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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 959: Legend

Chapter 959: Legend

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“Understood. I’ll have it done immediately!” Xena lowered her head to show respect, while she sighed on the inside. ‘They’ve even sent this lord over. Looks like the church thinks very highly of Baron Leylin…’

She could tell the favour the church had for this baron. After all, he’d created two great sources of revenue and improved their methods of detecting demons and devils. She hadn’t had much hope with her proposal, but the fact that they’d immediately sent over the legendary Spear Crusader showed his value!

‘It’s not just his talent, but also the possibility of him becoming a legendary.’ Only a future legendary was worthy of the church’s investment. Thinking of this, Xena couldn’t help but envy Leylin.

“I heard that he’s created many magic items to detect devils, and even our church can’t make sense of them. That wizard has left us all pleasant surprised…” While he was annoyed at being dispatched so urgently to deal with an ordinary human, Jeffries was rather curious about this young wizard.

“He’s really a rather interesting person…” Xena could only continue speaking as Jeffries asked questions, but she soon discovered a strange expression on his face.

“What’s wrong, my lord?”

“These undulations? Perhaps…” Jeffries stared at the hill outside Port Venus, focusing on the wizard tower that stood tall and grim.

“Where is this Leylin right now?” he suddenly asked.

“He’s inside the tower. I heard he’s been conducting some important research. This child really doesn’t know his priorities…” Xena spoke without thinking.

After which, she was stunned to find that Jeffries was hurrying towards the tower, “Wa- Wait! My lord, are you planning to meet the wizard right now? At the very least, you should…”

Jeffries seemed to have no plans of listening to her. He only proceeded forward, looking to be in disbelief.

“His expression… Did something happen at the wizard tower?” Xena seemed confused, and she glanced at the tower in the distance.


At this very moment, Leylin was indeed experiencing a transformation within the wizard tower.

Normal Professionals on the continent entered the legendary realm at rank 21. This involved a refining of strength, and it was as difficult as it was for rank 3 Magi to advance to Morning Star. It was a sort of qualitative change, an upgrade to the very soul.

Having experienced this once before, and with Soros’ own experiences of advancing this stage wouldn’t pose any difficulty to him. The A.I. Chip was working furiously, and large amounts of data flashed by Leylin’s eyes to form a few prompts.

[Beep! Arcane spell network construct completed. Host’s internal cyclic foundation constructed.] [Beep! Host’s spiritual force has reached the limit, breaking through and solidifying. Host is advancing to the legendary realm!]

At this moment, Leylin felt his soul and the Weave growing chaotic. It felt as if his soul was being attacked by the Weave.

‘If I was an ordinary wizard, it would be exceedingly difficult for me to advance under such circumstances. Thankfully, I have long since become an arcanist, so my relationship with the Weave isn’t as close as it was before…’ Leylin manipulated his spiritual force with his powerful will, allowing everything to progress steadily.

Finally, under immense pressure from the outside world, the misty spiritual force in his sea of consciousness abruptly gathered at the centre, forming a rainbow-coloured crystal. It felt as if some invisible bottleneck had exploded, and Leylin’s entire soul seemed to be soaked in a hot spring. It left him feeling very comfortable.

[Beep! Host’s spiritual force has experienced a qualitative change. Spirit +1.] The A.I. Chip prompted.

[Host has advanced to rank 21 and has become a legendary.] A huge shock seemed to impact Leylin’s very soul, to the point that he grew slightly absent-minded.

[Beep! Host has become a legendary arcanist, and has broken through the outer Weave. Contact with the inner Weave initiated.]

Leylin’s spiritual force broke through some restraints at that moment, moving past the surface levels of the Weave into a deeper domain.

“Is this… the inner Weave?” From his broad perspective, Leylin could see that the Weave was a network that surrounded the World of Gods. It had layers like an electrical network, and he’d gotten access to a golden network within.

This was a channel for divine spells, numerous instances of which descended from their respective divine realms like stars. They were sent down in exchange for faith.

‘With control over the inner Weave, the gods treat it as a channel for divine spells?’ Leylin immediately thought back to the arcanist records, ‘Some arcanists who break through the restrictions of the Weave attempted to steal divine spell slots from priests. This remote power system, the profaning of priests. While this caused discontent and a death sentence from the gods and churches, arcanists were poorly regarded to begin with. One more issue meant nothing…’

The benefits of breaking past the outer Weave weren’t limited to being able to observe and channel divine spells. Leylin could now cast legendary spells.

Leylin was already as strong as the legendary arcanists of the Netheril Empire. Once he grew familiar with and recorded down the legendary arcane spells he had, even gods’ avatars wouldn’t be able to frighten him.

The A.I. Chip continued to flash it’s prompts…

[Beep! Advancing to the legendary realm has strengthened feats. Sturdy has become Legendary Sturdiness. Erudite has become Scholarly.] [Beep! Host has obtained legendary specialty: Origin Force Detection, replacing Arcane Energy Detection.]

More information about the feats and specialty was shown below.

[Legendary Sturdiness: Rigorous tempering and advancement has rendered your body comparable to that of a legendary beast. Regeneration has been strengthened.] [Scholarly: Having accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge, including many secret inheritances, you have explored many of the secrets of the World of Gods. Appraisal has reached the maximum level, allowing you to appraise any material from the World of Gods.] [Origin Force Detection: Legendary arcanists were not satisfied with casting spells using elemental energy. They set their sights on the deeper secrets of the world, discovering the existence of the world origin force. They named it origin energy and tried to control it, engendering the ire of the gods with their deep research.]

“Origin Force Detection? Making use of the origin force? This is something only beings who have comprehended laws can do…” Leylin sensed the majestic origin force sea of the World of Gods, feeling slightly disconcerted.

The Magus World only gave him an opportunity to absorb origin force once every century as a near rank 7. And this was after he made a compromise with other beings of laws. It was evident how precious world origin force was. No wonder the gods eliminated the arcanists, they were trying to steal their ‘meat’.

“Even if I can use it, I definitely can’t make it obvious, or the gods won’t let me off…” A legendary wizard with research into arcane spells wasn’t much. However, one who could make use of the world origin force would definitely force the gods to act and crush him.

Leylin felt that there was an increasing number of secrets he possessed. Revealing any one of them would leave him consigned to eternal damnation.

“In any case, I already have a lot to worry about. What’s one more? Let it be!” Leylin easily come to terms with this.

[Beep! Host’s stats have been refreshed. Stat box refreshing.]

The A.I. Chip projected a 3D image of Leylin, the numbers having gone through some changes.

[Leylin Faulen. Race: Human, Legendary Rank 21 Arcanist. Strength: 15. Agility: 15. Vitality: 15. Spirit: 21. Arcane Energy: 210 Status: Healthy. Feats: Legendary Sturdiness, Scholarly, Intermediate Perfect Body, Dreamscape Vision. Specialties: Origin Force Detection, Arcane Amplification, Illusions.] [Analysis of Weave: Level 0 at 100%, Level 1 at 100%, Level 2 at 100%, Level 3 at 100%, Level 4 at 100%, Level 5 at 100%, Level 6 at 97.83%, Level 7 at 66.56%. Level 8 at 34.55%.] [Spell slots possessed: Rank 9 (3), Rank 8 (5), rank 7 (7), rank 6 (???), rank 5(???), rank 4 (???), rank 3 (???), rank 2 (???), rank 1 (???), rank 0 (???)]

“Hah… It’s been over twenty years since my soul split and entered the World of Gods. Am I finally at the peak of the mortal world?” Sensing the boundless strength within his body, Leylin sighed in relief.

He had finally reached the domain of a legendary! This was not just the peak strength that a mortal could achieve, but the beginning of an exemplary road!

In order to digest divinity, ignite godfire, and become a god, being a legendary was a definite prerequisite.

In addition, after becoming a legendary, the chance of dying was small as long as he was not too reckless, since the gods could not send their main bodies down.

Now that his safety was covered, Leylin focused on something else.

“Now, I need to obtain as much divinity as possible and digest it, and then ignite my godfire before becoming a god. I’ll then get my main body to descend… Yes! Only about a year is left till the floating city appears. I could try to obtain it…”

Leylin’s movements were never hindered by anything. What he pursued was only truth and eternity! Everything else was like passing clouds to him.

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