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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 935: Pendant

Chapter 935: Pendant

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“I’m sorry, dear cousin! At this point, it’s better to get things done before we discuss things…” Leylin waved his arm, and another teleportation door opened.

Isabel stepped out of the teleportation door and immediately heard the uproar from the surroundings, as well as enraged shouts. Without any excess movements, she activated her bloodline abilities and the hidden techniques of the Red Dragon Sword

Dragon Aura Domain! Fireball! The legendary dragon’s spiritual domain and blazing fire rumbled, causing all the pirates to cry out miserably as they were sent flying. There were traces of charring all over their bodies.

The other pirates in the distance were also shrieking as they lay immobile on the ground. There was no way out for the weak in the face of the spiritual domain of dragon aura, and they would only be massacred by their enemies.

In actuality, the dragon aura of a regular dragon was still just average. One from an ancient or primordial dragon could take out even most high-ranked Professionals, and even affect legendaries to a great degree.

“Teleportation doors? High-ranked wizards? And a dragon sorcerer!” The God of Murder’s bishop cried out in alarm, light shining around his body.

After seeing Leylin step out of the teleportation door as well, his pupils shrank, “It’s you! You’ve already advanced to become a high-rank wizard?”

“Cut the bullsheet…” Leylin gave the bishop a disdainful glance, the arcane spell he’d already prepared launching forth.

Mage’s Disjunction!

*Boom! Boom! Crackle!* Numerous spell rays shattered, returning to form the original magic item. They returned to the ring in the bishop’s hand, then his necklace, followed by his luxurious clothing.

One after another, magic items exploded on the bishop’s body. As he had too many on him, he was unlucky enough but to have to flee naked.

“A rank 9 disjunction? A high-ranked wizard above rank 19?” Uncaring of his own image, the bishop sunk into shock. In a few years, the opponent had become a high-ranked wizard, which shocked him to no end. On top of that, he was already a rank 19, very close to becoming legendary.

However, the power of Mage’s Disjunction had been shown right in front of him, which was something he could not understand at all.

‘This is the might of arcane spells…’ Seeing the bishop who was now completely in the nude, Leylin sighed inside. He was a high-ranked priest who was at least rank 17, and his wizard ranking would not be enough to subdue the priest. The opponent possessed a large number of powerful magic items.

However, being an arcanist allowed him to bypass the limitations of spell slots and the Weave. As long as he had enough arcane energy and the correct spell models, any spell under the legendary realm could be cast for a price.

This rank 9 Mage’s Disjunction, for example, was a spell used specifically to deal with magic Professionals. Its focus was very powerful, and all items below legendary would be undone under this spell.

It could be said that arcane spells were the bane of all wizards! Most of the battle might of wizards depended on their magic items, and being stripped of them would be a deadly blow!

On top of that, the heartache of having the magic items formed with blood and tears, made of materials and resources that had been gathered painstakingly, was enough for wizards to cough up blood.

A prime example of this would be the bishop now. With his wealth and the numerous spells and items to aid his escape, Leylin’s surprise attack alone was not enough to kill the opponent.

Now, however, all of the preparations he had made had been unravelled under Leylin’s spell, completely losing their effects. Most high-ranked priests’ divine spells were for buffs and healing. There were few that were meant for killing. Leylin’s spell had taken out most of the bishop’s strength.

“Damn it… How did you advance so quickly?” The bishop’s face was almost green, eyes now bloodshot. No matter how much he had overestimated Leylin’s strength, he would never have imagined that Leylin was extremely close to becoming legendary.

It was this huge oversight that led to his failure.

‘This is just the effect of a Mage’s Disjunction spell. If it’s the legendary version, that would be the nightmare of all legendary wizards! Not only legendary items, even divine weapons could be damaged…’ Leylin’s eyes showed his thirst and intoxication. He then landed his gaze on the bishop.

“Wha- What do you want?” The bishop still held no fear for Leylin. There was only immense regret; regret that he had not prepared more.

“What I want? That’s what I should be asking you, my dear bishop!” Leylin answered with a slight smile. At this moment, Isabel had abruptly sent out a few Dragon’s Breaths and burnt a few high-ranked assassins to ashes.

Upon seeing this, the corner of the bishop’s eyes began to twitch. These high-ranked assassins had been great helpers that he had nurtured with care. While their power was lacking in comparison to the one that had attacked Leylin, they were all elites! Now, however, their corpses lined the area, destroying all of the bishop’s hard work over the years.

The defences of a Dragon Warlock’s scales were exceedingly terrifying. On top of that, she had a legendary item in the Red Dragon Sword. These assassins’ high-ranked enchanted daggers were no match at all, and once they crossed swords their lives were easily ended.

Meanwhile, the battle between the Scarlet Tigers and the bishop’s pirates began to show who was on the winning side. The high-ranked pirates that had been hastily gathered were no match for Leylin’s elites that had gone through countless battles.

The sounds of yells closed in, and even the warship that was the main force was caught up to and surrounded by the pirate ships. Numerous fleeing pirates surged out like the tide. Leylin seemed unruffled in the situation, a confidence inherent to his very being.

“Bishop. I haven’t dealt with your church before, but you show malicious intent against us. Care to explain?” Leylin watched him, the glint from the A.I. Chip strengthening.

This bishop gave him a very different feeling from many priests. He’d seen his fair share, like the Gold Priest Xena who was in charge of the church of wealth on Faulen Island. The bishop wasn’t like that.

[Beep! An abnormal energy reaction has been detected within the host’s body.] The A.I. Chip performed a full body scan in front of Leylin’s eyes. Many dark red spots had appeared on the translucent model, making it look demonic.

‘As expected… Is this the contamination from abnormal energy?’ Leylin wondered inside, ‘It’s a high-ranked priest, so this contamination should come from divine force!’

In Leylin’s eyes, the holy light of a high-ranked bishop had now been contaminated so badly that it was beyond recognition. No matter what kind of god, divine force was better when it was pure. However, what Leylin saw was divine force that had been contaminated and warped.

‘Has the God of Murder really gone mad? He doesn’t even care about his priests… Also, this power of distortion…’ Leylin felt a chill in his heart.

Legends said that Cyric, the Greater God of Murder, had begun to go insane. He was even planning to transform into a demon. His divine realm had signs of falling to the abyss, and it looked to be a possibility now!

The only being able to influence him that greatly would be Distorted Shadow!

‘As expected of an ancient peak rank 8 Magus! Even after falling, he can still cause his opponents so much trouble…’ Leylin could not help but sigh inside.

“Hm?” The bishop’s eyes raised slightly. In this situation, Leylin’s words sounded like he was amenable to persuasion.

“This… I can explain…” The bishop immediately gave Leylin a reason. Backing him was a true god, and a greater god at that. It was understandable that Leylin feared him. In the prime material plane, there had never been anyone with the guts to go against a greater god!

This was his belief in his god.

‘The plan to use military force has completely failed, but it won’t be bad if I can pull him to my side and make him a follower…’ Traces of dark red light flashed in the bishop’s eyes. He could not help but unclench his fingers from around a pendant he’d been clutching tightly.

“Now!” Leylin’s eyes flickered, and an invisible spatial undulation flashed with a bright light.

“Hm?” The bishop was stunned, and immediately felt a sharp pain at his wrist.

*Pak!* His right hand fell to the ground, bright red blood seeping out. A miniature statue of a god fell down.

‘He had no plans of complying!’ The bishop’s eyes went wide, and insanity flashed within. The only hand he had left began to grab towards Leylin’s heart.

“It’s too late… Finger of Death]” Leylin sighed. The dark rays from his hand disappeared into the bishop’s forehead, causing the light in his eyes to dim.

*Thud!* The bishop’s corpse fell heavily to the ground, causing the pirates to break down.

The rest of the matter was naturally left to his underlings. Leylin stood beside the Bishop’s fallen right hand and saw the small pendant, looking deep in thought.

‘God Descent? The material is strange, and it’s even immune to the Mage’s Disjunction attack…’ With this thought, Leylin picked the pendant up.

It was rather small. It was a miniature statue of a god, with thin silver chains threaded through it glimmering brightly.

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