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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 926: Legendary Item

Chapter 926: Legendary Item

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The Barbarians had once been Leylin’s ally. However, with the defeat of Marquis Louis, the relationship between them had gradually turned into a competition. Leylin had no guilt whatsoever of beating them. If they had a chance, he was sure that they would do everything in their power to destroy his own organisation.

This was the law on the outer seas. Cruelty and logic prevailed, not allowing for a whit of emotion.

“Mm, the Barbarians are a large issue. When the imperial navy still existed, they lay low for a period of time. Now, though, they’re suddenly appearing and even attacking our commercial groups!”

Any huge merchant would hate these pirates to the bone. Only nobles could plunder, how dare those barbarians steal their things? Although there was a bias here, this was the general thought process.

“Don’t worry, they won’t be active for long!” Leylin promised.


“Good morning, Lord Wizard!”

In the blink of an eye, numerous days had passed. Within the wizard tower, a freckled girl saw Leylin approach and put down the book in her hands, shyly greeting him.

“Good morning! Your name is… Dylia, right? Work hard!”

Leylin answered without thought, and the girl instantly turned red, “Yes! I’ll do that!”

Leylin was not surprised by her attitude. Her rough skin and hands full of calluses made it obvious that this apprentice was a commoner.

If not for Ernest finding her talent at wizardry by coincidence and Leylin just finishing his wizard tower, it was impossible for her to get here. However, with all these coincidences piling up, the girl’s fate had changed.

She was destined to work the fields, marry someone, endure the rough treatment of her husband, and rack her brains over her children. However, now there was another possibility. She could become a wizard, serving a noble master and changing her fate! This hope alone was enough for commoners to fight hard for.

As he thought about this, Leylin placed the spellbook he had copied into the shelves, and then left the library.

The wizard tower had become more lively. After gaining permissions to a few laboratories and a pass to go around most areas, Ernest had moved in and brought five or six apprentices. The tower had been constructed like a fort, so it could guard two hundred people inside it for numerous years without much effort. It was completely possible for a few apprentices to live there, and even very comfortable.

Not bothering Ernest, who had become slightly deranged, Leylin came to the core smelting room at the upper levels.

“Tower genie, how’s the progress with the items?” Leylin asked indifferently.

A projection of the tower genie’s appearance formed, and it spoke to Leylin respectfully. “Master! The Red Dragon’s Sword has already been completed. What’s left is the last bits of processing and pyretic nourishment.”

“Good!” Leylin nodded, lips curving at an angle. He’d evidently thought of Ernest’s look when he gave him these legendary materials.

This was a dragon, a peak being in the World of Gods! Killing a legendary mature dragon required one to brave perilous dangers, and if not for the thousand elites and Tiff who was a legendary himself, it would’ve been basically impossible for Leylin to eliminate the red dragon. His life would probably have been lost as well.

Of course, once the dragon was successfully slain the profit was immense. Just the legendary materials from the red dragon was enough for any alchemic wizard to go green in envy.

“The Ring of Wizardry and a few other items before now give me very little benefits. I’ll need to crush the Barbarians as well, and things might be troublesome if I don’t have a few items I can use…”

Leylin came before a large petri dish, producing a red long sword from the silver solution. The slender blade of the sword emanated piercing light, and it had a beautiful arch. The hilt even had carvings of the red dragon. By design this was a sword for women, the draconic pride that was its motif causing a content smile to arise on Leylin’s lips.

The A.I. Chip projected the related information to Leylin. [Item Name: Red Dragon Sword. Length: 91.5cm. Weight: 2512g. Materials: Red Dragon Bones, Dragon Scales, Refined Metal. Item Effects: 1. Armour Break. 2. Sharpness. 3. Fireball (3 uses a day) Description: This is a sword made with materials from a legendary red dragon. Based on the categorisation of this world, it has entered the ranks of legendary items! This item has a terrifying sharpness and ability to pierce through armour. In the face of this sword, most defences are frail. The blade also seems to have a mysterious magic that thirsts to drink the scalding blood of its enemies.]

‘A legendary item? Not bad!’ Leylin nodded and wiped the sword clean. He then sheathed it in the dragonscale scabbard. This was not for him, but a gift for someone else.

With Leylin’s attainments as a grandmaster in alchemy in the Magus World, and mixed in with his skills of the World of Gods and the runes of the arcanists, there was no difficulty in creating legendary items.

‘But it consumes so much magic… I can only complete it with the help of the wizard tower…’ Leylin then headed to an area outside two glass rooms. Through the thick, reinforced crystal glass, he could see a dark red leather armour and a magic staff with a strange shape at the middle, enjoying the powerful force being channelled into them.

‘The effects of fusing alchemical methods from the two worlds has quite good…’ Leylin pondered over this once he witnessed the scene. If he were to do this based entirely on the methods in the World of Gods, creating a legendary item would require a lot of time. It would be astounding for him to make even one.

Now, however? The progress and innovation in production techniques was definitely a huge source of motivation for him. Leylin suddenly recalled something from his previous world and shook his head. Memories of that time were far too distant from him.

‘Perhaps the techniques there aren’t entirely useless. With my capabilities, I can begin to attempt fusing different laws together with various techniques. The antimatter experiment at the end would be very powerful even in the World of Gods…’

The A.I. Chip continued to twinkle, and the attributes of the two items were projected in front of Leylin.

[Item name: Dragon Armour (Incomplete) Weight: 1599 g. Materials used: Dragon Leather, Dragon Scales, Siren’s Hair, Rainbow Feathers. Magic Effect: Can materialise Mage Armour II twice a day. Description: This is a powerful defensive armour. As the leather of a legendary dragon was used in its making, it is immune to most low-ranked spells. It can also adapt well to the spells of a wizard.]

Though a legendary red dragon had a lot of leather, not much of it was the true, essential portion. Leylin had extracted the best parts to make this legendary armour, and the rest of the leather could only be used to make regular exemplary items, even if their defence wouldn’t be too bad.

Leylin then focused on the staff in the alchemy room, which had a strange structure. It had slender red scales on its body, and at the head was something similar to a dragon’s claw that held onto a large red crystal. Within it was the faint image of a red dragon, roars still resounding.

[Item name: Snarling Red Dragon Staff (Incomplete) Rank: Legendary 1. Length: 91.5cm. Weight: 3500g. Materials: Dragon Crystal, Dragon Soul, Dragon Bones, Dragon Blood, Dragon Scales.] [Item Abilities: 1- Storage. This staff can store spell slots. Currently empty: Rank 7 (1), Rank 6 (3), Rank 5 (5) 2.Spell: Can materialise Dragon’s Breath thrice a day. 3. Ability: Dragon Aura Domain. 4. Burning. By extracting the power of the dragon soul, one can create a single-use legendary spirit attack (This will harm the dragon soul).]

Description: This is a magic staff made entirely with materials from a legendary red dragon. Its creator has unreasonably confined the dragon’s soul inside it, giving it unbelievable strength. However, this will lead to the hostility of the dragon race.]

It was evident that this Snarling Red Dragon Staff was the true star of the show. Many wizards would covet this legendary staff, but few would have the gall to use it. Even Leylin had made up his mind not to use it unless things were dire, and then he would silence those who saw it.

The dragon race in the World of Gods were quite powerful. Those ancient or primordial dragons were beings the gods themselves did not have the courage to provoke.

‘The essence of a legendary dragon gave me the materials for three legendary items.’ Leylin stroked his chin, ‘This is a very high yield. Other alchemist grandmasters would not be able to do this, and even I feel quite emotional…’

‘In addition… its bloodline seems to be quite useful…’ Even Leylin had to admit that everything on the legendary dragon’s body was a treasure. It was no wonder that they were coveted by all sorts of races.

“These two legendary items should be enough to allow me enter the realm of legendaries…” Leylin was rather satisfied with his work. “Once they’re complete, I should head into the outer seas and settle debts with the Barbarians…”

Leylin’s eyes suddenly glinted with a chilly look. He had plans for the outer seas, and it would be a great foundation to build on in his ascent to godhood. No outsiders could get a share of this!

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