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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 925: Activation

Chapter 925: Activation

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Powerful spell light shot forth from Leylin’s body, to Ernest’s shock. He’d only sensed this sort of terrifying, imposing aura and pressure from high-ranked wizards before.

Now, however, this had appeared on Leylin!

“A high- high-ranked wizard! Haha… I’m definitely dreaming! This is a dream, right?” He slapped himself so hard his face was swollen, but that didn’t allow him to wake up. He could only choose to accept this reality grudgingly.

“A rank 7 intellectual activation spell?” Leylin had chosen to hide his energy undulations before, and Ernest obviously did not have the ability to see through it. Even high-ranked priests would not be able to discover it.

‘While this spell can illuminate the entire wizard tower, the tower genie that’s generated will only be a low-ranked kind which won’t be all that intelligent. It won’t be able to become a wizard’s right hand man… Besides, I didn’t memorise this rank 7 spell yesterday…’ The spell slots of a wizard had to be prepared a day in advance. Leylin only had one rank 7 spell slot now, and he obviously wouldn’t have saved Activate Intelligence.

However, with the numerous arcane models in his hand, Leylin now had more choices.

“The rank 7 arcane spell Activate Construct is better than the rank 7 wizard spell…”

Arcanists naturally had their own wizard towers, and they had invented countless methods to activate them. Every genie born of their processes was far more exceptional than the alternative, so Leylin easily made his choice.

“In my name as Leylin Faulen, activate!” Leylin silently chanted in his mind, multi-coloured lights flashing at his hands. Through the crystal, it spread out.

“These energy undulations… This is definitely a rank 7 spell… But it doesn’t seem to be Activate Intellect!”

Ernest had yet to become a high-ranked wizard, and obviously could not tell the difference between an arcane spell and a wizard spell.

Arcane spells looked just like wizard spells on the surface, they just weren’t bound by the Weave. Forget Ernest, even if high-ranked wizards were here they wouldn’t have been able to see the difference.

The dazzling light first lit up the core control room, spreading in all directions. The four elemental pools began to rumble as they began to draw continuous streams of energy from the four great elemental planes.

Level after level of the wizard tower lit up, the powerful magic light like bright torches in the darkness. A wondrous scene was created at Port Venus.

This wave was sensed by many powerful beings. Be it priests or other exceptional powers, everyone lifted their heads in the direction of the wizard tower, concentrating on the scene.

Bishop Xena of the Goddess of Wealth gazed at the wizard tower in the distance, looking stunned for a moment before regaining her usual calm. “I never expected that you’d already hired a high-ranked wizard to look over us in secret. Congratulations, Lord Baron, it looks like the security problems we were worried about can be set aside…”

“Oh, not at all…” Baron Jonas had a professional smile on his face. While he was saying something so modest, he was just as confused.

‘Where did Ernest find a high-ranked wizard to help out? I wasn’t even greeted before.’ The Baron couldn’t believe that a child like Leylin could advance to rank 15 either.

Many swears were uttered among the crowd at the port. Many shadows snuck out of the sewers, darkness, and even private houses, disappearing quickly from the harbour.

“Damn it! How did the Faulen Family activate the wizard tower so quickly? The intel isn’t accurate!”

“Leave quickly! The detection abilities of a wizard tower are not to be trifled with!” With the powerful suppression from the wizard tower, all the schemes of these people had failed disgracefully.


Inside the wizard tower.

A hazy image of a girl’s face formed in the crystal. Her eyes gleamed as she smiled at Leylin, “Master!”

In more vulgar terms, the tower genie was the seed of the wizard who’d activated it. The natural brand extended deep, and changing the master of the tower was a troublesome matter.

“Alright. Report the operational state of the wizard tower!” Leylin commanded.

“Defensive spell formations completely activated. The four elemental pools are operating normally and have amassed 12.15% energy,” the female tower genie reported to him in a formal tone.

“Mm. Start the detection spell formation and set the scope to be Port Venus. The baron’s residence and city hall are to be inspected thoroughly. Immediately report any energy undulations above rank 10!”

“Understood!” The tower genie quickly carried out Leylin’s wishes.

Leylin then brought Ernest away from the core control room, layers of powerful lustre enveloping the area. Ernest seemed reluctant to leave. He knew that once the

“What’s going on? When did you become a high-ranked wizard?” Ernest shouted after they returned to the drawing room, unable to hold himself back anymore.

“It’s a long story…” Leylin smiled slightly. The considerate tower genie then ordered for a few stone puppets to send over some cups of clear water. This potable water was sourced from the water elemental plane. Since it was a new construct, the daily commodities would only be moved here the next day. However, neither Leylin nor Ernest minded this.

“The stone puppets are at most comparable to rank 5 Professionals, which is a little low. They can only be used for odd jobs…” Leylin took a sip of the pure water that had a sweet taste.

After drinking all the cool water in front of him from the jar, Ernest finally regained his calm. However, his two eyes were firmly trained on Leylin, like huge searchlights, “Enough! You’d better give me an answer now!”

“Alright…” Leylin laughed wryly. He raised his hands in surrender before giving a brief account of his experiences. Of course, he withheld quite a bit and added some fake information. He was great at telling stories anyway, and many of the details were still hair-raising.


“So that means… my son has already become a high-ranked wizard…”

Leylin was inside the baron’s study room, left with no choice but to retell the story in front of the baron and his master.

“Yes! He really is a wizard genius. I don’t doubt his ability to become a legendary wizard at all! Who knew that I, Ernest, would be able guide a legendary apprentice? The next time people see Leylin, they’ll first think: Oh! So it’s Leylin! The wizard that Ernest taught…”

Ernest was obviously immersed in his fantasies, while Baron Jonas was more practical.

“Good! I wouldn’t feel at ease handing over our family’s wizard tower anyone else anyway, so this is the best scenario…”

Leylin bowed. “Yes, father! However, please announce that you invited another high-ranked wizard to keep this secret. I would like to take this opportunity to help the family solve some issues at one go.”

“Do as you please. I support you all the way!” Baron Jonas found that he had nothing to say to Leylin. From childhood, his son had never given him anything to worry about. Sometimes, he even wondered if this child of his was a genius or a freak.

“The port seems a lot more peaceful ever since the wizard tower began monitoring it…” Leylin sighed.

“That’s normal with a wizard tower,” Ernest rolled his shoulders back.

“I’m planning to leave for a period of time after this, I’ve handed most of the permissions of the wizard tower to master. There shouldn’t be any problem with controlling it for now… We should also begin to take in wizard apprentices from our territory…” Leylin stated his thoughts.

With the wizard tower and a high-ranked wizard around, there would be no difficulty in nurturing apprentices by themselves. Even Ernest would be able to do this well.

“Don’t worry. I discovered a few good seeds here, and only lacked resources and an environment to teach them…” Ernest’s eyes showed how emotional he was. If a high-ranked wizard could improve by using the wizard tower, the benefits to a middle-ranked wizard like him would definitely be immense.

It could be said that the existence of the wizard tower made him believe he had the opportunity to become a high-ranked wizard in his lifetime!

“Mm. I’ve also left behind some foundational and high-ranked wizard information in the wizard tower’s library. Master can take a look…” Be it Ernest’s advancement or gaining a few wizard apprentices from their territory, everything would increase their strength. Leylin would be more than happy for all this to happen.

“Information on wizards…” Ernest’s eyes brightened.

Meanwhile, Leylin was snickering inside. Though no wizard organisation would allow wizards who had studied with them to leak high-ranked information, wasn’t Silverymoon City already destroyed? Well then…

Still, he kept back the information for legendary wizards. It would be far too shocking, and Leylin did not want to get too much attention.

“Alright! Do you want to solve the issues with the Barbarians? The devils and demons? The churches? Do you need any help?” Baron Jonas muttered.

Leylin thought about it for a while. He then leaned his head to the side as he spoke, “The pirates first, then!”

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