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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 930: Island

Chapter 930: Island

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“Kill him,” Leylin indifferently waved his arm, as if he were chasing a house fly away.

“Why?” Arfo’s expression immediately changed, his body flashing with the undulations of a teleportation scroll.

However, the bright light shattered immediately, leaving him in despair. Numerous weapons struck out. One filled with red qi, which was almost on par with a legendary dragon, immediately made mincemeat out of this emissary.

Only after they subconsciously acted did the pirates respond, bodies beginning to tremble slightly. Dear gods! They had actually killed the priest of an actual deity! While the pirates were capable of anything evil under the sun, they still held reverence for the gods.

“Isn’t this just a priest? If he’s dead, he’s dead. There’s something more terrifying than this to deal with next…” Leylin clapped his hands indifferently. Red flames descended and burnt the body to ashes, causing the pirates to feel as if they were in a dream.

“So, his information was false?” Isabel’s attention was on something else.

“No, the information is true.” Leylin shook his head and rolled the map up, “Give this to our navigator and have him go on the offensive while we head along this route.”

“You still…” Isabel found herself unable to keep up with her cousin’s thoughts.

“While the map is real, he has malicious intent. I have enough strength now, so I have no choice but to kill him!” Leylin laughed as he spoke, his eyes cold.

He had been too weak during the Pirates’ Tide, and had even needed help from the Barbarians and the Thieves’ Guild. At that time, he had to tolerate these people’s sneaky actions. But things were different now: he was a high-ranked wizard and an arcanist, far exceeding others of the same rank.

He had Tiff under him who had legendary strength, and Isabel had become a Dragon Warlock which allowed her strength to increase rapidly. While her bloodline limited her, it wasn’t an issue until she became legendary herself.

On top of that, the Faulen Family was not the same as before. They might not rule the outer seas, but their power controlled most of the seas’ regions.

With such strength, Leylin was the king through and through. Was there a need to make compromises?

On top of that, if the priests of the God of Murder truly were powerful, why would they still scheme and plot to stir up more tension between the two sides and not take over this region themselves?

Hence, Leylin was sure that they did not have favourable impressions of neither himself nor the Barbarians, and should be making plans to eliminate them all at one go.

“The God of Murder…” Leylin used the A.I. Chip and instantly found all the information regarding this greater god.

‘While he is very old, he’s known for being temperamental. There have been recent rumours that he’s going insane. Given that he’s like this, he will probably find it difficult to react quickly even if a branch with a bishop in charge were annihilated… Also…’

Leylin looked through the description displayed on the A.I. Chip’s screen, a look of fear flashing across his face.

‘He once fought with Distorted Shadow and announced that he killed this great rank 8 Magus…’ Leylin now had a profound understanding of the might of Distorted Shadow. It was impossible for him to fall so easily at this god’s hands.

‘Things started changing from that time. Cyric started to become more insane and unreasonable…’ Leylin stroked his chin, looking to be deep in thought, ‘Was he seriously injured in battle, causing the change in temperament, or was he tricked by Distorted Shadows and affected by the power of distortion?’

While the dusk of gods was over, the shadow Magi left behind in the World of Gods were not easily dispersed.

‘Whatever it is, the claws that the God of Murder extended into the outer seas must be cut off!’ Leylin decided and announced, “Let us set off!”

The tremendous Scarlet Tiger thundered, like a deep sea giant monster advancing to a battlefield.

Such a huge movement of the Scarlet Tigers had naturally attracted the attention of many organisations in the outer seas. The Barbarians had also assembled all their warriors in Pirates’ Cove, and a life or death battle was coming up between these groups. This would determine the ruler of the outer seas.

Such an enormous change immediately made many people fear the consequences. They knew full well that no matter the winner, this would be doomsday for them.

Even more crazed beings were making preparations in the shadows, hoping to get some benefits from the battle. They hoped to wipe out the two large pirate organisations so that they could become the kings of the dark world!

“He killed my child, Arfo!”

*Rumble!* The flames suddenly rose several times in size, reflecting the distorted face of the bishop underground.

“Y- Yes, my lord!” The thief’s voice quivered as he made the report. Ever since the bishop had gotten their god’s grace, his personality had also been affected. He had become very stubborn… and crazy!

For instance, the bishop would definitely not provoke the two pirate groups into a deathmatch to wipe them out together before.

“Hah… how despicable… I want to kill him. Kill Leylin!” In the hidden room was a statue of Cyric. There seemed to be a layer of dark red smoke around it, causing some changes. At times, the bishop looked sinister standing under the statue, and at other times poised. He was basically a madman.

“Hehe… It’s also good that he’s dead. Arfo should have gone to hell long ago. He did well, because that’s saved me a lot of trouble!”

“My- My lord, I’ll take my leave now!” Seeing the bishop in this state was also very stressful for the thief. He reported all this with fear, trying to shuffle backwards.

“Since Arfo is dead, why are you alive?” The bishop turned back, glaring at the thief. His gaze was so chilly the thief felt like he’d fallen into a house of ice.

“No, that’s none of my business, my lord!” Knowing that things did not spell well for him, the thief turned and ran, but it was too late.

The black flames rumbled around and swept through the area, enveloping the thief and causing him to squeal like a dying pig.

Seeing the thief gradually disappearing in the flames, a sick smile appeared on the bishop’s face. After he was done executing the thief, he knelt before the statue and lowered his head, beginning to pray, “Keke… Soon, my master. I will sacrifice more flesh and souls to you!”

The statue gazed at the bishop below coldly, the dark red rays around it becoming more dazzling…


“It’s Fire Slave Island. This is it!” It was impractical to get the pirate fleet to completely encircle the island. However, with the help of magic, it was not difficult to seal off a few shipping routes.

Leylin gazed at a completely red island through his telescope, one that had a volcano on it.

“Based on the intel, Odge’s barbarian tribe should be staying back and increasing their numbers here…” He put the telescope down.

“All fighters are to leave the boat. We will massacre this place!” he ordered.

One could be completely unscrupulous in war, but this was still taboo. Leylin would not have the courage to do such a thing in the past. The moment he did, the other party would also head over to Port Venus and attack his family. Now, however, he had the wizard tower. Leylin even hoped Odge would take the initiative, and seek his own death at Port Venus.

The order was sent down quickly. Numerous pirates got on little boats and headed to the shore like ants.

“Robin Hood, Ronald, Karen.” Leylin spoke more slowly.

“Boss!” Robin Hood came to Leylin’s side and respectfully waited for instructions.

“Take the fleet and leave. Only come when I send out the signal!” Leylin ordered.

He could tell that once news of him attacking this area got out, the Barbarians would definitely pounce here like madmen. When the time came, Leylin definitely did not want his pirate fleet to be damaged.

It would be too troublesome to attack Pirates’ Cove, so if he could draw the opponent out here, why not?

“I can’t even imagine the heat and terrible environment here. Why did the Barbarians choose this place?” Isabel cut apart the vines blocking her way. There were broad green-leaved plants that dropped dew with a pungent smell. It caused her to frown.

“These barbarians migrated here. The safety of the tribe is of the utmost importance. Since you think they won’t like this place, they can do as they wish…” Leylin explained.

He had nothing to worry about once they were on the large island. As long as he knew the general location, large life force undulations couldn’t be hidden from him.

“Boss! We’ve encountered resistance on a mountain pass up ahead. It’s barbarians!” A pirate said, having just run over.

“Kill him, we don’t need prisoners.” Leylin nodded indifferently. The pirates wouldn’t mind killing them even if they were the same race, much less people of another.

Soon enough, Leylin passed through the stronghold and saw the ground full of barbarian corpses. Many wounds were still leaking blood, and these ones looked smaller and weaker than average.

“Seems like these are the old and weak, females and children. Odge must have pulled all the strong youths to his crew.” Leylin nodded, no longer having any doubts about destroying the tribe.

Honestly speaking, Odge was a very wise leader. Not only did he resolutely bring his race to the outer seas, he had also survived tenaciously. A tribe like this needed external help and resources to develop, and for that reason they were forced into piracy.

He was very capable, able to mould them into one of the three large pirate groups in the outer seas and even gain control of Pirates’ Cove. It was a pity that he was in Leylin’s way. His only fate was to be purged…

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