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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 945: Nightmare Island

Chapter 945: Nightmare Island

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As a special envoy from the native kingdom, Agigikro had also brought a batch elite fighters with him.

This included the Forest Hunters and Amazon Warriors. They were the ones who had attacked and held Isabel as well as her underlings back, and forced them into the dangerous forest.

Now, however, a youth had suddenly broken through all these people’s defences and arrived at the core circle. He was even threatening the safety of the two leaders here, so how could they not be furious and terrified?

Along with Agigikro’s enraged yell, countless Forest Hunters brandished the lances in their hands and, alongside the Amazon Warriors with strange tattoos on their bodies, immediately surrounded Leylin . The sharp weapons even formed a storm that aimed to tear Leylin to shreds.

However, Leylin’s expression was rather interesting. He cared little for these enemies and instead stared unblinkingly at the crystal in his hands, as if it was the only thing that mattered.

“When I got onto the island, I already had a feeling that something was off. My instincts shouldn’t be wrong. This power…” Leylin’s eyes glinted with wisdom.

“Kill him!” At this moment, numerous natives roared as they pounced forward.

“Die, you weaklings!” Leylin, who was immersed in studying the crystals, waved his hand in annoyance.

Arcane spell— Missile Storm! Explosive Cloudkill!

With immense penetrative force, the arcane missile ruthlessly went through the neck of an Amazon Warrior, and then opened a gaping wound on one Forest Hunter’s chest.

Numerous spells were launched, giving rise to waves and waves of blood being spilt.

After the Cloudkill spell, it converged to form a black tornado that disintegrated all the natives that had fallen, and even caused the corpses to begin corroding.

In the blink of an eye, the native elite fighters surrounding Leylin turned into one corpse after another.

“How is it possible? Is- Is he a death god? Or a devil? Or demon?” Agigikro watched Leylin who was standing within the tornado, muttering in disbelief. He knew the strength of his subordinates very well.

The Amazon Warriors could use their bare hands and kill a Sawtooth Tiger, while the Forest Hunters could wrestle with pythons and alligators in the tropical rainforests. Now, however, they were falling in large numbers like grass being mowed, the speed at which they were going down far exceeding his expectations.

“Go!” “Kill them!” Now, yells were sounding from all directions. The pirates that Leylin had brought along were beginning to make their move.

“Get here!” Leylin pointed, and Agigikro as well as the native head was grabbed by a huge stone hand, pushing them till they were before Leylin.

“Agubaba… Klagila…” At this moment, Leylin saw a native smeared with oil all over his body and feathers stuck on him. Like someone having epilepsy, he began to twitch while facing him.

“A spellcaster? Is this a curse? That’s so weak! This is just too weak…” He pointed lazily, and a ray of light struck the head of the great priest, white and red spilling everywhere.

Seeing the honourable great priest’s body falling headlessly, all the natives completely crumbled. Leylin, who was standing in front of them, was like an enemy that they would never be able to resist. He was as omnipotent as a god in the sky.

The voices of the pirates outside gradually drew closer. In no time, Robin Hood and Ronald arrived before him.

“Boss! There are approximately a few thousand people in this tribe, but those here should be their military. They’ve been defeated…”

Robin Hood reported. Those who had come from Pirates’ Cove could be said to be the best of the best, and there were already a thousand powerful pirates. Compared to the natives, they had an absolute advantage.

“Mm, clean things up here. Try to catch them alive if possible. I have uses for them!” Afterwards, he sized up his own prisoners and the blood-red crystal in his hand. The crystal now emanated dazzling rays that gave rise to a look of intoxication in Leylin’s eyes.

‘My instincts can’t be wrong. This is dreamforce! While there are slight differences, this is power that belongs to Dreamscape!’ From the moment Leylin had gotten onto the island, he had sensed that the native island was enveloped by a layer of strange power. After seeing the dark red fog forest and the natives’ offerings, he could confirm that there was actually dreamforce here— a power that hailed from Dreamscape!

This discovery immediately aroused his interest.

“My- My lord, please forgive me. I am an envoy of the empire. You can’t…” At this moment, Agigikro who was being grabbed by the large hand suddenly spoke in the language of the continent. While he stammered, Leylin could somehow understand him.

Leylin came before Agigikro, and as if seeing hope, he began to speak with as much energy he could muster, “Let me… go. I can… pay the price of ransom…”

“Seems like there really is a native empire!” Leylin’s palm landed on Agigikro’s forehead. “If it were me in the past, I might be very interested in this, but now… I think I’ll do it myself!”

Memory Retrieval! Leylin’s pupils were shrouded in white in that moment, and Agigikro looked to be incomparable pain, as if he was experiencing some torture.

“Grace of the Balulukulu? Using this as anesthesia? What a waste…”

Leylin, who moved his palm away, had a general understanding of what had transpired. Agigikro, who had experienced magic, had now turned into a drooling idiot.

“Envoy of the empire. The skills of the native races, and Nightmare Island…” Leylin arrived before the native head and did the same as before; he immediately found the information he wanted.

“So… that’s what it is?” The general context appeared in front of Leylin in its entirety.

During the dusk of the gods, not only was there the invasion from the Magus World, other powerful beings they had subdued had also entered this area as retinue. Amongst which was a powerful Magus who used dreamforce!

Of course, due to the unique laws of the World of Gods and the gods being unexpectedly stronger, the Magi of laws from the Magus World met with huge losses. Even the Magus who was proficient in dreamforce had fallen here.

It might be just a part of his body or some item he brought with him in battle that fell into the prime material plane. Coincidentally, it fell onto the island, causing such a unique environment here.

The powerful radiation from high-ranked Magi could easily modify an island. When it was the night of a full moon, the forest in the island would usually see strange events. The first to notice this were the native tribes. They could not explain this occurrence at all, and could only pray as if the reason for these happenings was a godly spirit.

After tens of thousands of years of exploration and bloody, unreasonable experiments, they finally had a better understanding of the laws of dreamforce, and attempted to extract and use it for themselves.

Perhaps it was because of the contamination from staying here long-term, but only the natives in the tribe had the ability to extract the dreamforce crystals. Of course, they called this grace from Balulukulu and tried to eat them in order to gain strength.

“They say the ignorant have no fear. So true!” Leylin stared at the crystal in his hand. In his eyes, this ‘refined’ item was still full of many impurities. If swallowed directly, there was a 90% chance of death, while the survivors would obtain some specific ability after incitement from dreamforce. This efficiency was far too low.

“As for the ecstasy from burning the crystals? Dreamforce definitely can give people great mental joy, but that will also lead to contamination. The upper class in the native empire must be in a terrible state…” Leylin shook his head, and began to use the A.I. Chip and scan the crystals.

[Beep! Mission established. Beginning scan…] A ray of blue light shot out from Leylin’s eyes, not letting off any corner of the crystal.

Soon enough, the A.I. Chip gave an answer. [Beep! Scan completed. Determined to be Dreamscape Origin Force Crystals. Similarity to that in database at 98.77%. Discovered unknown mutated composition.]

‘Mutual complementation? That’s not a surprise. For the World of Gods, dreamforce is the most adaptable force. Regardless of where a being is, dreamscape can exist as long as they have intelligence. Hence, there’s a very high compatibility…’

Leylin observed the mutated composition chart that the A.I. Chip and sank into deep thought.

If it was some force from the Magus World, the World of Gods would definitely expel it. However, dreamforce’s compatibility was rather high, and after modifying a portion, it could still live on here tenaciously.

‘Just from this, it’s obvious that the Magus who had control over dreamforce had attained great power and was at least rank 8. He had probably even found his own path, and was a peak rank 8 existence that had already fused laws…’

This discovery had Leylin sighing in awe. The ancient times was truly the Magus World’s golden period. Any Magus was incomparably powerful.

There had been the peak rank 8 Distorted Shadow, and now he’d discovered another powerful Magus who grasped dreamforce.

‘Dreamforce… is powerful. If I can tell the rhythm at which it weakens, then it’s much more powerful than the average law… In addition, dreamforce can accommodate time and space, and it’s very good choice!’

After all, in Dreamscape, all time and space could be warped. Using Dreamscape to sustain the power of time and space wouldn’t be dangerous. For Leylin, this was like a pillow being presented to him while he was taking a nap.

‘The powerful Magus who could grasp dreamforce must have known the rhythm at which dreamforce weakened and made use of it. He found a way to evade that…’ Leylin’s eyes twinkled.

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