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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 943: Trap

Chapter 943: Trap

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Numerous elite natives formed a heavily-guarded defensive line within the tropical rainforest. Behind them were several crudely constructed tents.

Based on the traditions of the natives, these tents were adorned with colourful feathered decorations on the surface, as well as some runes smeared on with fresh blood.

“Has Special Envoy Agigikro caught them yet?” asked a native who was evidently their leader. He wore a large golden crown on his head, but looked rather slender, almost bony; it was a stark difference. This man was currently watching another white-browed native.

This native called Agigikro had evidently experienced much over many years. His eyes showed his wisdom, and he was half a head taller than the leader, which showed that he had been raised in a more nourishing environment.

“They are very powerful followers of another religion. The elite Forest Hunters and Amazon Warriors that I brought couldn’t even take a blow from that monster in human form! To force them to come here, I’ve already lost 27 elite warriors…”

Agigikro was evidently not this leader’s subordinate, and his tone made him sound like they were on equal terms.

“Also… I’ve only come here to accept offerings to the empire and had no intentions of taking part in this!”

After seeing that this envoy was beginning to get mad, the native chief grew restless, “But… With these outsiders and those of another religion around, my island is now getting increasingly unsafe. My people are losing their lands. If you weren’t here, I might have chosen to abandon this place and find a land that those blue-eyed ones can’t see…”

Seeing that his complaints and chattering did nothing to convince Agigikro and only made him more enraged, the head wrung his hands and looked to be in pain, “Fine… Fine… To thank you for your help, my friend, I can offer you some things privately. They’re all…”

After hearing a whole bunch of promises, Agigikro’s frown smoothed out. The islands around this place weren’t much to those from the natives’ continent. However, this one place was different. This chief in front of him was the only way they could procure the specialties of this place, and they were very precious in the empire.

If not, Agigikro wouldn’t be so kind hearted as to help him fight off the invaders.

‘Perhaps… I should find a chance to beat the method they get their tributes from out of them…’ Agigikro looked towards the head, eyes glinting with a chilly gaze like a poisonous snake hidden in the shadows.

While this was a mere glance, the head was already beginning to get uncomfortable, “Well then, about those invaders… What do you say?”

“Them?” Agigikro froze, and then looked furious. “Those who have the gall to kill so many of my men will never be let off easily. I’m going to skin off their scalps and use their bones as musical instruments, eternally hung in front of the doorframe to my house.

“But… They seem to be powerful beings who’ve grasped evil strength. If we go in with dull strength, we’ll also have casualties. On top of that, the terrain is hindering us… Hence, I believe we can push the timing to attack them back. What do you think about tomorrow night?”

Agigikro’s eyes were filled with a sneaky luster.

“Tomorrow… Night? You mean—” After hearing this, the head’s eyes brightened.

“Exactly. With that around, those of another religion can only embrace the eternity of death, no matter how many of them there are…”

At this thought, the head applauded, now in a better mood. The tent was pulled open soundlessly, and then a group of girls with different-coloured fruit plates balanced on their heads flitted in like butterflies. They had eyes like black pearls, and their lips were extremely charming. Every part of their bodies held vitality that only youth possessed.

The maids respectfully put the fruit plates down. There were all sorts of precious tropical fruits within, while the plates themselves also emitted a charming golden light. They were made of pure gold.

“Envoy, there’s still much time till tomorrow. How about you take a look at what we have planned here?”

The head smiled and he clapped. A group of musicians began to play elegant tunes, and the girls began to dance gracefully. The provocative dance had a unique beauty to it, and in that moment the tent began to undulate with youth.

Agigikro stared hard at one of the dancer girls, who was the most beautiful, and he began to peel a grape while looking intoxicated. The head, who was watching, snickered inside. On the surface, he looked ready to flatter the envoy more.


While the natives danced to show happiness and prosperity, Leylin had secretly arrived at Pirates’ Cove. This place had now turned into the Scarlet Tigers’ main base, and any barbarians or organisations related to the church of murder had been uprooted.

The Scarlet Tigers had conducted a purge after occupying this place. Powerful ammunition had exploded on half of the dock; blood still stained the port from that day.

However, pirates lived like locusts. The scattered pirates reappeared after the purge of war, like bamboo shoots in the rain. The bars and dancing halls were open the whole night, and the place seemed dazzling and prosperous.

This motivated more sailors to turn to the path of piracy. While most were killed, the lucky ones who survived did strike it rich and turned into a new legend. This encouraged generation after generation of pirates.

“My Lord!” Now, in the core residence of Pirates’ Cove, Ronald and Robin Hood’s foreheads were dripping cold sweat as they watched the young noble in front of them.

While Leylin had not released his aura, the pressure he gave them was enough for them to feel like they were in front of a dragon. In this situation where Miss Isabel was heavily surrounded, it didn’t matter if this was an error on their end, but they knew they could be hanged for this.

Knowing how terrifying Leylin could be, the thought of fleeing did not even rise in their minds. They could only keep praying that Leylin could show them some benevolence.

“I took a look when I came. The construction of the harbour went well. Robin Hood, you’ve put in much effort!”

Unexpectedly, Leylin did not begin to reprimand them first thing. His approval immediately had Robin Hood feeling slightly better, “Many thanks, young master! I only did what I had to do the best of my abilities!”

“And you, Ronald!” Leylin then glanced at the middle-aged pirate next to him.

Through years of experience, this subordinate that he had recruited now had the aura of someone at the top. His strength had also grown by a large amount, as was expected of a seedling that Leylin had chosen himself.

“My Lord!” Robin Hood went down on a half-kneel, “I am in charge of the sea routes. No matter what happened, I am partially responsible for this. Please forgive me!”

Much time hadn’t passed since the establishment of the Scarlet Tigers, but a few groups and factions had already formed. While most were under Leylin and Isabel, there were still others.

Compared to a general like Robin Hood who had come straight from the garrison, Ronald who had entered midway lacked confidence. Of course, this might also have to do with Leylin having too much power.

“Since this has happened, I’m not going to put the blame on anyone. I just hope we can solve it as soon as possible…” Leylin waved his arms. He’d already had some expectation that this might happen. However, as long as there were people around, the losses could be quickly replenished, which was not an issue.

“I’ve looked through the records in the meeting, and you aren’t in the wrong. You have no need to worry about it…” This was the main point. Otherwise, Ronald might not even be able to walk out of this room.

“My lord…” A warmth surged in Ronald’s heart, and his chest felt stuffy, yet he could not say anything.

“Enough. Who are you putting this show for?”

Leylin stopped Ronald and then spread out a huge sea map on the table. This was the most complete map of the areas the Scarlet Tigers’ had gathered. There were also some areas added in that had been explored by the Barbarians or other pirate groups. At a glance, the entire Dambrath outer seas could be seen vividly in his mind. This was a priceless treasure.

“Come, Ronald. Mark the route that Isabel has taken this time!” Leylin took a vernier caliper and moved it around, and then passed a red marker to Ronald.

“Yes, my lord!” Ronald took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Meanwhile, after recalling some memories, he drew a crooked red line on the map.

“As most of the outer sea native tribes have been wiped out, Lord Isabel’s hunting targets are now closer to the deep sea… In the previous sail, we communicated. Things had been normal up till this point!”

“The red coral sea? That’s rather close to the outer regions…” Leylin glanced at the area Ronald had marked out on the map.

The red marking was the most southern part of the map, and extremely close to the boundaries of the outer seas. With a few days of sailing, she could sail away from the scope on the map.

“My cousin… I already reminded her not to go too far…”

Leylin sighed as he shook his head, “There are far too many native tribes in the south, and things are complicated. There are even rumours of the native empire there. She was trying to wipe them out with just one pirate fleet… sigh…”

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