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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 928: Conspiracy

Chapter 928: Conspiracy

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“Those darned barbarians are the only forces with the guts to oppose us. Half a month ago, they even launched a surprise attack on one of our fleets and sunk three of our pirate ships…” Isabel looked glum, “Also, they even control Pirates’ Cove. We’re barred entry!

“That’s not all. I have a feeling that they have something to do with the cause of turmoil in the outer seas recently. I mean the power of the abyss and hell, as well as the church of the God of Murder…” The half-drow assassin, Karen, supplied.

The female assassin had hidden her aura and would now be a Professional of at least rank 10. Now, she was impatient to show off in front of Leylin. This was obviously inappropriate, and under Isabel’s gaze Karen quickly fell back.

“Interesting… Interesting…” Leylin sat upright. His devilish ability to grasp the hearts of others allowed him to understand his underlings’ state of mind easily.

‘Karen… She was discriminated against because of her background and prior relations with me. What is she trying to show me? That’s not all… I have a feeling that she’s hiding something. This anxiety… is her race trying to rely on me for protection…?’

Leylin sent her a cursory glance, but this only made the half-drow nervous.

“My- My apologies, master!” The half-drow apologised miserably, tears almost flowing from her eyes. Leylin’s nonchalant gaze seemed to look straight into her heart, causing her little schemes and calculations to disappear.

The half-drow suddenly had a thought, ‘Perhaps even the matriarchs in the Underdark don’t have such terrifying gazes…’

“Isabel is the person I’ve assigned power. Before she gives permission, none of you are to speak out. Is that understood?” Leylin’s voice was low, “If this happens again…”

“No, I swear! I promise that there will never be another time!” Karen immediately knelt down, kissing the back of Isabel’s hand. “Please forgive me…”

“Forget it.” Isabel nodded. Leylin’s attitude satisfied her, and that was enough.

There had been a slight mishap with the female assassin, but after that the scope of the discussion returned to the Barbarians.


Pirates’ Cove.

Though the imperial navy had tried to wipe out this place several times, Pirates’ Cove still showed no signs of weakening.

Due to the Faulen Family quickly taking over trade of the Baltic Archipelago, the original golden shipping routes had not been abandoned. There were still merchant ships with all sorts of wealth on them travelling here, and the environment after the chaos of war made this a playground for pirates. Pirates’ Cove even showed signs of gaining more prosperity.

In a secret room in the barbarian inn. The Barbarians’ leader, Odge, was seated imposingly with the eternally beautiful Madam Tillen at his side. Now, however, her eyes were wary, and the fox tail at her back had been tucked in. Her fur stood on end, as if she was on her guard against some terrifying enemy.

Facing these two was a young noble with a head of black hair wearing gentlemanly attire.

“Well then… are the two of you interested in my proposition?” The young noble had a kind smile on his face, the manners showing his noble education. It felt refreshing, but Madam Tillen did not seem to be at ease.

This was because the youth in front of her was a devil! Compared to those evil beasts that specialised in seducing human souls and leading to their fall, the barbarians and goblins were great people.

To Madam Tillen’s knowledge, devils were always the synonyms of swindling and craftiness. This made her even more vigilant. The young noble in front of her did not seem to notice her fluctuating thoughts, and still continued on cooly, “Based on what I know, the genius wizard and successor of the Faulen Islands, Leylin Faulen, has returned. He also seems to have roped in some external support and activated their wizard tower, making Faulen Island a natural stronghold…”

A port with a wizard tower guarding it was entirely different from one without. Even Odge began to look grim. Leylin had become a high-ranked wizard in the Netheril Ruins, and had met with the chaos of war with the orcs. There was no way to determine his ranking. Naturally, this news did not spread.

“Leylin…?” Madam Tillen suddenly thought back to that little imp that had repeatedly caused her trouble, and could not help but tighten her grip.

He was like the devil in front of her, they were all very elegant and slippery characters. When it came to their own profits, they would never budge.

‘No… Leylin Faulen, the heir of the Baron, seems to be more terrifying than this devil…’ This thought suddenly rose in Tillens mind. This was a woman’s intuition. There was no reason at all, and she frowned.

“Not only does he have large armed fleets, he also has help from the pirates. On top of that, with the Faulen Family’s current status, they obviously would wish to attack the pirates in the outer seas to ensure that trade routes and trading remain unimpeded. Hence, you shall be their first target. You need my strength!”

The young devil spoke slowly, traces of darkness flashing in his eyes. Meanwhile, he was also astonished at the pressure the return of this noble caused to these two. It was above his expectations.

“Your name.” At this moment, Odge suddenly rose from his seated position and watched this devil from above.

“Neville! You can call me Neville. I would be happy to serve you…”

The devil named Neville had a sincere smile on his face. Behind his handsome features that could cause young noble ladies to go crazy Madam Tillen saw a poisonous snake. She could not help but shiver.

Blood-red flames rose, and the young devil bowed elegantly, disappearing with the teleportation flames. After determining that he had left, Madam Tillen set up an isolation spell formation.

“I think… We shouldn’t work together with devils. You know how they are…” Madam Tillen had a worried look, expressed with her eyebrows.

“We have no choice! Leylin’s faction is too powerful. We can’t go against them.” Odge spoke seriously, resulting in a wry look on Madam Tillen’s face. When it came to the strength of pirates, the Barbarians had no fear regardless of how the Scarlet Tigers emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

However, the Faulen Family was not just about the pirates! With their trade control and immense wealth, they’d rapidly set up terrifying armed fleets surpassing even Louis’ old ones. They were nobles, and in the name of protecting the shipping routes Leylin could openly expand his forces without restriction. Soon, it would surpass what Pirates’ Cove could control.

In the face of the purge on the surface and in the shadows, the Barbarians’ might in the outer seas had already begun to plunge. While it wasn’t a devastating decline, it wasn’t anything good.

At the very least, mobilising another Pirates’ Tide was impossible.

“The benefits of the Barbarians in the outer seas are never to be seized by outsiders. Never!” Odge thundered, his gigantic enchanted sabre seeming to sense its owner’s feelings and beginning to buzz along.

Odge was not just the captain of the Barbarians. He was also the protector of the barbarian race! The entire barbarian race relied on his protection to survive, which was why he would not fall back now.

“Dearest! I will help you. Even if it will send me down to hell, I’ll go there with you.” Madam Tillen had a tender look in her eyes as she hugged Odge’s arm.


Just as the scene was beginning to get comfortable and soft, Madam Tillen’s body suddenly trembled, rays of high-ranked communication spells shining.

“There’s another guest! It’s a priest from the God of Murder’s church!” She quickly rubbed eyes.

“Let him in.” Odge was blunt.

Soon enough, they saw the emissary. He was an old friend, the priest Leylin had seen in the Thieves’ Guild.

“I’ve brought the newest information regarding that devil!” It had to be said that when it came to scouting out information, the bunch of people under Cyric had exceptional talent.

“Speak!” Madam Tillen’s expression was icy.

“While we aren’t sure what their main body is, we can be certain that Neville comes from an organisation in the third hell…” The priest spoke slowly.

“The third hell? Is he the underling of the master of greed, Mammon?” She looked to be deep in thought. Mammon, or whatever it was, wasn’t the devil’s real name. It was only something similar to a nickname, and calling it would not alert him in any way.

“Yes! The continent has been noisy lately. The devils in the Dambrath Kingdom seem to have gone through some reshuffling of power, and it’s said that this has to do with the disappearance of Beelzebub…”

The church of the God of Murder seemed to have worked with the Barbarians more than once, to the point that they even shared such classified information.

“Also… We are working hard on making inquiries regarding the location of the Scarlet Tiger and where they get their supplies. I’m sure that there will be results in the near future! Under the gaze of my god, everything they do is clear as day!”

The priest’s eyes were bloodshot, and he looked a little sinister. This quickly dissipated.

“Sigh… Even the God of Murder can’t be trusted…” After the priest left, Madam Tillen lamented, looking worried.

“Could it be that powerful greater gods have fallen to the lower planes like in the rumours… This is truly a period of great unrest…”

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