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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 902: Reward

Chapter 902: Reward

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“He’s actually broken through!” Rafiniya’s eyes widened slightly. She obviously knew what the casting of Mass Bull’s Strength implied. It was a rank 6 spell that only rank 13 wizards could cast. This sort of spell that could boost a group was very popular in the army.

As a noble, Rafiniya knew more than regular people and definitely understood how terrifying this was.

“He’s only twenty!” Rafiniya glanced at Leylin, who was so young that it was ridiculous, and suddenly felt down. While she was considered a genius, she was nothing in comparison to him…

*Aoo aoo!* However, getting distracted during battle was very dangerous. The female knight had made this exact mistake. Alec thundered from opposite her, his muscles bulging bit by bit. His claws swept forth, seemingly severing even the air itself.

Wild Burst! He had clearly obtained this power from Malar.

*Boom!* Rafiniya felt a burst of strength from his hands, causing her double-handed blade to whistle sharply as it flew off.

“Crap!” She wanted to retreat, but it was already too late. The high-ranked werecreature charged forward, his coarse pores and nauseating skin distinctly visible to her.

Alec snarled, only having one thought in mind. Tear! He would tear this knight in front of him apart!

‘Am I going to die?’ Rafiniya slowly shut her eyes, ‘How could I let myself get distracted in battle?’

However, the pain that she anticipated did not appear. Rafiniya opened her eyes and found Leylin’s tall figure in front of her, blocking the attack.

A sabre fell, and the high-ranked werecreature’s head rolled to the ground, blood spurting out of his neck like it was a fountain.

*Woo woo…* The other werecreatures saw that their new leader had fallen at the hands of a human, and the emotions of terror that had been accumulating ultimately exploded. They whimpered and turned to escape pathetically, yet were easily pursued and killed by the human warriors. Most deaths in battle came when one fled in chaos, as such opponents were the easiest to take care of.

‘Is he a hero like in the legends?’ Rafiniya got up, gazing at Leylin with his sabre. Something glinted in her eyes, causing a slight flush to rise upon her cheeks.


A meeting was being held in Silverymoon, regarding Leylin and his men.

“I’m against this!” Cassley slammed the table, causing a small earthquake. “There’s something wrong with squadron 5’s mission completion!” His face was flushed.

“A huge camp with numerous high-ranked werecreatures, as well as an altar of the God of the Hunt. How could they have defeated them all?” He’d seen Leylin before, “I firmly stand against them being given credit and promotion!”

Cassley was almost on the verge of shouting at this point. Such ungentlemanly behaviour caused all of the other members to frown slightly.

‘He’s a sorcerer after all, he’s far too emotional. Not like a wizard at all, what a fortunate guy…’ More than one high-ranked wizard was silently thinking of this.

“We’ve already gotten our men to take a look and verify the bodies of high-ranked werecreatures and the others. What else do you want?” The elven wizard whom Leylin had seen once before asked coldly. “Besides, did you only just find out how dangerous this mission was? Who was it that had guaranteed at the beginning that it was only a ‘tiny’ camp?”

Unusually, the elf wizard was obviously out to get someone.

‘Looks like Cassley’s side is at a disadvantage…’ After seeing this, the other big shots all nodded, now having a better understanding of the struggles and strife between the elf wizard and Cassley.

But this was the truth! When both sides’ strength were about the same, it was impossible to deny or fake anything.

“You’ve seen the report! The camp had already been raided by some unknown organisation before, which was why squadron 5 got it easy…” Cassley still did not let up, “Therefore, we can’t consider this as squadron 5 completing the mission. We need to investigate this carefully!”

“Gods! How could you not distinguish what’s right and wrong here!” The elf wizard was so furious that he was trembling, “Our Silverymoon has never banned anything like that. Even if Leylin got external help, that’s because he’s capable!”

“Enough!” A deep voice sounded from the person sitting at the head of the table. He had an immense presence that seemed to have gone past some sort of boundary, entering the domain of Legends.

“Commander!” Cassley and the elven wizard were immediately discouraged as they saluted and apologised.

“The reason we have gathered is not to discuss the achievements of a subordinate’s squadron. There are more pressing matters at hand!” The old wizard spoke slowly, looking like a regular human. He had muddy eyes and wore a simple grey robe. There was nothing special about him whatsoever. However, it was this old man that had control over all the high-ranked military officials in the hall.

“Silverymoon is an open city state confederation. Obeying rules is the basis of our existence. Even if squadron 5 overstepped any boundaries, they still completed the mission and should therefore get what they deserve!” The old wizard made the final decision. Cassley’s lips twitched, but he did not say anything in the end.

After all, if Leylin had truly succeeded and completed the mission, he could at most only fault him for the process. Legitimacy belonged to the victor, and that had always held true. Seeing the elven wizard opposite him look all smug, his heart blazed even more.

He had brought up this issue and taken care of everything in the shadows himself. He’d thought that he could ruthlessly give Leylin a setback, but the result had surprised him. The defeat this time would mean the people in the faction would view him less favourably, and the effect on him was practically destructive.

‘Leylin, is it?’ Cassley thought over this name ruthlessly, ‘In a situation where the captain had to return with grievous injuries, he still finished the mission resolutely. On top of that, he was even lucky enough to get the werecreatures at their weakest… If he’s trying to be a hero, hehe…’

Leylin had gotten just a bit of attention before, but henceforth Cassley would ferociously attack this little wizard.

As a person in a leading position, he was now seeing a pawn have the guts to move in a way he had not planned it to, and one that was even baring his fangs at himself.

Even if that was the current situation, Cassley would never imagine that the fellow he’d treated as a pawn would be hiding something terrifying.

“Our next topic is the allocation of funds for the perpetual fortification on Sunrise Mountain Range…” Cassley perked up again.

One loss meant nothing. What was more important was the orcs’ upcoming attack.


“This is all thanks to you, Leylin!”

The sunlight shone through the windows of an infirmary room that was obviously of a high-grade. The motes of dust floating through the air were rendered visible…

Aulen looked slightly pale as she lay in bed, surrounded by the group of officers who had survived.

“With saving my life and completing the mission, you’ve helped me twice. I will remember it!” Aulen guaranteed.

“It’s nothing. I did it for myself too!” Leylin smiled. Aulen now looked nothing like she had been as a soldier, instead seeming rather delicate. It seemed like the matter with Lanshire had given her a huge shock.

“After this, I’m no longer fit to stay in the city guard. I’ve already submitted my resignation. I hope you can take care of our brothers for now. It won’t be long before you get your rewards…” Aulen smiled bitterly.

“Squadron 5 is my foundation. I’ll never give up on them!” Leylin guaranteed, looking enthusiastic.

“That’s good… cough cough…” Aulen began to cough violently for a while, and then eyed Leylin, “As for your rewards this time… You’ll definitely become a battalion commander.That’s a high-ranked officer in the city guards, and you might even be granted a hereditary title. Even in other countries, you will be recognised…”

At the mention of this hereditary title, the other officers began to look envious. Once one became a noble whose title could be succeeded by his descendants and held his own land, he would truly enter the upper classes of society. His children and grandchildren would become noble youths above the rest.

That was the dream of all the officers at the bottom tier, but in less than two years of entering the city guards Leylin had won it all. While some jealousy arose, these feelings melted like ice in the sun after seeing the wizard emblem on his chest,.

This was a rank 13 wizard at such a tender age. That achievement was more than enough for him to get everything, and the huge gap caused the feelings within them to dissipate.

By the time Aulen returned, Leylin had gotten his newest appointment and rewards.

“As expected, I’m now a battalion commander and a baron.” Leylin sent the soldier who had come to send the order away, and then glanced at the parchment paper with an enchanted imprint on it. He smiled as if thinking about something.

Individual strength was rather powerful in the World of Gods, especially the city guards of Silverymoon. It had a powerful army made of practically all sorts of Professionals. Having the authority to command over 200 people was already rather powerful.

If this was times of peace, Leylin would never get this role. However, they were expanding the army in preparation for war, and Leylin was considered an ‘old soldier’ from before, which gave him an advantage.

From this appointment, Leylin could smell the war that would soon arrive.

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