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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 903: Alustriel

Chapter 903: Alustriel

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To be given the title of baron, as well as receive a hereditary title, it was usually necessary to meet with the city’s ruler. To tell the truth, Mystra’s Chosen was also the Lady of Hope from legends— Alustriel. Leylin was rather excited to meet her.

In his two years within Silverymoon, he had never met with her. He had only caught sight of her a few times from the sidelines. Rumour had it that this lady had a very good temperament and even enjoyed blessing the celebrations of ordinary citizens randomly. She was even willing to help beastmen.

Leylin’s judgement of her was like this: A political idiot, an empty-headed and hot-blooded fellow like Rafiniya who, if not for her formidable power and the elders and the city hall wiping her ass would bring down the entirety of Silverymoon.

Leylin felt that Alustriel was more suited to be a humanitarian than a politician. Her naive and natural personality was ill-suited for politics and court, just like Rafiniya. That hot-blooded and righteous lady knight was a very good companion and friend, but she was not a good superior. If she was allowed to run a city, it would all end in disaster!

Now however, Alustriel governed Silverymoon City properly, and the most impressive thing was that she possessed even more formidable personal power. In times of peace, everything had been good. However, Silverymoon now faced the orc invasion which amplified every flaw in her governance. Leylin gradually grew aware that a great calamity would soon be upon them.

Court etiquette was a very big problem for newly-promoted nobles. They could not be lacking in manners during the ceremony to confer titles as well as their audience with the city’s ruler, else the other nobles would mock them. Nobles who had risen from nothing had always found this process very difficult.

It was also the main reason why those old nobles despised the new ones. In their eyes, those country bumpkins did not deserve such a position, and neglected the vitality that came with interactions between different social classes. In the end, they had only slowly declined.

Fortunately, Leylin had received instruction from an etiquette teacher. He had learnt it quickly and after a single afternoon, the etiquette teacher, who had been specially sent by the court, had left satisfied.

Alustriel also wanted to meet him before the ceremony. This sort of private meeting did not matter much to him, as he did not feel she would be able to see through his false identity unless he was face-to-face with her god’s true body.


Leylin had seen Silverymoon’s imperial palace in the distance several times. However, he did not care much about any outstanding wealth in the palace. He was only interested in the rumoured legendary spell resources that it could contain.

However, once he truly entered the palace, he drew his spiritual force firmly back into his body and did not dare to carelessly investigate.

‘There were at least five high-ranked magic probes at the gate. There will be many more high-ranked wizards guarding the palace itself…’ Leylin lowered his head but something flickered in his eyes.

Silverymoon’s palace and the Wizards’ Guild were the most well-defended and strict places. It was rumoured that the strongest in these places could not be bribed, and even Legends did not dare to provoke Silverymoon City, who had the backing of the Goddess of the Weave.

However, Leylin never had the intention of robbing the place, and was thus very calm. He was currently clad in the splendid attire of a noble, the clothes which were embroidered in gold thread stifling him. He looked like a peacock who had spread its feathers.

There was nothing that could be done. The clothes of a noble were rich and garish, as if they wished to put everything he had on display. Leylin normally wore robes or leisure clothes at home, but it would certainly be inappropriate to wear those now.

“Her majesty the queen wishes to receive her guest in the side palace hall.” At this moment, a female official trotted over and announced in a steady voice. Leylin then followed her to a separate part of the palace.

“Here it is!” Leylin was not left waiting for long. In a moment, he felt the security around him had increased to its utmost, and there were even two powerful soul forces near him. He immediately contemplated them inwardly.

“Good day, Sir Leylin Faulen!” A peal of laughter rang out like a silver bell, and Leylin finally saw Alustriel.

Her eyes were like moonlight, and she seemed like the very embodiment of beauty. She only wore a simple gown, but she was naturally breathtaking.

“I do apologise for my lateness. I went to Uncle Cooper’s roast meat banquet, and I brought a blueberry pie that he personally baked for you. It can’t be a more appropriate congratulatory gift for you…” Alustriel fixed her gaze on Leylin with a smile on her face, passing a basket of roast meat to Leylin.

“Your majesty!” Leylin rather speechlessly accepted the gift, and respectfully bowed exactly as he had been taught by the etiquette teacher.

“Your majesty, how could you see your vassal in such a manner! There are still a few more items on today’s schedule to address as well…” A white-bearded old man chased after Alustriel into the palace, with thick sheets of parchment and quills in hand. After seeing Leylin, he even smiled helplessly.

‘Scholar Buren, full name Buren Eustace. Alustriel’s clerk and the leader of the elders, as well as her most trusted subordinate. He’s actually the prime minister of Silverymoon…’ A string of information flashed across Leylin’s mind.

Naturally, what drew his notice were the powerful magical undulations coming from both Alustriel and Buren. It meant that they had both broken through mortal limits and had entered to realms of Legends.

Alustriel’s body possessed a trace of divinity from the Goddess of the Weave, and it in particular attracted a deep interest from him.

‘I really want… I really want to devour her! Such a pity. If I did that, the Weave Goddess will be the first to hunt me down…’ Leylin sighed in his heart.

“Haha, Baron Leylin! You don’t need to be so formal and stiff, you don’t seem like a 20 year old youth at all!” Alustriel undeniably had an aura that was as refreshing as a spring breeze. Conversing with her made Leylin loosen up considerably. Her charisma was great.

“Your title ceremony will be held in three days’ time. Tell me Leylin, tell me like a friend; do you have any requests?” Alustriel gently said as she looked at the wizard before her.

“If it’s like this,” Leylin took a deep breath as his eyes filled with determination, “I hope I can freely read through the court’s collection of wizard resources…”

“You may!” Alustriel agreed very readily, surpassing Leylin’s expectations and filling him with astonishment. Hey, hey! Wasn’t she meant to ask him to climb to her inner circle before finally being allowed to peek at those documents? Was it really alright to give it to him so happily?

“Cough cough… Your Majesty!” At this moment, the saviour of the show appeared. Scholar Buren coughed with all his strength, attracting Alustriel’s attention over.

“Although Baron Leylin is a genius, legendary spells will only pose difficulties for his current state. For his own good, we can give him those resources that are below the rank of Legends.”

“Oh, I apologise! I’ve forgotten that point,” Alustriel looked at Leylin, “Because of the rigid nature of Legends, the Legend-ranked resources would not be beneficial to your growth now. I can first give you those resources below that rank, and once you advance to become a high-ranked wizard…”

“Cough cough…” Scholar Buren looked at this failure of a queen and began to cough like he was choking to death.

“This is more than enough already. Thank you, Your Majesty,” Leylin smiled as he bowed, and his elegant demeanour astonished even Buren. Disappointment had indeed flitted across his heart, but he did not show it at all.

For those wizards below rank 15, research materials at or above the legendary realm really was too complicated, and Alustriel had meant well when she restricted them. However, Leylin was different. He was not some low-ranked wizard, and he could even understand information on godhood if it was given to him. However, he could not admit this.

Buren’s actions could also be understood. If this sort of thing was handed out now, then how would he be rewarded for outstanding service in the future?

Just because he could understand the reasoning behind the forceful interruption did not mean Leylin’s heart was not ill at ease. After chatting with Alustriel for a while and receiving the visitor’s pass for the palace library, Leylin left the palace.

It had to be said that Leylin had developed a new understanding of Alustriel after meeting with her. It could be said that he had a favourable impression of her, but maybe not of Buren.

“What did you think of him, Buren?” Alustriel asked with interest as she cupped her face with her hands. Even if she was naive, she had changed with the polish of many years of experience, although the changes were not particularly big.

“He did not have any traces of evil intent or the aura of a devil on him,” Buren’s eyes turned crimson, looking extremely terrifying, “And his thirst for knowledge is sincere, not faked!”

“If it’s like this, then how come you didn’t allow me to give him the authority to view those resources?” Alustriel said, feeling hard done by.

“Resources ranked legendary or above must be exchanged for contributions, this rule is the cornerstone that protects our Silverymoon City!” Buren looked at Alustriel, who was acting like a little girl, with a helpless and bitter smile.

“Also, giving an insignificant wizard like him those high-ranked and above resources is more than enough. After he reaches rank 15 and swears the oath of eternal loyalty to the Styx, then we can pass on the legendary-ranked resources…”

“Alright, alright,” Alustriel waved her hand, “You can make the decisions. Oh, tonight I have to attend Mister Nudu’s dinner party.”

“Please forgive me, but I must remind Your Majesty that as the ruler of our Silverymoon City and the alliance, it is highly inappropriate for you to suddenly turn up at the party of our ordinary citizens…”

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