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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 974: Annihilation

Chapter 974: Annihilation

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Leylin knew the principle of equal exchange. However, seeing some of the tricks Distorted Shadow had pulled on the sly, he was left in a bad mood.

At this moment, he decided to vent all of his anger on the intruders. The teleportation light shone, and Leylin’s body vanished. As for the intruders in the different parts of the floating city, they were about to meet their maker!


It was a complete mess at the arcane field.

The metal golem’s head was missing a huge chunk, and the right arm was ripped off. As for the energy core, it stopped functioning completely.

Even though it stood still, but that malevolent and dangerous feeling still radiated from its body, striking fear into the hearts of others.

“Pant…Pant… Thank you!” The legendary paladin half knelt on the ground in the middle of a pool of blood. He was grievously injured.

“Cough…Cough… Saving someone from dying and banishing evil… Cough cough… Is what we were born for…” This was the monk from before, but his injuries were far more severe. His chest had already lost a huge piece of flesh, and blood flowed from his lips endlessly.

Even with the constant healing spells, it was impossible to restore his body to a fighting state.

“The floating city is really this strong… Just one metal golem and it’s so troublesome…” The paladin sighed, apprehension still in his eyes.

He fought a bitter and losing battle with the golem earlier. If not for the sudden appearance of the monk, who used his tough body to take on most of the hits, he would have died a long time ago.

“Hey hey… And me? Why haven’t you thanked me…” The crystal head of the skeleton lich began to chatter.

Under extreme danger, he put all past feuds behind him and chose to team up with the other two. After an arduous battle they had won, but this demon was unlucky, left with only its head intact.

At the moment, the paladin gritted his teeth and stood up before walking over. “Banish all evil!”

“Wh…Damn! We were allies mere moments ago, how can you just about face?” The lich began to wail, “Help…Save me…”

In actuality, he wasn’t afraid at all. As long as his phylactery survived, he could resurrect after death. It just required a very long time.

“Forgive me. Even if we worked together, to eliminate evil is my calling.” The paladin stood in front of the lich, holy light forming a sword in his hand.

“Scram!” Teleportation light flashed at that moment, and the paladin grew stupefied as he was knocked away.

“I’m in a very bad mood right now. Tell me, how do you all want to die?” Leylin walked out in the silver mask, looking at the three injured people like a god of death.

This made Ilyo feel as if he had met a demigod being in the distant past. Intense, overbearing evil that can devour everything whole.

“It’s that Legendary from the evil camp, now that he has control over the floating city’s teleportation portals, does it mean that the authorisation has been handed over to him?”

The crystal skull on the floor tumbled several rounds before stopping, the dark fire in its eyes stopped flickering.

“What an intense evil… The magnitude now is countless times more than before… Had he just been putting up a front all these while?”

The pupils of the paladin and the monk narrowed, as they tracked the item that they were struck by. It was the decapitated heads of the other contenders inside the floating city!

“You are the only intruders left, after disposing the lot of you I will begin the transfer of authority…”

Leylin’s features were hidden under his mask, so no one knew his current expression. Only his pair of eyes could be seen, cold and indifferent, as if it could freeze the soul of one who looked into his eyes.

The evil black light covered the grounds. Compared to him, the aura of the demon seemed like a kiddy item.

“Cough…Have the others been slain by you?”

The paladin coughed, time to time spitting blood from his lips.

“Most of them had perished under the arcane traps. As for the rest, they have been done in by me. It’s only you three left…”

An icy killing intent was prominent in Leylin’s voice. Suddenly, he appeared behind the legendary monk, “You possess the most threat amongst the three of them…”

“So, let me invite you to go to hell…”

Leylin’s right hand seemed to turn into a pair of devilish claws which tore through the hardened defense of the monk, reaching for the heart directly.

“Urgh… Before this trip, I felt the restlessly during one of my meditation… As if some great evil was about to be borne… Hence I followed my heart and was directed to the western desert…”

Droplets of blood dripped down, momentarily taking away the pain seen on the monk’s face. He inhaled violently, as if pacing back and forth through death’s doors.

“I originally thought that… It was the descent of the floating city, which would bring great destruction to the world. But I know now it’s was due to your existence…”

The monk struggled to force the words out of his parched lips.

“Too much nonsense…” Leylin clenched his fist, and the monk’s heart was shattered into countless bits.


The paladin and Ilyo’s eyes dimmed, as if seeing something unbelievable happening within minutes.

“Even if I have to ignite my soul, I have to stop the evil in this world…”

The next moment, the monk’s eyes which had dulled violently opened, and emitted light rays even stronger than the sun. His right palm now took on a golden hue as he gently pushed out. The force felt even stronger than being crushed by a mountain, and even the air was pushed away. It was unstoppable.

Legendary technique — Vajra’s Palm!

*Boom!* The golden palm pushed through the phantom behind Leylin’s back and turned the construct behind into smithereens.

“You’re not bad huh! Old man, is this the legendary ability — Life After Death? You are indeed a powerful and gifted monk, even after your body is destroyed, you are able to sustain life for a period of time…”

The monk’s life was extremely tenacious, and now with this legendary ability, even if his heart was taken and having sustained grave injuries from before, he could still produce such a might.

“Giving your all to beat me huh? Why do I feel like a final boss like the great demon king in the novels of my past life…”

Leylin squinted his eyes, and saw all of the righteousness represented behind the palm of the monk.

“A pity that an attack of this magnitude… It’s not enough to hurt me…”

Leylin mocked, as his nostrils flared. “Let me put you into utter despair…”

The floating city can never land in his hands, if not the world will enter even more suffering…”

The paladin now too struggled to get up, “The final holy buff…”

Radiant rays shone on the paladin, and stopped all of his injuries in their tracks. Very soon, a sword made of light appeared on his hands.

“In the name of righteousness…” The paladin held his sword up high, the energy swirling into a violent gale.

“Divine Intervention!”

The radiant sword made of holy light carried the intent of killing as it sealed Leylin’s retreat route.

“Blazing Point! Vajra’s Palm!”

The monk ignited all of his life force into blazing fuel. The palm which covered the skies seemed to be able to incinerate anything in its path.

The demon Ilyo who was lying at the side had an extremely unsightly expression. He knew that against this wave of destructive attacks, if he was in Leylin’s shoes, there would be irreversible damage caused!

“I’ve already mentioned it… There’s no use…”

Under Leylin’s mask, there seemed to be… lamentation.

“Right now, I am not someone you guys can oppose…” Against these ultimate attacks, Leylin indifferently raised his hands. “Time…be still…”


At this instance, the dust stopped in midair, and the air grew thick and dense. Even those attacks which could destroy heaven and earth were stopped.


After Ilyo regained his consciousness, he only saw the two corpses of the other two legendary being shattered into pieces.

“That moment earlier… No, this… This is an arcane spell at the legendary rank… The divine ability of the legends that can stop time. Only legendary ranked arcanists can cast this spell — Timestop…”

“He is actually a legendary ranked arcanist? Haven’t people of this calibre perished a long time ago? Has he survived since the Mise period?”

The dark flame in Ilyo’s eyes continuously flickered, as if struggling with his thoughts. The performance that Leylin displayed earlier had scared him.

“I can only stop time in this region… It’s still a mile away from fully controlling time. However, power like this is still extremely intoxicating. It is indeed an arcane spell from the limits of rank 8. I could even feel a strand of the laws of time…”

Leylin exclaimed inwardly, before walking to the demon.

“Subjugation, or death?”

“Subjugation? Ahahaha… hahaha, You’re very strong, at the legendary arcanist level, and also control the floating city. However, to want me, skeleton demon, one who has a kingdom of undead army, one who has survived three holy wars and participated in numerous holy wars that even gods had transcended and used human vassals… Me, the great demon king, Ilyo, to subjugate? Hahaha…”

As if hearing something hilarious, the mouth of the skull continuously clacked, evidently in a mocking tone.

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