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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 910: Slaying A Dragon

Chapter 910: Slaying A Dragon

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*Roar!* A huge silhouette streaked across the sky, and a huge monster that was tens of metres long immediately pulled its terrifying meaty wings before disappearing into a dark cave.

“Mm, that truly is the red dragon.” Leylin nodded. Dragons in the World of Gods were like huge lizards with wings, though they looked far more sinister. Their eyes that looked like spheres of lava left an especially deep impression on him.

“Ye- yes, my lord!” Helen answered from next to him, her body trembling.

“Is this because of the dragon’s aura?” Leylin looked at Helen, suddenly understanding and shaking his head with regret.

‘Looks like the Professionals under rank 10 shouldn’t come. They can’t handle the intimidation from the aura…’ he concluded. In his view, this fearful draconic aura was a weakened version of a spiritual force domain. Just facing the dragon would be a problem if one lacked a strong mind or spiritual force training, let alone attacking it.

‘As expected, the regular troops can only fight in the surroundings.’ Without alarming this huge creature, Leylin brough Helen secretly back to the camp. Following that, the team did as Leylin ordered. Like a huge, intricate robot, they began to work automatically.

“My lord, it’s done!” Tiff brought a group of elite Professionals to Leylin. In each of their hands were weapons with high-grade enchantments, and they seemed to be coated with something else as well.

“Mm. This magic potion we got from the werecreature tribe is meant to deal specifically with dragons, it should hopefully be useful!” Leylin could not help but think back to the werecreature camp. They had obviously been making preparations to slaughter the dragon, but all their materials were now Leylin’s.

Now, what they had gathered would serve the same purpose.

“Mm. Give the dragon intoxication potion and other items to the high-ranked scouts to sprinkle at the dragon’s cave. Hopefully, it’ll fall for the trap…” While there was a large distance between the camp and the dragon cave, it was still unsafe considering the range that the red dragon could see. On top of that, it wasn’t hibernating like many of its kind, which left Leylin on guard.

This camp was too eye-catching. It would be found the moment the dragon flew out on patrol, and its fate then would be obvious. Hence, Leylin did not count on the high-grade assassins’ poison trap working. The next day, he brought fifty people to the entrance of the dragon cave.

The bare ground had not even a blade of grass growing on it, and seemed very solid. There was also a strange smell lingering in the air.

“This is the smell left behind by the dragon. Most animals wouldn’t dare approach this place…” Leylin glanced at the group behind him. They were all high-grade Professionals, including Tiff and Rafiniya.

“Based on the observations of our thieves, this is the time that it usually rests. Furthermore, the red dragon has also eaten the goat with special ingredients that we especially prepared for it…” Leylin muttered to himself. At this moment, a dark shadow emerged from the sides, calling out in a low voice, “Boss!”

“How’s the situation?”

A high-ranked scout began his report, “I can confirm that the red dragon is inside, and our route is very simple. There is only one pathway, and there’s a possibility of other creatures in the way!”

“Good. Guide the way in front.” Leylin let the thief walk ahead, and a procession of excited people clutched the weapons in their hands as they entered the cave.

The passage was long and seemed to go all the way to the belly of the mountain. It was very vast, and the walls were dry.

“It’s up ahead!” The thief ran to Leylin’s side as he spoke. Leylin nodded and ordered the group to stop. They were now extremely quiet, making no sound at all.

“Bring me there.” Leylin and the thief went forward. After they passed through a curved path, they came upon an even larger karst cavern. Boiling hot light flickered at its entrance, with some quartz and shiny items present within.

Two other strange creatures were standing guard at the cave’s entrance, as if on sentry duty.

‘Hm? Earth Dragons? A subspecies of the dragons? But it’s not exactly similar.’ Leylin looked at the two which were obviously subspecies with auras that greatly resembled those of purebloods. His eyes glinted with wit.

‘Rumour has it that once an adult dragon gains intelligence, it normally enslaves some members of other races into working for it. Ancient dragons can intimidate entire races, I never thought the red dragon would do this as well.

Past the two earth dragons, Leylin sensed an even more powerful life undulation in the cave. It was heaving with rhythmic breaths, evidently in a deep sleep. In this situation, any sounds could wake it up.

“Tiff!” Leylin immediately called the Legend in his team.

“Young Master!” Tiff arrived by his side and bowed slightly.

“Can you kill them without alarming the red dragon?” Leylin asked.

“It will be slightly troublesome. This type of subspecies have very tenacious life force. I can make one disappear without a sound, but I can’t take care of two in an instant.” Tiff frowned slightly.

“That’s alright. I’ll help you in that area!” Leylin answered lightly.

“Then that’s fine…” Tiff’s eyes flashed with strands of black, and he quickly disappeared.


By the cave, a red earth dragon was loyally protecting its place, occasionally looking towards its comrade. All of a sudden, it saw something that appalled it. A dark figure seemed to appear from the air, raising its arms as if opening up a black hole to devour its comrade.

Shadow Jump! Singularity! Just as this Earth Dragon was about to howl out in warning, it was surrounded in light that rendered it immobile. This was Hold Monster. The dark figure darted out, and the giant black hole swallowed its body as well.

The whole process was a hair-raising experience, yet only happened within a few seconds. Not even a peep was made.

‘Noiseless casting!’ Helen’s pupils shrunk from behind Leylin. She’d witnessed the whole process.

“Let’s go!” Leylin made a sign, and entered the cave with Tiff.

Inside, they found the target of their expedition snoring. The red dragon had dark red scales with smooth murky patterns on them that shone like metal. Its two meaty wings were ashen brown and hidden on its back. Its neck twisted sinuously like a snake’s as it buried its vicious head into its chest. Its nose occasionally puffed out two streams of white smoke.

A dense spiritual might was being emanated from its body, enough to cause the cowardly to break down.

‘It really is a dragon, and it’s an adult that’s reached the realm of Legends!’ Rafiniya’s palms trembled slightly, and she could not help but hold tightly onto her longsword.

Only she, Tiff, and Leylin were in the cave right now. The rest were standing guard outside; even asleep the dragon had powerful senses.

‘Based on its detection abilities, only Tiff has the ability to attack it once. After that, it’ll definitely awaken…’ Leylin gave Tiff a look with his eyes, and he immediately understood. Tiff drew closer to the giant, holding onto a golden dagger.

Rafiniya and Leylin also prepared their own attacks.

“Begin!” Tiff’s golden dagger pierced into the triangular scale under its neck. That was its reverse scale, and the largest weakness.

*Roar!* In that moment, blood splattered everywhere. The red dragon roared abruptly— it was now awake!

*Pak!* Tiff was sent flying by a red tail, his figure wrapped up by many shadows while in mid-air.

“You… You despicable mortals. How dare you harm the mighty Sylvester…” While the injury Tiff had given it with its dagger was much smaller than the area of its body, the red dragon still snarled in its fury, preparing to give these little ants a lesson such that they’d repent in hell.

“You’re even thinking of using something like a toy…” It roared, eyes like fireballs trained on Leylin. All of a sudden, its voice disappeared.

“My strength… What’s going on? You wretched worms, what have you done to the mighty Sylvester?” The red dragon’s voice was filled with astonishment and anger, while Leylin was very pleased with the results of Tiff’s attack.

The golden dagger that he had held was a Dragonslaying Dagger Leylin had specifically prepared for this. The powerful toxins and curses were something even a dragon could do little against.

‘A.I. Chip!’ Leylin ordered calmly. At this moment, the A.I. Chip immediately showed its stats.

[Name: Sylvester. Race: Red Dragon (Adult) Strength: 21 (25), Agility: 10, Vitality: 19 (21), Spirit: 16 Status: Weakened from curse. Strength, vitality weakened. Feats: 1. Intimidating Aura 2. Dragonscale Defence 3. Dragon’s Breath 4. Suggestion spell. Description: This is a creature that has reached the realm of Legends. It possesses extraordinary strength and can even destroy a small city or army. It has acquired the magic and memories of the pureblooded dragon race, and there is a chance that its bloodline can improve further.]

“Do it!” Leylin yelled, his attack and Rafiniya’s reaching the red dragon’s body at practically the same time.

The longsword was edged with sharp qi. The enchanted weapon glinted as it ruthlessly tore through the dragon’s huge meaty wings. Leylin’s attack struck just then.

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