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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 906: Contract

Chapter 906: Contract

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Leylin had never forgotten his original objective. His long-term goal in the World of Gods was to ascend to godhood and allow his main body to enter this world. On the other hand, his short-term goals included advancing to the rank of Legend as quickly as possible, and obtaining enough power to protect himself.

His main purpose in coming to the north was to find the inheritance of the arcanists, as well as information on legendary spells from Silverymoon City.

Compared to these goals reputation, territory, nobility, and riches were nothing but dog sheet.

Although he now looked as if he was pursuing those things, it was only to give others the wrong impression. When it was time to abandon it all, he would do so without the slightest trace of hesitation. What were those things compared to eternal life and freedom anyway?

“I always thought you were a fellow with a lot of secrets,” Rafiniya mumbled to herself as she glanced at Leylin, sitting down with a melancholic air.

‘Such keen perception… She really is a first-rate tool,’ Leylin inwardly smiled to himself, but it was a pity that this lady knight had such an exceedingly pure soul. She had not seen past the facade into his true nature, else she would have been scared to death, forget daring to stay by his side.

“Alright, what are you looking at the map for? Is it time for us to act?” Rafiniya nibbled at an apple, propping up her toned and slender legs directly on the table. After serving in the army for a year, this lady knight had thrown her aristocratic grace and reserved nature away to the outer seas.

“Mm, it looks like we’re in trouble,” Leylin replied, adding emphasis on ‘trouble’.

“Is it that Cassley? I want to chop him up!” The lady knight exclaimed.

“The day will soon come,” Leylin stuck a small flag onto the map, marking down several lines of letters.

“Tell me, how is he going to trap us this time?” Rafiniya rolled her eyes.

“It can’t really be called a trap… He needs troops to go and defend the territories of several noble families near the Moonwood, those orcs are acting up again. There have even been rumours of the Blackblood tribe colluding with the Orc Empire…”

“Then why is he demanding that we go? He’s asking us to die!” Rafiniya shouted. Just the Blackblood tribe was enough to challenge Silverymoon City, and if orcs were added into the mix then it would be a complete deathtrap.

“We don’t have a choice, those nobles whose territories are being threatened are getting anxious. Additionally, my Violet Territory is also near there…” Leylin’s lips curved into a mocking smile.

If he was truly a minor noble, then it would have been imperative for him to go. Otherwise, neither Silverymoon City nor Cassley would let him off. The secular world’s shackles as well as strict martial law could not be joked around with.

In Leylin’s view however, what did they matter? Naturally, he’d put some effort in on the surface. He also had no choice in actually going to the moonwood, but it was entirely up to Leylin whether he wanted to fight sincerely.

“Send the command, all personnel have had their holidays cancelled. They must go into standby mode, prepared to set off at any time.” With Leylin’s order, the entire barracks was immediately thrown into chaos. Against such powerful enemies, even the officers trembled in fear.

However, Leylin didn’t bother with his subordinates. After he had gave the command, he mounted his horse and travelled alone to his residence in Silverymoon City.

“Mister Leylin!” Only Bessany remained in the vast residence’s laboratory. She appeared to be very cold and cheerless. After the news of the great war had erupted, Ena and her sister had been strictly ordered by their families to return. Only Bessany had stayed.

“I’ll run the bath for you, sir. Also, the funds from the previous business deal have already been transferred to your bank account. Here is the receipt,” Bessany immediately left the alchemy table and bowed to Leylin. She had kept everything in good order while he was gone.

It had to be said that this young lady took her work quite seriously and worked hard. ‘After all, she’s a seedling that I raised myself,’ Leylin thought.

“No need for that,” Leylin waved his hand, “Bessany, I have something that I would like to ask you.” Leylin looked at Bessany attentively. She had grown up very well, and had even reached the realm of a rank 5 wizard.

It was a shame that her power was nothing but a speck of dust in front of the great army of orcs.

“Please tell me, Sir.” Bessany clasped her hands and seemed rather ill at ease.

After spending such a long time with Leylin, she naturally understood that he was enigmatic and impossible to predict. Questions that even the high-ranked wizards of the colleges could not answer were easily solved by him.

She had only been able to break through to a rank 5 wizard under his guidance. Compared to her, Ena and her sister were still lingering in the realm of rank 3 wizards!

For all this, Bessany knew that she had to pay the price. It was only that when the moment came for her to do so, she seemed rather uneasy.

“With the orcs pushing the battle closer to this place, Silverymoon City will become very dangerous. Don’t you wish to go home to your family?” Leylin looked at his apprentice and asked with great interest.

“My family?” Bessany smiled rather bitterly, “I don’t want to go home! I want to continue walking the path of a wizard and advance. If I go home with my current strength, I’ll have to serve my family until I die…”

As a low-ranked wizard and alchemy apprentice, Bessany’s family would absolutely not allow the goose who laid golden eggs to marry out of the family. Bessany’s only future was to be a sacrifice for her family, and silently devote her life to them until she died of old age.

Or perhaps her family would want to carry on the bloodline of a wizard, and adopt several men she disliked into the family.

Just envisioning this sort of life made Bessany feel like she was going insane.

“Then… Do you wish to continue receiving my instruction?” Leylin asked, looking deeply into Bessany’s eyes.

“If… If that’s possible, then my gratitude will know no bounds!” After hearing the thing she wished for the most, Bessany felt that she was the most fortunate person in the world, and almost fainted in happiness.

“Alright! I would now like to hire you as an alchemist for the Faulen family. Have a look at this contract,” Leylin passed a scroll of parchment to Bessany.

“A contract?” Bessany opened the parchment, looking at the contract which had been written in black ink. It stipulated that she needed to serve the Faulen family for 50 years, and through that obtain Leylin’s financial assistance and advice as a wizard.

It was a spirit-binding contract, and there was a beautifully intricate pattern around the parchment.

“I have no problem with this. I agree!” Bessany scanned through the contract and confirmed that she had no issues before gritting her teeth and agreeing.

“Alright, then sign your name in your own blood.” This demand was a little strange, but Bessany still bit her thumb and signed her name at the end of the parchment.

*Crash!* In the blink of an eye, the entire scroll floated into midair and spontaneously combusted. Bessany’s eyes grew dazed as she felt herself losing something she could not name. However, she also felt like nothing had really happened.

“Good, the contract has been established. On behalf of the Faulen family, I welcome you into our ranks,” Leylin smiled as he placed several items down on the table.

“Here’s a hundred gold coins, as well as several scrolls and magic items. Take them with you just in case. Tomorrow, you will go to the south, to the Faulen Islands. There you will find wizard Ernest, who will set up arrangements for you…”

“Scrolls? Alchemic materials?” Bessany gently stroked the magic scrolls with her fingers, and the powerful energy in them made her quake in fear. Leylin had personally smelted these magic items, and they were absolutely priceless. Compared to that, the gold coins were worthless.

“Why must I leave? Could it be that Mister Leylin is not optimistic about the future of Silverymoon City?”

“Mm,” Leylin answered without the slightest hesitation. His answer made Bessany’s body sway on the verge of collapse.

“How is that possible? The city is under the protection of the Goddess of the Weave…”

“Our enemies have their own gods. Additionally, only the ruler of our city can survive. It doesn’t mean that you ordinary people will,” Leylin’s cold voice shattered her delusions, “Of course, after Silverymoon City, it won’t be possible for the battle to spread further south. Your family won’t be in danger, so there is no need to worry.”

Sending this rather distracted young lady away, Leylin smiled as he looked at his right hand. A trace of the purest soul origin force had arrived in his palm.

Even if Bessany died now, her soul would belong to him. This was the power of a devil!

“My young lady; if you don’t pay attention when you sign a contract, it’s difficult for you to not lose out…” Putting tricks into a contract was the favourite method of many devils from all dimensions. The decorative border around the parchment was the simplest trick.

Naturally, even if Bessany had heard of such a thing, she didn’t regard Leylin as a devil. As a result, she most likely had not even considered that he would do such a thing.

’It’s just child’s play, whatever happens will happen…’ Leylin could easily educate many alchemy students to her level, but since it seemed that Bessany was innately gifted, and her luck was rather good, he didn’t mind helping her a little.

“Silverymoon City…” Leylin sighed softly. What he had said earlier wasn’t just fear-mongering. The possibility was real.

‘The Silverymoon Alliance has already threatened the central human kingdom, and those kings do not wish for a powerful human kingdom to rise in the north. There are many nobles who share this thought in the north, and as a result the support that the Silverymoon Alliance will receive is limited…’

This was still the material plane after all, the gods of human factions could not unite in solidarity. Mystra could only rely on herself to take on all the orc gods. Even with the assistance of several gods she was on good terms with, the city did not have hopeful prospects.

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