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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 918: Falling To The Enemy

Chapter 918: Falling To The Enemy

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‘Table manners’ were very important. Even Leylin needed something to cover up Cassley’s murder, those large noble families often investigated these things thoroughly.

Due to the racial conflicts, the rulers of various human nations had sent their armies to help in the north. However, even the most ferocious armies could only push the frontlines of battle closer to Yorkshire. There was basically no difference even with them around.

There was a solemness and tragedy to the paladins who were heading north alone. Leylin didn’t dwell on it long, though. Soon enough, the troops of Yorkshire brought the conditions of the city.

Leylin and the nobles could enter, but the army would have to stay outside. That was their bottom line. Leylin merely rolled his shoulders back and accepted this condition calmly.

The surge of nobles from the north had inflated Yorkshire’s prices greatly, to the point that even nobles found it hard to stomach it. Of course, there were still benefits to holding power. A luxury villa was arranged for Leylin, with everything free of charge.

Leylin then met the Marquis Lancet he had heard about so often in rumours.

“Baron Leylin, I’ve long since wanted to see the rare wizarding genius of the north!” Lancet had a head of silver, curled hair, and a poised appearance. After seeing Leylin, even the wrinkles on his face smoothed out. He had evidently conducted a thorough investigation before meeting him.

“I am extremely grateful for the Marquis’ generosity when the north has fallen into enemy hands!” Leylin’s behaviour astounded the marquis. Most geniuses were arrogant, but Lancet saw none of that in Leylin’s expression.

On top of that, he lacked the inflexible thinking and apathy so common to wizards, and instead seemed more like a scholar. His bearing even surpassed a few of the grandmasters he had paid a great deal of money to hire.

Lancet poured Leylin a glass of dark red wine, looking sorrowful. “Before we get to the formal discussions, I wish to tell the Baron something with regards to the north…”

“Has Silverymoon fallen?” Leylin’s eyes glinted as he asked indifferently.

Lancet’s hand halted pouring the wine for an instant, causing the stream of liquor to break off for a while. He then sat in front of Leylin as if nothing had happened, a profound look in his eyes. “It seems like you have your own intelligence channels, Baron… Indeed, Silverymoon fell just yesterday…”


One day ago, the north. Silverymoon City.

As the chief advisor to Silverymoon, Scholar Buren who was like the prime minister was watching Alustriel with worry in his eyes. She looked tired, her brows furrowed. The sight was heartbreaking.

Forgetting her real age for a moment, if one were to judge her based on her mental age and outer appearance, the life and death of the city had been put into the hands of a little girl. Scholar Buren thought this was just too cruel.

While Alustriel had great reputation and charm, she was not a qualified leader. The stress of war practically overwhelmed her.

“No, the Goddess has yet to give me an answer!” Alustriel now seemed to have ended her meditation, the wrinkles on her forehead deepening.

The Goddess of the Weave, being a greater god, was the cornerstone that maintained SIlverymoon’s existence. Now, however, she was rejecting Alustriel’s prayers and requests for help, which made things clear.

“It’s not just any god. Has even the mighty Mystra abandoned us?” Seeing this, even a powerful legendary wizard like Buren felt his heart sink.

*Roar!* The cries of distant beasts travelled into the palace, causing Alustriel’s expression to change.

“It’s starting again,” Scholar Buren sighed. A teleportation gate opened up, and Alustriel stood on the city walls next to Buren.

“Long Live Her Majesty! Long Live Her Majesty!” Seeing her appearance, the morale of the city guards soared. They were now full of hope.

Alustriel had displayed her might as the Goddess’ Chosen these past few days. Only the orc emperor Saladin could contend with her.

‘But the queen is the leader, her responsibilities do not lie here. Battling the opposing high-ranked Professionals should be the job of the military wizards!’ Scholar Buren sighed inside. While Alustriel had immense charm and strength, this queen was still too inexperienced.

Buren watched the orcs’ formation under the city. There were huge siege vehicles and terrifying behemoths with them, and the worry in his heart increased. Even with the aid of all sorts of smelted items, as well as high-ranked and legendary wizards in charge, they were now at a disadvantage.

‘We have too few men… Few in the Silverymoon Alliance contributed much, and the troops that were sent out with orders didn’t bring any others back. Less than half of the original city guards that could take on the most rigorous missions returned…’

Scholar Buren thought it over, and then proposed to Alustriel, “Your Majesty, things have gotten this bad already. Please consider my suggestion!”

“No need for that. I can’t abandon my people, especially at a time like this!” Alustriel resolutely interrupted Scholar Buren’s words.

“Look!” She pointed downwards, “There are still so many of my people, so many of those who believe in me here. How could I abandon them and leave?”

Alustriel’s face flushed red, an even greater might exploding forth from her body. Rafiniya quietly looked in the queen’s direction from a corner of the crowd. Powerful energy undulations were radiated outwards, and the golden light shining on her made her feel comfortably warm.

‘Is this grace? No! This… It’s a large-scale buff!’ Rafiniya’s face flushed, and she felt as if she could slay a dragon right at that moment.

Alustriel’s little face was now pale. Even with support from the large-scale magic formations under the city walls, such a large boost was still difficult to cast. She had even used up some divine force for this. However, she wouldn’t appear frail. The young, girlish voice resounded, “We will achieve victory!”

“Victory!” “Victory!” “Victory!” Countless troops roared.

Rafiniya was moved, her eyes glimmering with sparkling tears. As she watched the paladins around her whose faces were just as flushed as hers was, eyes showing their firm resolve, she felt as if she had truly chosen the perfect path for herself.

‘This is the work of justice! Fighting for well-being and happiness!’ Rafiniya clenched her fists tightly, ‘Leylin… Someday, he’ll definitely come to realise his mistakes and regret this!’

*Roar!* At this moment, the orc emperor Saladin had arrived at the frontlines.

“A large-scaled buff?” There was no emotion in Saladin’s eyes right now. The maids and other orc leaders beside him all lowered their heads respectfully, not daring to move at all.

“All preparations are done. Our master’s strength can descend at any time!” A few high-ranked priests headed over as they reported.

“Very good!” Saladin suddenly took a step forward. The earth’s surface seemed to tremble as a terrifying might burst forth from his body.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* Saladin’s body abruptly increased in size, and in an instant he turned into a miniature giant, five metres tall and still growing. His clothes, armour and all items shattered with the violent movements.

This was the legendary spell— War God’s Possession!

Finally, Saladin turned into a terrifying giant over fifty metres tall. Only one item scaled up with him, the Thunder God’s Hammer!

“Lightning Strike!” Rafiniya heard Saladin’s voice loud and clear. The loud, horrifying sound caused her eardrums to tremble, with a stinging pain.

Afterwards, berserk lightning filled the skies and tore the clouds apart as everything gathered at the battle hammer.

Lightning from the highest of heavens rumbled as it seemingly turned into a terrifying dragon, releasing the most powerful flames of its fury!

Violet! As if a new world was being born, violet light quickly spread around the area. Under this light, the city gates and everything else completely melted away…


“Just like that, the orc emperor Saladin brazenly went against the agreement in the continent and used a terrifying legendary spell. With the boost of a divine weapon, he defeated Silverymoon thoroughly in one shot.”

Marquis Lancet narrated calmly. However, from how he suddenly gulped down a mouthful of wine, it seemed that this strength of legends still caused terror to well up within him. Leylin listened to everything he said. While he knew this would happen, he was still unclear on the exact process, “Then… Where is Her Majesty Alustriel now?”

Seeing Leylin getting the main point, the Marquis’ eyes were full of praise, “It is said that her whereabouts are unknown, but there is a large possibility she survived. After all, the vitality of those with divine force is frightening…”

With Alustriel’s strength, few would be able to find her if she truly wanted to conceal herself. However, based on her personality, she was unlikely get back on her feet quickly after this. She would probably require a long time to recoup.

At the end, Lancet intentionally brought up something, “Leylin, I have a wine reception here the day after tomorrow. I hope you can come!”.

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