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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 955: Soros

Chapter 955: Soros

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“Legendary?” Unexpectedly, Leylin did not panic at all after hearing the news. He instead asked with interest, “Please tell me what you know. We have our deal on sharing information.”

Xena rolled her eyes at him. “Cadaver Collector Soros is the honorary executioner of Cyric’s church. He likes to torture his target’s mind, causing them to crumble and commit suicide before he takes their body. He shot to fame 281 years ago…”

She spoke as if she was making a report, expressionlessly introducing this person generally. Still, she couldn’t keep up the facade and ended up staring at Leylin.

“Lord Leylin! You’re still young and possess such astounding talent. It isn’t a mere dream to become a legendary, but you need to accept reality. Pledge to join Goddess Waukeen’s church and hide in the mainland. Our goddess will shield you…”

Xena was sure Leylin would understand, even though he would have to abandon the outer seas, including Port Venus and all other industries.

After all, the church of wealth was more conducive to Leylin’s potential than all the organisations in the outer seas. With the value he was showing and how he was steadily raising his strength, he seemed to have more than a 50% chance to become a legendary. This was definitely an investment worth making for the church of wealth.

However, Leylin’s answer did not match up to her expectations. “Thank you very much for your kind intentions, but I won’t give up my work here…”

She frowned slightly, watching Leylin discontentedly, “Do you know what a legendary is? Cadaver Collector Soros is an infamous assassin. Even if we sent out a legendary to protect you ourselves, you could still be killed, much less…”

“I know all that!” Leylin interrupted her, looking apologetic, “I saw Her Highness Alustriel at Silverymoon. I read and studied about legendary wizards, and I know that numbers are nothing to a legendary…”

Leylin knew the terror of a legendary better than anyone else. They grasped the power of domains, similar to what a dragon’s aura cast. No matter how many low-ranked Professionals were pit against one, it was useless.

In addition, legendaries had refined their life essence, and could absorb and control divine force, walking the path of godhood.

However, the path that Leylin had chosen was entirely different from Xena, which was why he reacted differently.

“Are you trying to face off against a legendary head-on? Just with a wizard tower? You’d probably be destroyed within seconds…” Xena felt insulted by Leylin’s arrogant tone, and especially by that resolute gaze that said he didn’t need charity.

“You…” She felt humiliated and discontent, but all that soon faded away into shock. “The- The spell rays on your body…”

“My rank rose a little during these past two years of experiments.” Leylin sounded calm, as if he were describing something insignificant, yet Xena almost choked in surprise.

While they were both high-ranked wizards, rank 15s were nowhere close to rank 19s. One had just entered this grade, while the other had reached the peak of wizardry, beginning to step into the domain of legendaries.

‘Two years! In less than two years, he’s already become a rank 19 wizard!’ Xena froze as she watched the spell rays that Leylin intentionally leaked.

‘A genius. A genius of the World of Gods! No, this is more than just a genius, he’s probably a monster! Outside of Chosen, he’s even faster than close combat Professionals as a wizard!’ Xena zoned out slightly. With his aptitude, she was now sure that he would definitely become a legendary if he didn’t die this time!

“Apologies! I was too harsh with my words…” Now treating Leylin as a to-be legendary, Xena’s tone became more respectful.

“Actually, Mister Leylin, I still stand by my previous suggestion. With your talent, there really is no need to tackle your enemies head-on in the outer sea. The church of wealth shall forever be your shield…” Leylin naturally showed his gratitude towards Xena’s kindness, but he did not relent on his decision not to dodge this, leaving Xena helpless.

After sending her away, Leylin returned to the training room alone, looking deep in thought.

‘Cyric’s counterattack is later than I expected…’ The presence of a legendary meant nothing to Leylin. After all, Tiff had become a legendary long ago, and he’d personally led a team to kill a legendary dragon. Normal legendaries did not terrify him at all.

“However, I can’t disclose Tiff’s identity or transfer him here. This makes things complicated…” Leylin stroked his chin, eyes brightening, “I should use this opportunity and try that…”

“Tower genie!”

“Master!” The female form of the tower genie emerged, bright eyes full of anticipation.

“Seal the place off. Nobody is to bother me for now, not even Ernest. Is that understood?”

“Yes!” The tower genie’s primary objective was to carry out Leylin’s orders. She obviously had no objections to this. With Leylin’s will, the apprentices and even Ernest were moved out of the tower, emptying it out.

“Sigh… I don’t know if this kid can do it…” Ernest naturally knew something only higher-ups did here. While things were calm in Port Venus, he could tell that this was the calm before a storm.

The pressure that a legendary could cause was far too immense. Leylin’s operation was thus misunderstood to be a dangerous action to raise his strength quickly. Ernest was naturally worried.

He definitely knew how intelligent his student was. There were a few materials to raise strength quickly in the research of ancient wizards. However, there was a steep price to pay.

“I hope he doesn’t go too far…” Ernest had a helpless smile on his lips. Ever since Leylin reached adulthood, he could no longer persuade Leylin even as his master.

While he was still Leylin’s teacher in name, Ernest knew that there was nothing he had taught Leylin other than foundational skills. Yet, he had obtained even more than he’d given.

“I believe in him. Sometimes, he’s someone who can create miracles!” Ernest kept encouraging himself, “It’ll be fine! It’ll definitely be fine…”

Meanwhile, the wizard who Ernest was worried about was not conducting any taboo experiments within the tower. However, in some sense the method Leylin was using to gain strength was more dangerous than the methods of ancient wizards.

“There aren’t any living beings in the tower any more. I don’t have to worry about my secret being discovered or leaked… begin!”

*Whoosh!* A layer of dark red patterns appeared on Leylin’s skin. He swelled strangely, and broke through his casual clothes in an instant. His forehead also split vertically to reveal the third eye.

Nightmare form! Leylin was now demonstrating the Nightmare King’s Nightmare Absorbing Body.

“Absorb the wandering emotional force…” The vertical eye on Leylin’s forehead opened slightly, emitting red light that broke through space to connect to all emotions related to him. It was like a spider web.

Reverence, fear, love, hatred…

Dense emotional force was originally formless and therefore useless. However, the vertical eye turned it into a dark red fog that was then devoured by the Nightmare Absorbing Body. This force was intensified, and the blood-red runes on his body grew more dazzling.

“In essence, faith is just extremely dense emotion. It contains energy dispelled from soul undulations. The Nightmare Absorbing Body is terrifying. As long as it has to do with the host body, any emotional force, no matter how meagre, can be used…”

Leylin’s eyes were now completely blood red, and a large serpent appeared behind him. This was the Targaryen, big as the world, with black scales, devilish wings, terrifying claws, and a single horn at the top of its head.

“Hss!” The Targaryen had now transformed slightly. Traces of dark red fog shrouded its body, causing its scales to begin turning dark red.

A strange vertical eye appeared between the two snake eyes, splitting open.

“Ahh… Devouring power, erupt!” With Leylin’s control, the power of devouring and dreamforce worked together flawlessly. The Nightmare Absorbing Body took in the vast jumble of emotional force, and Devour transformed it into the purest energy.

After who knew how long, the A.I. Chip’s robotic voice sounded, like the sweetest melody he had ever heard. [Beep! Energy reserves at 100%, sending to main body…]

A warm surge spread throughout his body, extending to his very soul. The sound of a crystal shattering sounded, and Leylin sensed his soul go through another evolution. His very essence was baptised.

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