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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 929: Emissary

Chapter 929: Emissary

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Cyric was an ancient and very famous god. His divinities were in murder and conspiracy, and he was a powerful greater god. He was an ancient god that had even outlived the dusk of the gods! It was said that he knew numerous ancient stories, and had an undefined relationship with the gods, though it was one more of hate.

However, there was a strange rumour in the past few hundred years. It was that this god had gone insane, and was even becoming a demon. This deviancy could be like a matter of life and death for the gods.

Such a situation was growing more and more obvious in recent times. He was sending down all sorts of contradictory prophecies, and the priests could not get used to it.

“Sigh… the God of Murder has gone insane! The orcs in the north are building an empire, and there are traces of devils and demons in Dambrath and on the outer seas… Perhaps only the dark ages are comparable to this…” Madam Tillen sighed.


“I see a future with devils and demons around…” On the Scarlet Tiger, Leylin observed a crystal ball on soft goose leather padding. He was in a dark cabin, and there was a complicated look in his eyes.

Using the power of magic to foresee the future was something only astrologers and oracles could do. They had their own methods— Some used tarot cards, while others used the trajectories of celestial bodies.

Arcanists had a similar skill, and with his experience in the Magus World Leylin could do so as well.

“The opponent’s main forces should be in Pirates’ Cove. We will obtain absolute victory in this operation, and we’ll find traces of a devil there…” Leylin put the crystal ball down and used a white silk cloth to wipe at his hands, speaking with conviction…

“I think there’s something wrong with you…” Isabel was reclined on the door, looking like a loyal bodyguard, her eyes now filled with curiosity, “I don’t remember you training in prophecies. Also, the oracles don’t do as you do…”

“Hehe… This is a method I saw in Silverymoon. Don’t think too much into it…” Leylin laughed slightly. While the fact that he had become a high-ranked wizard was a secret, he had already told Isabel about it, giving her confidence.

Marquis Louis had been able to do as he wished in the outer seas with just the power of a high-ranked wizard as well. He had also absorbed the Black Skeletons and Tigershark Pirates, pushing the Barbarians to the brink. If not for Leylin’s appearance, he would probably have become the sole tyrant of the outer seas.

“But things are different now! The disaster of the Pirates’ Tide has attracted the attention of too many powerful beings…” Leylin sighed. The outer seas had not been developed that much in the past, and the terrain and organisations were very simple. A barbarian tribe was already terrific then.

However, in current terms, they were nothing. This was why Leylin was a little uneasy, attempting to predict the future.

While the World of Gods’ ability to screen this type of spells was too powerful, gods and legendary beings could do this easily. Leylin did not believe that the Barbarians could do the same.

“That’s good then…” Isabel was all smiles as she spoke, before her expression abruptly changed.

*Rumble!* *Kachak!* A slight noise sounded, along with voices of the pirates’ distress.

“Seems like they found something on the deck… Let’s go…” Leylin smiled as he followed Isabel to the deck. At this moment, the pirates were circled around two figures.

One of the two was Karen, while the other was an assassin dressed in black form-fitting clothing. Sharp blades clashed endlessly, and the winds they produced left the pirates with no courage to go forward.

“Karen, stop playing around!” Leylin tapped his finger, and a terrifying cone of flames blasted forward, accurately hitting one of the figures. The raging flames immediately devoured it.

“That was just a puppet,” Leylin look towards the mast, “Is that right?”

“Hoo hoo! As expected of the one who established the Scarlet Tigers and defeated Marquis Louis, Sire Leylin!” Laughter that sounded like an owl could suddenly be heard, and a distortion emerged from the side of the mast to form a human figure.

“We meet again, Lord Leylin! Let me introduce myself. This humble servant is Arfo, a priest of the mighty God of Murder. We met once at Pirates’ Cove!”

Arfo was currently dressed impeccably like a priest. It was unknown when he had arrived on Leylin’s ship.

“How dare you!” Karen had noticed that the figure in the flames had disappeared, revealing the original appearance of a high-ranked illusion and turned grim.

“Wait!” Just as Karen was about to charge forth, Isabel beamed as she pulled her back.

“You must be very gutsy, huh? How dare you pleay tricks on my people?” Isabel stared at Arfo, her eyes narrowing dangerously.

“The great name of the Scarlet Witch has spread in the open seas. I never thought it would be such a beautiful lady,” Arfo looked to be somewhat intoxicated.

“Good, good!” Isabel took two steps forward, a smile on her face. All of a sudden, she made her move. The Red Dragon Sword was instantly unsheathed, and faint draconic roars sounded out.

A tremendous spiritual force field extended and caused all the pirates to back off, while the priest looked alarmed, “Dragon aura!”

The fiery-red sword produced a clear cry, flames spilling over in the air.

*Hss!* The priest took several steps backwards, looking terrified at the charred marks on his wrist.

“Karen is one of mine. It’s not up to you to bully her!” Isabel looked to have no intentions to kill him and slowly sheathed her sword with a snort. This immediately gave rise to gratitude in Karen’s eyes, as well as some shame.

“I never thought the Scarlet Witch wasn’t a demon sorcerer. You’re someone who inherited the blood of bloodline of a red dragon, and even have a legendary item!!” Arfo looked somewhat awkward while pondering over this.

Such a huge difference caused him to flare up at the thieves that had collected this information,

‘While there’s a similarity between demonification and becoming a red dragon, it shouldn’t be to this extent. They should be killed!’ Just a slight deviation or mistake in intel could cause irreversible consequences. Such a huge change immediately put Arfo on his guard.

“Who do you represent?” Leylin asked while snickering inside. Using Isabel’s status as a Dragon Warlock to hide her demonification had also been one of his plans. After all, red dragon sorcerers also had the ability to manipulate flames and grow scales. This would be enough to confuse people.

Demons were beings the churches would always crack down on ruthlessly. It was better not to have dealings with them. Sorcerers, on the other hand, were fine. Most importantly, Leylin had not explained anything himself. Everything had been assumed.

“I come representing the will of my god!” Arfo looked serious as he spoke.

“Do you have a prophecy from the mighty God of Murder?” Leylin looked at him, a teasing glint in his eyes. However, that only scared Arfo.

“N- No, but our bishop has recieved intent from my god!” When it came to his faith, Arfo naturally did not dare lie as he recalled the order he had received.

‘Have the outer seas descend into chaos? Just for a massacre, you provoke the two largest pirate groups? What kind of joke is this? Damn it… Ever since the bishop received god’s grace, he’s become more irritable and crazy…’ However, as a subordinate, he had no right to make any suggestions and could only carry out the orders of his superior.

“Since it’s the intention of the church, let’s have a listen shall we?” Leylin brought Arfo to a meeting room. The pirates automatically stood at two sides, eyes trained on Arfo. It was as if the moment Leylin gave the order, they would chop him into mincemeat, and that gave him immense pressure.

“Well then, emissary, what are your suggestions?”

“The dark world of the outer seas needs to be unified. We believe that the Scarlet Tigers are more suitable for this than the Barbarians.” Arfo did his best to suppress the fluctuations in his heart, saying words he did not mean. Wizards could easily detect any changes in mind or mood, and he would be seen through.

“… To show our sincerity, we are willing to provide intel regarding the Barbarians and help you achieve victory…” Arfo placed a sheepskin scroll on the table as he spoke.

“Oh?!” Leylin found this hilarious as he took a look. This was an exquisite map of the sea, marking out the location where the Barbarians resupplied. One large island had obvious blood-red marks.

“These are the areas where the Barbarians resupply. The last mark is where the barbarian tribe resides.” Arfo glanced at Leylin and spoke with confidence.

“The island where the barbarian tribe stays?” Isabel gasped, “Are you trying to create a lasting enmity with the Barbarians?”

“Since you’re already enemies, why not take it to the extreme?” Arfo spread his arms like a scoundrel.

“Haha… haha…” After a long period of silence, all he was met with was Leylin’s crazed laughter, “You said it well. You said it well! Since we’re already enemies, how about we take it to the extreme?”

Just as a smile bloomed on Afro’s face, something happened…

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