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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 949: Probe

Chapter 949: Probe

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[Beep!] [Beep!] The value rose continuously, very soon reaching 100%.

*Bang! Bang!* The totems and primitive statues lost their lustre, and hairline cracks began to appear on their bodies.

‘These were all primitive gods. Did I just kill over a dozen deities?’ Leylin chuckled inwardly at the thought of it, and very soon he tossed this matter to the back of his mind.

Although these primitive totems hadn’t gained divinity, it was worth mentioning that the power of faith was extremely strong. The problem was that one god’s faith was another’s poison, and this faith was heterogeneous. Only someone like Leylin, who’d mastered the law of devouring, could easily expel the thoughts and conscients within them, turning them into the purest of energy that he could use.

After the reserves had reached 100%, the A.I. Chip’s voice sounded out. [Beep! Divine force reserves completed. Beginning to transfer energy to the main body, simulating divine grace!]

Leylin’s reserves depleted quickly, and soon he’d expended it all. Compared to the previous times when he had absorbed the energy, this time round it was much more powerful!

[Beep! The host has undergone a divine baptism. Spirit +1]

[Beep! The host’s arcanist rank has increased to 18! Arcane Energy +10!]

[Beep! Obtained one rank 8 arcane spell slot, one rank 7 arcane spell slot, and one rank 6 arcane spell slot!]

Very soon, Leylin’s stats had undergone changes too.

[Leylin Faulen, Age: 22. Race: Human, Rank 18 Arcanist. Strength: 15. Agility: 15. Vitality: 15. Spirit: 18. Arcane Energy: 180. Status: Healthy. Feats: Sturdy, Erudite, Intermediate Perfect Body. Specialties: Arcane Energy Detection, Arcane Amplification.]

[Progress of Weave Analysis: Level 0 100%, Level 1 100%, Level 2 100%, Level 3 100%, Level 4 100%, Level 5 100%, Level 6 76.88%, Level 7 51.30%, Level 8 19.60%.]

[Spell Slots: Rank 8(2), Rank 7(4), Rank 6(7), Rank 5(???), Rank 4(???), Rank 3(???), Rank 2(???), Rank 1(???), Rank 0(???).]

“This is the power… of divine grace?” A surge of power swelled through Leylin’s body, intoxicating him. It was only now that he learnt how powerful the gods here were.

“So all that matters is divine grace. If I ignore the divine force requirement, I can also turn a pig into a legendary?” Leylin’s improvement in strength right was akin to having received divine grace from a god, except that he obtain it through other means.

“It seems like Alustriel isn’t just a Chosen, she also has some of Mystra’s divinity. She is at least rank 25, and coming face to face with a legendary would not faze her one bit…” The situation in the north was still in a mess, especially the borders between the orc empire and the humans. That had turned into a place of unrest where darkness and chaos were prevalent.

“It seems like that queen has been devastated and is planning to live in seclusion?” Leylin rubbed his chin. He still held a hidden card in the north; Tiff was living there in territory he owned. It was possible for him to intervene in the battles and tip the balance of the scale.

‘However this is also a blessing in disguise. The north has attracted the attention of the central continent and the gods, which makes it easier for me to carry out my plans in Dambrath…’ Leylin pondered before leaving the secret room, without casting another glance at these sacrificial items which were much too mundane to him now.


Night fell, and the full moon appeared. A thin red fog had spread around Nightmare Forest starting at dusk.

A group of pirates and human slaves had retreated Immediately, as if the fog was their nemesis. Some of the human slaves even knelt in the direction of Nightmare Forest, praying loudly despite the whips of the foremen.

“Damn it! How many brothers has this cursed forest taken from us already?” Calon wiped the cold sweat off his body as he looked in apprehension at the forest enshrouded in the mist, his knees buckling weakly. His only thought now was to run away if something was off in the slightest.

Having served Leylin for the past year, he had seen the workings of this sinister forest. Despite repeated warnings, there were still foolhardy pirates who approached the forest on a full moon, and they never appeared before him again.

The numerous events had etched the memories of this forest deep in Calon’s mind. His fear of it had long surpassed what he held for those monsters lurking in the deep seas, and equalled what he felt for demons and devils.

‘Good heavens! Our Lord is actually conducting his research in this place, he really doesn’t fear death! Almighty Goddess of the Ocean, I seek your blessing in leaving this cursed area at the next available chance…’ Looking at the maroon-coloured moon and the mist enshrouding the forest, Calon prayed towards the gods piously for the first time…


“No matter how many times I’ve seen this, it still moves me…” Leylin stood at the edge of Nightmare Forest, fully armed. He stretched out his hand and grabbed a trace of the dark red mist, his eyes filled with emotion.

‘The dreamforce from another world seems to have reached an accord with the laws of the World of Gods, developing a mutual tolerance…’ Dreamforce was common in other worlds as well, and it underwent a necessary mutation to adapt to the laws of the World of Gods. If other beings who had comprehended laws learnt of this they would go insane over the discovery.

‘Without a doubt, this could be the reason why the Overgod’s conscient fell into slumber. Otherwise, it absolutely would not allow this sort of malignant tumour to smoothly grow…’ Leylin stroked his chin, watching the dark red dreamforce in his hand twist into a variety of forms.

“A.I. Chip, establish mission: Investigate the feasibility of transmuting external powers into the World of Gods!”

[Beep! Mission established, added to secondary investigation list!] The A.I. Chip loyally reported.

“Nightmare Island… What surprises will you bring me?” Leylin’s lips curved into a smile as he slowly melded into the forest, his figure swallowed by the dark red mist.

“The dreamforce in this forest completely explodes outwards during the night of a full moon, but normally even ordinary creatures can pass through the forest.” A milky white flame lit the path ahead of him, and all Leylin could see on either side were trees.

At this moment, the forest seemed to take on a life on its own and all the trees became ents. They hugged their shoulders, shying away from the bright light of the everlasting flame. They even spared to the time to whisper to each other, “Hurry! Look! That human came again…”

“Hey! Ouch! You stepped on me, it hurts! Don’t you know that it’s very rude to step on an old person’s head?” An aged voice came from beneath Leylin’s feet. Leylin soon discovered that the green rock that had originally been there had grown tiny little hands and feet, and was now uprooting itself from the soil. An elderly face even appeared on the surface of the rock.

‘Is this a Life Activation technique? It seems to have been corrupted.’

Under the influence of the World of Gods’ transmuted dreamforce, the entire forest seemed to have come to life. Various unimaginable things were running to and fro.

“Oh, human! You have returned. Are you looking for Zelos?” A squirrel greeted Leylin, perching onto the shoulder of a giant ent.

‘Zelos? Is it that giant centipede? Is it his turn to come out?’ Leylin nodded, “No, but could you tell me where it is?” He withdrew a pine nut from his pocket and tossed it to the squirrel as he spoke.

“Mm, my favourite!” The little squirrel immediately stuffed the pine nut into its cheeks, its teeth quickly gnawing through the thing. Its words were rendered rather unintelligible as it ate.

“Zelos has been looking for you all this time! It’s in the east… No! It’s already here, run!” The little squirrel immediately took the pine nut and left, the nearby ents following it in succession. The area quickly emptied, leaving Leylin standing there alone.

‘How lucky! Every night of the full moon, a different creature becomes the strongest one each time. I’ve seen a Nightmare and a walking piano before. Compared to them, unravelling the mystery behind a giant centipede is much easier…’ Leylin had a relaxed smile on his face.

*Bang! Bang!* An enormous black shadow suddenly erupted through the soil. It had innumerable feet, and a humanoid face rose out of its shell. The face, that of a youth, turned its crimson eyes to gaze coldly at Leylin.

“We meet again, giant centipede!” The Red Dragon Staff in Leylin’s hands suddenly shout out a red light.

“No, I am Zelos the Third. What you met before was my father. You should not have trespassed here, intruder!” A droning voice came out of the youthful mask.

“Very well, this damnable dreamscape period has complicated everything significantly…” Leylin looked at this giant centipede with a serious expression. “Are you going to obediently get out of my way, or do I have to slaughter you?”

“Vile human!” It was clear that his attitude had infuriated the centipede. The giant monster roared loudly, bearing down quickly on Leylin with its entire body.

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