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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 960: Great Waves

Chapter 960: Great Waves

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“I already contacted him via magic. He should come out immediately…” Xena stood behind Jeffries, looking puzzled, “With my lord’s status, is there a need to stand on ceremony?”

However, Jeffries had no intentions of explaining himself. On the contrary, he stood even taller, like a pike that could pierce through the heavens, eyes fixed on the main entrance of the wizard tower.

“He’s here!” Jeffries exclaimed softly.

*Rumble!* The main entrance opened to reveal Leylin, looking apologetic in his golden-purple wizard robes, “I never thought Lord Jeffries would come himself…”

‘Hmm? Why does it feel like Leylin has changed…’ Xena sized up the young wizard in front of her, bewildered. While he looked just as young and handsome as before, she had a feeling that he had undergone a huge transformation.

‘It’s his aura! He’s giving me the feeling of being on equal terms with Lord Jeffries… How is that possible, when Jeffries is a legendary? Oh!’ Xena seemed to think of something, and then vigorously shook her head, as if trying to shake the thought out of her mind. ‘What am I thinking? How is this possible?’

“Indeed, my Lord. You have entered the realm of legendary.” The moment Jeffries said this, the entire group broke out in a ruckus.

‘So… So he’s really entered the legendary realm. How long has it been since we last met?’ Xena covered her little mouth, looking stunned. She wasn’t the only one to forget herself in the moment, the others began to create a disturbance as well.

This was a legendary wizard! The Faulen Family would now shake the outer seas!

Legendaries held peak strength in the World of Gods. They could influence the change of rulership, and were even more important to a kingdom than the king. A kingdom without protection from a legendary could not last long.

“Although I did sense the energy from your breakthrough, I never thought it would be you. Your age, it’s…” Jeffries smiled wryly, “… Actually, even us old folks find it hard to believe…”

“Age!” It was only at this moment that Xena and the others reacted, “Right, Lord Leylin is not even 25 yet! Gods! A 25 year-old legendary, and a wizard at that! It’s the hardest profession to advance in!”

There was too much shocking news, and the entire area turned mute, as if everyone had been shocked stupid by Leylin’s miracle.

“Heavens… Gods… this…” Xena now had no idea how to describe Leylin’s aptitude, ‘I’m very sure that he must be some miracle in the wizarding world! He’ll definitely be written down in the records for eternity, and his achievements will be narrated to our later generations…’

“I was just lucky!” Leylin had a good-natured smile on his face. Whatever it was, since the Goddess of Wealth dispatched a legendary to protect him, he definitely had sensed their goodwill.

“Come, let’s go in and discuss this further!” Leylin seemed to only have Jeffries in his sights.

“Let’s go!” Jeffries appeared amiable to someone of similar rank, and Xena and the rest only found this natural. A legendary would only take another of the same level seriously. Similar strength was the prerequisite to associating with one another, this was the law everywhere!


The God of Murder’s church.

An old bishop was reading the information in his hand as he muttered to himself, “Legendary might and also a secret trump card that can kill other legendaries… seems like the rise of the Faulen Family in the outer seas can no longer be stopped…

“Make it known that our men have to be very cautious while investigating! Try not to be discovered by him!”

“Understood, Lord Bishop!” A black-robed priest quickly bowed and left, knowing that they would give up their plans of revenge for now.

There weren’t all that many legendaries even in Cyric’s church. The fall of Soros had already dealt them a huge blow, and before knowing what Leylin had up his sleeve it was not a good idea to take such a risk.

The God of Murder never cared about honour anyway, and he was the best at conspiracies. With enough time, they could definitely bribe someone and break in, finding out all the secrets of this young legendary wizard!


Within the Dambrath Kingdom. The aging king had abandoned his afternoon entertainment for a report from a trusted aide.

Hearing what was said, the king went silent for a long while before speaking in a low voice, “So that wizard has already become a legendary?”

“Yes, your majesty! Lord Jeffries of the church of wealth has proof of it.” The person speaking was the king’s trusted aide, as well as the leader of the court wizards.

There was a tartness in this silver-eyed wizard’s smile. He was only a high-ranked wizard himself, and Leylin advancing at such a young age was a huge blow for him.

“You’re a wizard yourself. You should know this best, speak without reservations and I’ll trust in you.” The king rubbed his temples in distress, and then waved his arms.

“Understood, Your Majesty!” The high-ranked wizard thought for a while, and then spoke, “Legendary strength is the peak in the secular world. It can even…”

“I know, I know. Get to the point,” The king answered in annoyance.

“Alright!” The high-ranked wizard took a deep breath.

“Our first priority should be to avoid angering him. Thankfully, our information shows that he has good intentions towards us. He is a court wizard himself, and that status is something Your Majesty granted him… I believe we can also do what Marquis Gold Thornblossom proposed… Actually, a legendary wizard in our kingdom will surely be helpful in our diplomacy…”

“Granting a title?” The king took a deep breath and made his decision, “Then let’s do that. Take care of it for me!”


In a city near the north, the God of Justice’s church. A slender knight was piously praying to a god’s statue.

Divine force that was bright and full of righteousness rippled about her body, causing the young female knight’s face to glow.

At this moment, a benevolent old priest walked over, “Rafiniya, the church has a mission for you to complete!”

“Grandma Maria!” Rafiniya immediately helped this priest who was so old she would pant with a few steps, “I am also a member of this church. On top of that, you saved my life. If there’s anything I can do, please tell me!”

“Good…” Maria gave a summary of what had happened at Faulen Island, and then said, “The church wants you to be the envoy. After all, you are friends with him…”

“Leylin? I’ll need to think about it…” Rafiniya bit at her lips.

After the priest left, the image of the young wizard appeared before Rafiniya’s eyes, and all that she had experienced with him appeared vividly in her mind. Sulking after her attempt to get Leylin to help Silverymoon had failed, she’d headed to the battlefield on her own, arriving at the broken city.

Gravely injured in the war, she was saved by the paladins of the God of Justice and accepted their call. She grew faith in the God of Justice, and joined Tyr’s church. Perhaps from the attraction from her very nature, she improved very quickly and was now already a formal paladin!

With her training going well, she’d assumed her past was no longer important. Yet, such a thing was happening now.

“You… You’ve already become a legendary?” Rafiniya muttered to herself, and then recalled the hot-blooded knights that had backed her up at Silverymoon. Their bones had all turned into ash.

“Those that chose to help are mostly dead, while you who chose rationale became a legendary. Are you trying to mock me?” Rafiniya suddenly began to chuckle, the glimmering rays on her body now more distorted than ever.

“God! Please forgive me for my lack of resolution before. I promise to stand by justice, and even death will not make me feel fear!” Rafiniya immediately knelt by the statue and began to pray, looking decisive and cold.

‘Even if you’ve become a legendary, I won’t give up on my dreams and my path. At the end, I’ll definitely prove to you that your decision was wrong! The only things in the world worthy of protection are love and justice!’


As news of Leylin’s advancement spread, an increasing number of envoys from various organisations arrived at Faulen Island, causing Port Venus to be even more prosperous.

Along with the envoys came large merchant groups, and all the merchants in the surrounding seas now chose to trade here. After all, the protection of a legendary was a considerable boon in the World of Gods.

Ordinary merchants only needed a fair and safe trading environment. This was only possible with enough strength! What was more persuasive to them than a legendary?

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