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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 942: Mishap

Chapter 942: Mishap

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“First ensure the safety of the shipping routes. If there are those you can’t deal with, make a record of them and leave them to me!” Leylin went through things to take note of and then ended the communication.

“With the expansion of the outer seas, there should still be many left even after eliminating those too powerful or with powerful backings.” Leylin’s eyes glinted with wit, immediately recalling the barbarian altar from before.

“I don’t need that many. As long as I find around 10 of the natives’ sacrificial areas like that of the barbarian tribe, the accumulated energy should be enough for me to advance and even get close to the realm of legendaries…”

Leylin willed it, and the outer seas immediately grew lively. With the Scarlet Tigers taking the lead, numerous pirates yelled out as they swept through the native islands close to important shipping routes.

Besides those with powerful backers or the protection of powerful beings, basically all the native tribes were purged. Most of the adult males in these tribes were killed, while the rest were turned into slaves.

With abundant supplies, the price of native slaves in the outer seas fell steeply by 50%, causing many slave traders to go bankrupt. Of course, in this whole disturbance, the Faulen Family made use of prompt news and abundant resources to gulp down much of the share in the sales of the slaves.

With such a storm, the little businesses could only be crowded out. The true big shots would use these methods to massacre the market and remove all competitors in their way. They could then monopolise the market.

Leylin could be said to be very familiar with this. With the war, all sorts of loot and slaves were shipped to the Faulen Island. There were even totems and ritual items for evil gods here, which actually helped Leylin to learn a great deal.

Within these items were some form of power of faith. Leylin found this useful. Through these years of hard work, the power he held gradually took shape. He need not bother himself with many things, because his underlings would take the initiative and do everything well.

This was the advantage of being the master of a large organisation.

‘No wonder even gods would create churches and work hard to operate them. While they look like saints, the intent behind it is rather similar…’ Leylin found that he now had a better understanding of the methods of the gods. Afterwards, however, something snapped him out of his thoughts.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* The faint sounds of shattering could be heard from Leylin’s shirt tail, causing his expression to change.

Leylin reached down and came up with several fragments from a crescent shape ruin. This was supposed to be a complete crystal, but had now shattered into numerous tiny pieces. The luster on it dimmed in an instant.

“Is there trouble?” Leylin’s eyes did not waver as he mumbled. This was a communication rune he had made especially for his cousin, which could bypass most spatial separation.

This sudden alert meant that Isabel had met with a very problematic issue on the outer seas. She had no choice but to cut off all communications, a desperate step.

“Send down the message that I’ll be leaving for a period of time” Leylin told the tower genie dully. The intellectual core quickly understood Leylin and carried out his order. Ernest headed to his drawing room directly.

“Why are you leaving now? Don’t you know that our experiment has reached a crucial stage? Oh! Also, the trade of your family is the best it can be! Poor Leon needs to calculate bills all the way till deep in the night everyday…” Ernest spoke, as if blaming Leylin.

“We can set the experiment aside. Anyway, those gem kelp that we were observing need another two years until they have fully matured. There’s also nothing to worry about with the family business. If anything happens, look for my father, Baron Jonas. The churches will also help you as much as they can!”

Leylin rolled his shoulders back.

“Fine… Seems like you’ve made up your mind. Can you tell me why?” Ernest looked curious, “Let me guess… it’s… for a woman? Am I right? Only beautiful girls could make someone of your age more boyish…”

“What do you mean by ‘more boyish’?” Leylin stared at him, speechless.

He was most worried about the Scarlet TIgers that he’d established suffering a huge blow. The safety of his cousin Isabel was also of utmost importance. Of course, she was a beautiful woman, but this had nothing to do with what Ernest was talking about.

“Oh, teenagers… don’t worry… I’ll explain to your father!” Ernest winked suggestively at Leylin, a suspicious look on his face.

“Fine, fine.” Leylin shook his head and walked out. He had a feeling that Master Ernest must have noticed something, and everything he was doing was on purpose!


At the same time, a blazing fireball was launched from the Red Dragon Sword. In that instant, all the thorny vines wiggling in the air were burnt to ashes.

“It’s the seventeenth time!” Isabel huffed, though her gaze was still strong, “Everyone, retreat to the cave. Quick!”

Red Dragon Transformation! Dragon Breath! Following that, Isabel unhesitatingly activated her bloodline force and turned into a half-dragon with fiery-red scales and a pair of large wings extending from her back.

The heated conical flames formed a triangular blank space. A few natives who could not evade in time were struck by the flames, and became huge chunks of ashes.

“Damn it, there’s something wrong with this tribe!” As she guided the surviving men into the cave, Isabel cursed and grabbed a black rock by the side of the cave.

This operation had started swimmingly. The tribe they were going to wipe out did not have the protection of true gods like the Goddess of the Ocean. There were also no legendary natural spirits and totems here, so they were rather weak.

However, just as Isabel prepared to destroy the huge tribe in one go and make all of them slaves, a series of unthinkable things happened.

This tribe actually had relations with the rumoured native empire, and they had coincidentally met with their support forces! At the thought of the unpredictable killings in the forest, Isabel turned glum.

The black rock in her hand produced noises before ultimately shattering, turning into fragments of lime and sprinkling everywhere.

Such a violent scene immediately caused the pirates to shrink back, afraid that her palm would arrive at their heads next.

This was the most solid greenstone! Through the polishing and corrosion of an unceasing water flow, it had grown lustrous and hard. It felt indestructible, but it was like white bread in her hands.

“Pfft, a bunch of cowards!” Isabel disdainfully turned back. With her remodelling as a bloodline Warlock and the fusion with the legendary dragon’s blood, her power was increasing by the day.

By using the Dragon King’s Mystic Might meditation technique, Isabel could sense her strength was increasing. It was as if a dragon resided in her body! If not for her underlings dragging her down, she would find it easy to break out of here alone.

“The signal has already been sent out. Hmph! Once Leylin’s here, I’m going to burn these disgusting monkeys to death!” The sword in Isabel’s hand glimmered with light. Crimson qi immediately destroyed numerous tropical trees, revealing the elite native warriors and their summoned creatures.

They were now in a gigantic tropical rainforest, and there were native tribal warriors everywhere. What attracted Isabel’s attention the most were actually the elite warriors from the empire.

‘Based on their dialect, the reinforcements are the Forest Hunters and Amazon Warriors?’ Isabel recalled the information she had obtained before.

The system of Professionals in the World of Gods was huge. Besides the most common warriors, thieves, and so on, there were countless other hidden professions, such as the arcanists.

There could even be systems of power from the dark era in remote regions.

The native empire had their own system of professions, which Isabel thought to be a normal occurrence.

‘I just don’t know if there are gods in the empire of natives.’ Isabel suddenly considered this. While they were base and lazy, and the power of faith they offered less pure than even that of regular people, the amount was still pretty good.

If they could find a new continent with the native empire with no gods, then even a god would go green in envy!

*Rustle!* The natives that had been scared off by Isabel’s attack shrank back, while Isabel looked on every corner of the battlefield. A slender figure soon appeared behind a broad-leaved tree.

“How is it, Karen? Have you found their commander?” Isabel asked without hesitation.

“No!” This was the pirates’ scouting captain, the half-drow Karen. She was shaking her head regretfully, “The leader is very vigilant and seems to have great anti-detection abilities. I can’t find their core…”

“Damn it! We can only wait for reinforcements…” Isabel sighed. She began to feel deeply uncomfortable at the thought of being unable to complete Leylin’s mission, though she couldn’t quite tell why.

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