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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 927: Dragon Warlock

Chapter 927: Dragon Warlock

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For many sailors, the deep sea regions were fearsome areas comparable to the abyss and the nine hells. In the darkness under the peaceful blue surface were numerous strange sea monsters, greedily staring up at the ships. Or rather, at the beings on the surface.

If a ship was destroyed and a sea monster were to be around, there was basically no chance of survival. For sailors, those who had conquered the deep seas were the truly strong, worthy of reverence.

Night deepened, and the gloomy surface of the sea was like a terrifying monster opening its mouth, waiting for its chance to devour everything. Its peace was broken by a tremendous pirate fleet, cruising along with the might of a conqueror.

On the largest magically armoured ship was a crimson flag. The flag seemed to be dyed by blood, and had the symbol of a skull and dagger on it. In the Dambrath outer seas, this was a terrifying legend!

The Scarlet Tigers! They had wiped out the original Tigershark Pirates and Black Skeletons, and were a large-scaled pirate group that had taken over the outer seas.

It was rumoured that the leader of the Scarlet Tigers, the Scarlet Witch, was a demon of the abyss. She bathed in the fresh blood of the living, using their pumping hearts to maintain her strength and beauty. At this point, the Scarlet Witch’s name had even reached the mainland, terrifying little kids into tears at night.

This Scarlet Witch whose fearful name had spread far and wide was currently on deck, looking into the distance with a look of anticipation in her eyes.

“Long time no see, Cousin Isabel!” A dark figure descended from the skies like a night hawk, bringing with him furious winds.

Leylin observed his cousin, who seemed to have changed a lot yet not at all. She greeted him with a smile.

“So you only remember me now? It’s been four years. Four whole years!” Isabel exclaimed maliciously, though her eyes seemed to be glimmering.

Afterwards, she yelled at the pirates who had been alerted, “What did you come out for? This isn’t an invasion. Get back, or I’ll hang you on the flagpole tomorrow for three whole days and then cut off your dick to go with some alcohol!”

It was evident that Isabel held high prestige here. After the roaring came the sounds of doors and windows closing.

“Hehe… you haven’t changed at all.” Leylin rubbed his nose and laughed. Isabel was still the same as she had been years before, though her long golden hair become much shorter, and she was specifically hiding an area on her forehead.

“My lord!” “My lord!” A few other leaders rushed to the deck, looking emotional.

“Mm. Karen, Robin Hood, Ronald! Have you all been well?” Leylin called them by name, one by one.

“Gods, everything is going well!” Robin Hood had been a soldier of Leylin’s family, and was the first to speak.

“Good! Let us have a meeting after this.”

Isabel rudely sent the other leaders away and stared at Leylin, causing some fear. “Where’s my gift?”

“This?” Leylin laughed wryly and produced the Red Dragon Sword. “I think it suits you well. I already told you when we talked…”

*Rumble!* Isabel didn’t even listen till the end. The moment she saw the dragonscale scabbard, her eyes twinkled with a wondrous look. She was almost barbaric as she snatched the sword from Leylin’s hands before moving back.

*Roar!* A slight draconic aura burst out, accompanied with the enraged howls and roars of a dragon. Red light flashed on the blade, bringing with it traces of flames.

“Legendary! A legendary item that has even gone through an excellent enchantment!” Isabel had been a pirate for many years, and her judgement was much better than before. She saw through it instantly.

“What do you think? Do you like it?” Leylin asked.

“It’s mine!” This question didn’t need answering. Just Isabel’s expression alone was enough.

“Mm, it’s good that you like it. Also, we have some things to discuss. Shall we go to your room?” Leylin suggested, and he saw the flush that rose on her face. He could not help but rub his nose awkwardly, feeling like he had been impudent.

However, Isabel still did as Leylin wished and brought him to her bedroom. The pink curtains, the canopy, the crimson carpet, and works of art with varying styles mixed together to form a unique look. These were all the treasures that Isabel had stolen.

A pungent incense entered Leylin’s nostrils, concealing the smell of the sea. Females were obviously more attentive than males.

“Actually, I’ve come prepared to solve the issues with the Barbarians in one go. Odge and Tillen seem to be stepping out of line lately…” Leylin’s eyes were trained on Isabel, “But by the looks of it, there’s something more important that we have to deal with now.”

He went forward, lightly pushing away her fringe. A few strange scales had already appeared at the edge of the girl’s fair forehead.

“Has the demonification already come that far?” Leylin frowned slightly.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m actually feeling the summons from the abyss even more. Who knows, I might just fall at any moment…” Isabel had a resolute look on her face.

“Mm, I feel that as well. But this doesn’t seem difficult to solve!” Leylin stroked his chins, and saw the hope in her eyes.

“Well, do you trust me?” Leylin sincerely looked into her eyes.

“Who if not you?” Isabel lowered her head.

“Good!” With a flick of Leylin’s finger, a barrier silently appeared. “I need you to cooperate with me fully and do as I tell you to, alright?” he instructed her carefully, a test tube containing golden-red blood appearing in his hands.

“Mm!” Isabel nodded her head slightly, suddenly blushing a little.


The morning sun rose from the east, shining golden ripples looking like fish scales on the sea’s surface.

“How do you feel?” Leylin looked to be slightly tired, though his eyes were still bright.

“I feel… better than I ever have before!” Isabel touched her forehead. The scales had disappeared, and her original short golden hair had turned a dark red like fire.

“Thankfully, you didn’t choose to sell your soul and were only corrupted by the demonification. That can be concealed and neutralised with a more powerful bloodline…” Leylin evaluated.

“I never thought you could even transform people into sorcerers!” Isabel looked towards Leylin, as if remembering something embarrassing from the night before, and lowered his head. In front of her cousin, she truly no longer had any secrets.

“Not a sorcerer, but a Warlock! A Dragon Warlock!” Leylin corrected her.

“Warlock?!” Isabel tested out this word, “I’ve never heard of it before…”

“I’ve combined the legendary red dragon’s blood with your body. From hereon, you will control the power of the red dragon, and can even awaken magic abilities!” Leylin had no plans to explain further and handed a meditation technique to Isabel. “You can try training in this ‘Dragon King’s Mystic Might’ in the future. It will do you good…”

“Dragon King’s Mystic Might? Do sorcerers— no, Warlocks need to train?” Isabel expressed her confusion.

“Of course!” Leylin nodded sternly.

This Dragon King’s Mystic Might was obviously not the high-grade meditation technique Leylin had gained in Twilight Zone. It was one he’d refined with that as a foundation. Leylin had actually found information on it from the ruins of the arcanist, and with the A.I. Chip’s help integrated the two.

It could be said that with the meditation technique and bloodline modification, Isabel now had the potential to surpass sorcerers! In addition, the blood of the legendary red dragon would be enough to suppress the demonification for a long time.

“Alright! Let’s go meet your cute underlings!” Leylin got up to leave, and Isabel followed closely behind. For high-ranked Professionals like them, a night without rest was no issue at all.

Pulling the door open, they arrived at the deck and saw the dubious smiles on the faces of Robin Hood, Karen and the others. Evidently, news of Leylin spending a night in her room had spread and given rise to some associations.

Unexpectedly, Isabel had not gotten mad but instead rejoiced inside. However, she still glared at them icily.

“Alright! There’s a lot to do, so let’s discuss it over breakfast!” Leylin had long since passed the age of caring about this, and waved his arms with vigour, bringing everyone to the dining room.

Making use of this opportunity, he got more familiar with the leaders under Isabel. He knew some of them very well, but was complete strangers with some others. They must have joined some time after he left.

“We’ve been developing well in these few years, especially after the imperial navy left. There are no opposing organisations left in the outer seas…” Isabel spoke with pride, “We now have twenty large warships with over 1500 men…”

“Mm, you did very well!” Leylin listened closely and got a better understanding of the recent growth of the Scarlet Tigers, “How about the Barbarians?”

At the mention of this, Isabel immediately turned grim.

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