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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 940: Mid-rank Perfect Body

Chapter 940: Intermediate Perfect Body

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Within a dim room. Powerful golden divine force was raging like stormy waves as it gushed out of a small statue. It was then absorbed by a huge black vortex in mid-air. Completely transformed, a pure energy gathered at the body of a quiet figure sitting there.

Powerful divine force condensed to form a faint figure of light, a thread of divinity sparkling as it emerged.

‘The analysis of divine force has slowly given me information over divinity…’ Leylin pondered over this. In the eyes of Magi, this so-called godhood was merely an elementary understanding of the power of laws.

A true god had comprehended one law completely. From there, one would ignite their godfire to join the ranks of the other true gods, a process improving comprehension of laws as they grasped them.

“But… The World of Gods has unique rules of their own. With the power of faith, comprehension of the laws can be hastened. The power of laws possessed after becoming a true god can also be boosted through faith. With the comprehension of laws as the core, one can rob or present this divinity that comes from faith…”

It was extremely difficult for the inhabitants of the World of Gods to surpass the limitations on their own bodies and obtain divinity. Unless one was lucky enough to get into the good graces of the gods or pick up a divine weapon with divinity hidden inside, this was basically impossible.

However, having already grasped the true essence of laws, Magi didn’t find it too difficult to create divinity as long as they had enough materials.

‘Honestly speaking, divine force is actually the material to form divinity. It takes other gods too much energy to transform it, to the point that they’re unwilling to do so…’ Leylin studied the statue in his hands. The divine force within was almost completely depleted.

“Even with all the divine force stored inside being able to raise the my average stats, I still can’t form any real divinity…” Leylin muttered to himself. After absorbing all the divine force within the statue, his strength had improved just a bit. He now had a better understanding of Cyric’s godly duties and domain, but he still could not condense divinity. This was not an issue in technique, but just that there weren’t enough pure ingredients.

By his estimation, he would require all the divine force from a god’s avatar to condense the divinity he needed.

“Eliminating an avatar?” Leylin stroked his chin, beginning to ponder over the feasibility of this matter.

It wasn’t possible for a god to descend on the prime material plane in their true body. Their personifications were at most high-ranked legendaries and saints, about as strong as rank 5 or 6 Magi. They would also lose their holiness, and could therefore be killed.

Of course, even the avatar wasn’t someone Leylin could deal with easily.

‘I completely understand Cyric’s divine force…’ Leylin reflected, ‘With multiple domains like murder, massacres, conspiracies, and death, he has entered the ranks of the greater gods. An avatar from him would be the cream of the crop…’

In Leylin’s eyes, however, of all of Cyric’s laws, the only ones Leylin found worthy were those of massacre and death. These two domains were very formidable, and they were what Cyric had relied on to enter the ranks of the greater gods.

It would take a tremendous amount of divine force to condense a divinity in these domains.

‘Even if he’s gone insane, this is still far too difficult… I should change my target…’

Ever since Leylin had started out here, he had only offended two gods; the God of the Hunt, Malar, and the God of Murder, Cyric. This had naturally been done after some pondering. As the path he had chosen caused conflict with these two gods, becoming hostile was obvious.

‘Malar is only a lesser god, and his avatar would be easier to deal with. I don’t want anything to do with his domain of hunting, but it won’t be hard to transform it into a divinity in massacres…’

Only middle gods and above in the World of Gods could transform divinity between similar fields. However, any rank 8 Magus could do so This was the result of differences in comprehending laws.

With Leylin’s temperament, those benevolent and honest roles meant nothing to him. Not only was his soul unsuitable for that, it would also pollute his path to becoming a rank 8 Magus. Hence, he had few choices.

With research on ancient Magi like Distorted Shadow, he now had a better understanding of his own path.

‘My path is definitely inclined towards ‘evil’ for this world. Will I completely walk the path of a rebel?’ Leylin stroked his chin, ‘Based on the novels from my previous world, rebels never lead good lives. That’s rather… interesting…’

‘But… the power of devils will definitely gives rise to massacres and death. That’s rather fitting…’ The corner of Leylin’s lips suddenly turned up in an evil smile.

He did not fear sin on his path to eternity, nor did he mind grasping evil laws.

*Boom!* At this moment, the miniature statue in his hands exploded. His continued absorption over this period of time had completely exhausted the divine force within.

“Is it depleted already?” Leylin closed his eyes. The cells all over his body greedily absorbed this pure energy that had been transformed, and there was even a huge improvement on a genetic level. At this moment, the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded.

[Beep! Host has absorbed pure energy. Effect similar to eternal grace from the god. Strength +1, Agility +2, Vitality +1, Spirit +1.] [Host’s spiritual force has broken through, rank increasing. Host is now a rank 17 arcanist. Arcane Energy +10.] [Obtained spell slots: rank 8(1), rank 7(1), rank 6(1), rank 5(1)]

All his stats had now exceeded 15. Power erupted in Leylin’s body, and it felt as if every cell was dancing in elation as if they had broken through their shackles.

[Beep! Host’s stats have all reached 15. Feat Elementary Perfect Body has become Middle Perfect Body.] The A.I. Chip’s prompt continued to show.

Afterwards, the explanation of the Perfect Body feat was refreshed. [Middle Perfect Body. Host’s genes have been optimised. Characteristics of exemplary beings has been strengthened, and host has obtained mid-rank resistance to toxins, fire, cold, and corrosion. Endurance in varying environments has been increased by large degree.]

Leylin’s stats changed. [Leylin Faulen. Age: 22. Race: Human, Rank 17 Arcanist. Strength: 15. Agility: 15. Vitality: 15. Spirit: 17. Arcane Energy: 170 Status: Healthy. Feats: Sturdy, Erudite, Middle Perfect Body. Specialties: Arcane Energy Detection, Arcane Amplification.] [Spell slots possessed: rank 8(1), rank 7(3), rank 6(6), rank 5(???), rank 4(???), rank 3(???), rank 2(???), rank 1(???), rank 0(???)] [Analysis of Weave: Level 0: 100%, Level 1: 100%, Level 2: 100%, Level 3: 100%, Level 4: 100%, Level 5: 100%, Level 6: 53.33%, Level 7: 34.97%. Level 8: 0.11%.]

‘So all of the divine force and demon potions recently have allowed me to rise to this point?’ Leylin nodded, looking satisfied.

The rise in his arcanist ranking allowed him to reduce the consumption needed for arcane spells. Besides for rank 9 arcane spells, he would not need to pay any price at all. The rise in his wizard ranking also allowed him obtain a rank 8 spell slot, which was pretty good.

“And then… Middle Perfect Body?”

Leylin wondered about this. The advancement in his perfect body meant he was transforming into a higher-grade lifeform. Once he became a legendary, he would probably have a Greater Perfect Body or even Legendary Perfect Body as his feat.

“Even those old legends must have endured long periods of training to improve their stats, allowing them to possess a Legendary Perfect Body. However, at the rate that I’m improving, my feat with the Perfect Body alone after becoming a legendary would allow me to catch up to the Legends who have been amassing strength for so long…”

“Also, a powerful vessel would allow me to make preparations to take on more power!” Leylin had a feeling that once his Perfect Body reached the legendary domain, there would be huge advantages to absorbing divinity and even igniting his godfire to become a god.

“Whether it’s the remaining evil organisations in the outer seas or dealing with the God of Murder, all this would require me harnessing great power…” The Faulen Family might have become a king of the outer seas, but lacked the power to completely control the situation!

Only by quickly becoming a legendary could he fearlessly take on the attack from the God of Murder’s church, and therefore make the outer seas a solid foundation for him to become a god.

“My speed of advancement is already very fast. If I want to continue, the only method would be making use of the faith of the natives in the outer seas…”

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