werecreature priest now looked to be in a complete mess, on the verge of a breakdown.

Leylin smiled at the priest’s reaction. Spellcasters suffered in this world; while they could use the Weave, they were restricted by spell slots. On top of that, Mystra took something from them every time they cast a spell, holding a part of their spiritual force. For this reason, a few wizards could only cast some low-ranked spells. Even Legends lost all battle power after casting a few legendary spells.

But Leylin was different. He had completely analysed the first four levels of the Weave, and there were no restrictions whatsoever on rank 0 to rank 3 spells. As long as he had enough spiritual force, he would be able to cast low-ranked spells instantly!

On top of that, he’d refilled his spell slots the day before. Leylin could cast spells now, but also had extra ones from before and therefore more spiritual force to spare.

This resulted in his terrifying abilities in casting spells. In terms of the number of low-ranked spells, he surpassed regular wizards by several times, and could easily use the power of his low-ranked spells to drown his opponents out. As long as the opponent was not completely immune to spells, he had nothing to fear!

Of course, this was his greatest trump card. If news of it were ever to spread, the consequences were obvious. Hence, all those who saw his trump card would have to die!

With Leylin’s previous identity, he had not dared used this without thinking it over. Now, this werecreature priest was fated to die here.

Watching Leylin unceasingly drawing close, the werecreature priest now looked to have given up all hope. All of a sudden, his face twitched, “I know, I know! You’re an arcanist. You must be an arcanist! Your companion is in my hands… I can… Ah…”

Terrifying spells flooded out once more. While they were merely low-ranked rank 0 to 3 spells, they were enough to drown out opponents. Watching the priest melting away in the flood, Leylin’s interest was visibly piqued.

‘What a surprise… I never thought a werecreature priest in a remote camp would know of the existence of arcanists! On top of that… a companion, huh…’ It seemed like the priest had also met an arcanist before, and had even kept them captive. As long as he killed the priest, everything in the camp would belong to him. Why would Leylin bother trying to bargain with him?

The misty barrier dispersed, and Leylin looked at the surroundings. The entire camp was in chaos. Numerous werecreatures and the bodies of their comrades had fallen everywhere, the flowing blood enough to even form little streams.

Motivated by the great rewards, Leylin’s underlings had gone all out, and they were all immersed in battle.

On another battlefield, however, even with near legendary strength Tiff was still on a disadvantage. He was facing five high-ranked werecreatures, and looked to be in a sorry state.

“Let’s go!” With Leylin’s arrival and the disappearance of the werecreature priest, the high-ranked werecreature leader’s expression changed, and he abruptly waved his arms.

He was intellectual, and could obviously tell that his spellcaster had been taken down. Now that the other side’s high-ranked spellcaster could attack as he wished, there would be a calamity. While he was unwilling to do so, he still gritted his teeth and sent down the orders to retreat.

But how could Leylin give him this chance? While he could not cast a torrent of spells again, as someone who was nearly a high-ranked wizard he could still turn the tables.

Greater Entanglement! Hold Person! Greater Vertigo! After taking a casual glance at the battlefield, Leylin flew over to Tiff’s battle. Debuffing spells rained down like a storm.

“Damn it, he has so many spell slots? What’s up with the priest? He didn’t even make this person use up that many spell slots and died so fast!” The werecreature leader roared, but no matter how hard he thought about this, he could not guess the truth. He could only fly into a rage and then welcome the attack from above and around him.

After seeing the death of the high-ranked priest, the werecreatures’ morale had already dropped, and Leylin was now even more ruthless. Considering the circumstances and taking one of them captive, Leylin then began to crush the werecreatures.

Moon Bow! A dazzling lightning bow and arrow descended from the skies, piercing through the orc leader’s chest.

Even with this terrifying attack, the leader could still persist for a while before it crumpled to the ground, exhibiting its powerful life energy. After the deaths of the spellcaster and high-ranked werecreature, the entire werecreature camp lost all courage to continue resisting them.

Numerous werecreatures howled as they left, while some were hacked to death by some underlings who had gone mad in the fun they were having in the slaughter.

“Clear out the camp and maintain order. Prepare a few slaves, I have uses for them.” After handing the only surviving high-ranked werebeast prisoner to Tiff to tie up, Leylin did not care any longer and headed into the core of the camp.

The ground still had bloodstains that had yet to dry, and it was still slightly sticky when one walked across. However, the battle had ended quickly and the main infrastructure had not been damaged.

*Boom! Boom!* With Leylin’s lead, the statue of Malar and the altar was destroyed. Traces of dim golden rays were still shining from the fragmented pieces.

“Even a true god will still have restrictions. For instance, they can only sense the surroundings of the altar up to a certain distance, and if they were to descend, they would need to cooperate with the priests here, where they would offer sacrifices or even trigger a holy tide… But there’s nothing here at all. Coming down here forcefully would result in damage to one’s divinity. Why would that happen for a few high-ranked werebeasts?”

Leylin guided the underlings outside, and only after Malar’s statue was destroyed did he enter the range of the altar.

“Once it’s completely smashed up, he won’t be able to sense anything around it…” Until now, the altar had been the safest place. With a wave of his arms to send away a few men who were quivering on tenterhooks, he arrived by the altar…

“While there’s no divinity here, I can still sense the God of the Hunt…” Leylin closed his eyes, caressing the shattered giant cyan rocks of the altar and sensing the divine force left behind by Malar. An aura filled with bloodlust, death and hunting lingered around him.

“While this is a lesser god, the accumulation isn’t half bad…” Leylin sighed, the darkness in his eyes expanding, “Devour!”

Traces of golden divine force surged out of the remains of the ruins, and Leylin devoured it all. While it wasn’t quite possible to grasp divinity like this, he could still ingest some divine force. In the World of Gods, gods still sent down their divine force to help their followers advance in their professions on occasion.

But Leylin was different. He was not Malar’s follower, and Malar would not bestow his grace upon him. Since the god wouldn’t give it on his own, Leylin would take it himself. This was the kind of person he was!

As the divine force entered his body, a terrifying, fragmented conscient slowly awakened in Leylin’s sea of consciousness, turning into a huge incomplete ape monster.

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