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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 915: Dying in the Line of Duty

Chapter 915: Dying in the Line of Duty

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This was a peak rank 8 Magus with the power to twist time and change the future! The thought of himself reaching that realm left Leylin with a sense of longing.

“Whatever it is… This operation ended well. Let’s talk after leaving this place…” Leylin swept his eyes across the information in the A.I. Chip. The plethora of data about arcanists in there was real.

Leylin’s complexion only improved after they left the dragon’s cave, once he breathed in the chilly air that smelt of nature.

‘While the pocket dimension crumbled completely, there’s a possibility of something being left behind. I shouldn’t get too involved with this sort of thing before this body rivals my main one in power…’

There was fear in Leylin’s heart, ‘If the Distorted Shadow truly had malicious intent towards me, that one streak of intent would be enough for me to die there. So why did he let me off at the end, and even give me this scroll?’

Leylin glanced at the black scroll in his hands and then at Helen, who clearly kept peeking in his direction with a terrified expression.

“Do you know more about this thing?”

“No, I don’t! I found out from an ancestor that the Distorted Shadow had some manuscript in one of the rooms in the ruins that recorded some information about arcanists…” Under Leylin’s gaze, she trembled as she spoke the truth.

“I’m afraid this isn’t what you were looking for, and it’s very dangerous. Just leave it with me for now…” Leylin did not seem to have any plans of returning the scroll. The Distorted Shadow had too many ways to mess with a little rank 11 wizard. He could have distorted her memories and implanted a fake, which were all easy tasks.

“Alright, my Lord!” Helen felt a little discontent with his decision, but still agreed. After all, what had happened had truly scared her.

Leylin looked towards this half-elf wizard and suddenly exclaimed, “Mm! I’ll compensate you based on an agreement. Let’s say the way for arcanists to rank up and a portion of an arcane spell model.”

“Tell me what you want.” Helen had developed a very good understanding of Leylin over this period of time. He would never do anything that would not benefit him. Of course, once an agreement was reached, he would treat all equally.

“Vow me your loyalty for a hundred years. Swear it upon your soul and with the Styx as the witness.” Leylin spoke nonchalantly, watching the conflict in Helen’s eyes.

She was undoubtedly clever, though. “Alright.” After struggling over the decision for some time, she agreed and immediately swore to it.

‘Mm, her soul is real, so she should be the real Helen…’ Leylin nodded inwardly. The vow of a wizard’s soul when resonating with the river Styx was something binding, and it could not be faked.

As he was now, a rank 11 wizard was dispensable to Leylin. The key point was the verification and authentication he obtained from the vow. This Helen truly seemed to be original, though her emotions were all over the place.

‘Then… what did Distorted Shadow want to tell me? Did he manage to survive the dusk of the gods, or did he fall completely? No, with his strength he’d leave some soul fragments behind if he died. They would await resurrection for a long time…’ At this thought, Leylin’s expression grew sombre once again.


After killing the red dragon and exploring the ruins, there was no point in lingering on the Nether Mountains. Leylin hence ordered that they return. The group, which had dropped to around seven hundred in number, brought with them the immense glory and wealth of killing a dragon.

Rafiniya, however, looked sullen. It seemed that after like she would part ways after they left the Nether Mountains.

‘“Slaying the dragon and exploring the ruins took less than ten days. The outside world must be in chaos now, no?’ Leylin’s thoughts were filled with delight at this disaster. He didn’t care about the female knight’s mood. Such was reality.

‘What’s going on? Why have they imposed this level of martial law?’ After leaving the mountains, Rafiniya could obviously tell that something was off. Many of the surrounding villages had been completely abandoned, and there were sometimes some who were very guarded, extremely alert against strangers.

‘Could the werecreatures have invaded again? Or have the orcs launched a huge attack?’ Rafiniya quickly came up with two possibilities, beginning to get anxious, ‘Leylin’s explorations will definitely have him accused of being a deserter…’

The female knight suddenly begun to get worried, but then she shook her head, ‘A sly person like him must have long since prepared an escape route. Even without that, why do I have to worry about him?’

At this moment, a scout ran over. “Report! A friendly force has launched a signal up ahead!”

“Mm, launch the signal. We’ll go over!” Leylin nodded calmly, knowing who was coming.

In the dark forest, there were no other people besides him. As expected, after the scout sent the message, dust could be seen flying in the distance, and a human figure was like a black falcon swooping in from the sky.

“Leylin Faulen!” Cassley’s neck bulged from his immense fury as he arrived in front of Leylin.

“Why did you leave your battle zone? Also… where’s Malfoy?” After seeing the group of over 700 people behind Leylin, Cassley froze a little, but that was then drowned out by his anger.

“Did you know that because you neglected your job, I had to deal with the werecreature attacks and give up on helping Silverymoon?”

“Stop! Wait! I still don’t know what’s going on. Saving Silverymoon? Why?” Rafiniya felt a little dizzy.

“You don’t know yet? What a terrible excuse. Have you all been hiding in the woods in the past few days?”

Cassley had a mocking look on his expression, “The orc armies have already surrounded Silverymoon! While I, high-ranked wizard Cassley, was engaged in a bloody battle, your wretched new recruits dared to give up on the area they were supposed to be defend! You should all be hung!”

“Orcs surrounding the city?” Rafiniya staggered backwards, eyes full of disbelief. She was now completely disheartened, “You must have known that this would happen… Right?”

“Then… Why, mighty high-ranked wizard Cassley, did you not bring your own troops, and the volunteer army belonging to nobility and help them?” Leylin did not bother himself with Rafiniya and instead looked towards Cassley, ridiculing him.

“That’s because I need to guard against surprise attacks by the werecreatures!”

Cassley glanced at Leylin haughtily, “While you neglected your duties and thus committed a crime, I won’t pursue this. Baron Leylin, in my capacity as the chief officer of the northern lands, I command you provide support to Silverymoon now. Immediately!”

Till this point, Cassley still had no plans to stop setting him up.

“Hehe…” Leylin looked straight at Cassley till he was almost exasperated, and then answered slowly, “Why…”

“Why? You mean you even have the gall to go against my orders? Are you forcing me to execute you right this instant?”

Cassley narrowed his eyes slightly. His strength as a high-ranked wizard was what he prided the most. His opponent was at most a rank 14, and even with his own troops and other men, he was nothing.

Furthermore, the documents that appointed him as the chief officer of the northern lands had been sent over through urgent channels. With his status now, it should be fine to kill a Baron, much less one that had committed the crime of neglecting his duties.

‘Yes, killing a genius wizard myself seems to be a good idea! However, I have to wait first. When Andrew sends the troops, and I take over Leylin’s army… Heh heh… They even have a great deal of rations, which is pretty good! In the northern lands right now, it’s best to have both rations and men…’

A myriad of thoughts swirled in Cassley’s mind, but before he could come up with another plan or decide if he should temporarily be nice to the other wizard, Leylin suddenly chuckled. “If you want to kill someone, do it. Why overthink it?”

“What… ugh…” Cassley suddenly felt an intense pain in his chest, and his body stiffened. He looked down and found that a black dagger had pierced through his chest.

“That’s impossible… I have a high-ranked wizard armour and instantaneously casted Mishap! Enemies definitely won’t be able to break through my defences in an instant, unless… Legend!” Cassley crumbled down, and what he saw last was Tiff’s expressionless face.

“Trying to control me once the organisation collapses and using its might for that… Should I say you’re stupid, or stupid?”

“You… killed him?” Rafiniya’s voice was hoarse.

“No. Cassley died at the hands of werecreatures, on the line of duty!” Leylin laughed without the slightest of scruples.

“Pay attention! All on guard!” Leylin looked towards the friendly army that had finally arrived, and then shook his right hand with a sardonic smile.


The light of sunset looked like blood.

Andrew and a few nobles were respectfully speaking next to Leylin, “High-ranked wizard Cassley died at the hands of werecreatures. Our northern lands are really in a pinch…” After saying this, they could not help but wipe off the tears. What happened that afternoon had scared them stupid.

“Oh! Also, the clash this afternoon…” Leylin spoke a bit louder.

“That’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!” Andrew immediately took the initiative to say this, astounded and fearful of Leylin’s ruthlessness.

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