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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 939: Demon Experiment

Chapter 939: Demon Experiment

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Faulen Island, the basement of the wizard tower. Within the negative energy pool.

This was a place where wizards conducted taboo experiments, with dimensional spell formations specifically to summon demons and devils. Hence, a powerful binding formation was an essential protective measure for this place.

Researching demons and devils! Obviously, once priests or paladins found out, he would become a wanted man, a sinner that all the humans would call out.

It was a pity that most high-ranked wizards had to make use of negative energy to advance. There were few who followed some lesser-known paths. After becoming a legendary wizard, those madmen might even completely disregard the gods and brazenly go against their ban, becoming involved in the domain of arcane spells.

In the eyes of those strictly forbidden scholars, the gods were merely a group of powerful wizards. Who exactly was up there was a function of luck and one’s birth.

Due to their pursuit of truth and their research, wizards often harboured thoughts of becoming treacherous, and were hated by the gods to the bone. They had then done all they could to create the Weave in order to limit the spellcasters.

Unfortunately, even with the annihilation of Netheril and the crippling of most wizards through the Weave, legendary wizards still walked the path of doubting the gods. The immense pressure they exerted caused even more vigorous backlash, which was in a way very ironic.

“A dimensional summoning spell formation? While I can only summon beings from various planes within the crystal sphere, it’s still not bad…” Leylin now stood at the edge of a spell formation with various runes drawn all over it, possessing an inquiring look on his face.

After sending the three priests away, he focused entirely on research in arcane spells. He was already a rank 16 arcanist, and it was obvious that he would perform practical experiments in this area.

“There seems to be a very powerful limitation in summoning spells within the World of Gods. There are also different factions. Of course… anyone can summon demons, as long as they are controlled well after that…” Leylin murmured to himself and activated the runes on the spell formation.

“Though it’s my first time using this, I guess I’ll summon demons. After all, I’ve gotten familiar with devils, but haven’t gotten the chance to observe demons myself…”

Demon summoning! As this was the first time, Leylin had not planned to summon a particularly powerful demon. However, after casting the spell, he suddenly found his spiritual force connecting with a large, deep, dark and chaotic plane.

“Is this the abyss? This power of space and chaos…” The abyss was currently known to have hundreds of layers, and most of it was definitely undiscovered.There were even rumours that the ninth level of hell had initially been part of the abyss and been separated.

With Leylin’s current spiritual force, it was impossible for him to advance to far into the abyss, even with spells and spell formations supporting him. He could only tour the surface layers.

“Mm! There’s a confusing and chaotic soul aura here, but it feels infinitely tiny. This should be a type of abyssal worm. That’s too weak… But then this one is too powerful. I think it’s approaching the rank of legendary. Everything is so different… I give up…”

With his fine spiritual force control, Leylin had more choices than other wizards. Finally, after a generally searching the area, he found his target, “A powerful soul aura and a strength that isn’t too strong or too weak. It’s you! Summon!”

The planar coordinates locked onto the target, and Leylin saw a teleportation gate opening. A strange, terrifying demon was teleported over.

*Kukaka!* What entered Leylin’s sights was a huge demon that looked more like a bald eagle on two legs. It was completely naked and had large wings on its back, the disgusting red chicken skin evident. Its human arms were tipped by incredibly sharp claws.

It did not hesitate to attack once it saw Leylin. The bloodlust, chaos and insanity within the soul caused his eyes to widen slightly.

“This should be a Vrock! While evolved from abyssal worms, it should be considered a mid-ranked demon! On top of that… this amount of chaos and level of attack… Hmph!”

Leylin huffed, the binding spell formation he had prepared beforehand flickered with dazzling light. Tens of lightning rays formed a huge prison. The Vrock’s talons clashed with the electricity, and it immediately caused a huge sound. Large amounts of black flames began to blaze within, causing even the Vrock to retreat pitifully. There was finally some fear in its eyes.

“This guy only knows to be tough on the weak but is afraid when treated harshly!” Leylin shook his head, his right index finger pressing on his temple, “A.I. Chip, scan it and gather data!”

[Beep! Mission established. Beginning scan.] The A.I. Chip loyally carried out Leylin’s commands. Soon enough, a 3D scan appeared in front of Leylin, detailing its stats.

[Name unknown. Race: Vrock (Tanar’ri) Strength: 16 Agility: 17 Vitality: 15 Spirit: 13 Feats: 1. Demon Skin 2. Flight 3. Corrosive Aura 4. Ability similar to magic. Description: This is a mid-rank demon. There is chaos and evil of the abyss in its very soul. Unless its mind is controlled, one will definitely be met with a powerful counterattack.]

‘It’s the model of a high-ranked professional, and its stats in all areas surpass them!’ Leylin evaluated dully, and then saw its faction lights and soul temperament. ‘What kind of insane and chaotic soul is this! It even has such an evil feeling…’

It had to be said that while he’d heard of this before, actually meeting one had Leylin losing completely hope in demons.

“They’re just a bunch of evil lunatics with power in their hands!” After seeing its temperament, Leylin finally understood why the demons kept losing in the bloody battles with devils. While they were all evil existences, these beings that hid within chaos were just unworthy of his attention.

“The chaotic temperament from the abyss? Where is this coming from?” Leylin had a searching look in his eyes. He observed the Vrock trapped by the binding formation, the intense gaze causing even the insane demon to feel some fear.

“I don’t have much time, but I do have patience for my first specimen!” Leylin had an apathetic expression as a small, silver surgical knife and other tools suddenly appeared in his hands.


“While the flesh itself is filled with a filthy power of chaos, the temperament of demons seems to be rooted in the soul itself…” The laboratory was now completely empty, and there were only bloodstained bits of bone left here. Some creature’s last wails seemed to linger in the area, filling the place with a frightening aura.

However, this did not affect Leylin at all. After washing away the blood and dirt on his hands, he focused on studying the potion in the test tube he held. A dark red liquid could be seen in the test tube, a dark light within shining with varying amounts of intensity as he shook the tube. It seemed evil and frightening.

‘This is the potion that was made from extracting the demon’s energy. A.I. Chip!’ Leylin’s eyes twinkled as he ordered.

[Beep! Item Name: Middle Demon Potion. Effect: Raises vitality and strength of all beings below 10 points by 1 point. For those with these stats below 15 points, vitality and strength increases by 0.5. Ineffective for all professionals above rank 15. Description: This is a potion with powerful demonic energy. Drink it if strength is desired, although be fearless of the corruption to your soul. You might fall to the abyss forever.]

“Not a bad result. What a pity…” Leylin sighed. While this potion was pretty good at boosting his underlings’ strength, the demonic corruption that would result was a huge issue. If he wanted to continue working in the prime material plane, then his underlings could not be a group of demons!

However, his underlings could not be too weak either. He was preparing to nurture talents for the church he would build.

“What a bother! While I’m unafraid of such corruption, it won’t be the same for others…” Leylin muttered, “I need to adjust the soul to remove the corruption, which would increase the costs too much. This can only be used as a reward, and not an ordinary potion to be passed down…”

‘And… the abyss?’ Leylin stroked his chin, recalling that mighty surge of chaos he had felt before.

‘Chaos is a rather powerful law. After grasping it, I might even be able to command strength even more powerful than greater gods and work together with the abyss. Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit me at all… I should head to the abyss and hell after becoming legendary to take a look.’

With Leylin’s abilities, the abyss and hell were good choices to reincarnate in. However, Leylin had pondered over this and then given up. Compared to the prime material plane, these two areas were far too dangerous. There were battles everywhere and basically no peace whatsoever.

Right after reincarnating, Leylin would be at his weakest. How could he gamble on this?

“Even if I wanted to try my luck, would I, an invader, still be cared for by the World Will?” Leylin had a feeling that even while the World Will was in a deep sleep, its malicious intent towards Magi would not disappear so easily.

However, with his law of devouring, he would certainly be able to let his talents shine if he were to enter the abyss and hell. Leylin had no hesitations when it came to that!

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