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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 977: Back to The North

Chapter 977: Back to The North

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Leylin observed the trace conscient of a peak rank 8 existence. “Your goal is to revive yourself, right? What does that have to do with the Weave?”

“There are three layers to the Weave. The outermost layer is the channel for all spell slots. The inner Weave is a network of faith and divine force for the gods. Lastly, there’s the core, which is the ultimate seal where the gods have sealed conscients like me inside. That’s also the largest hindrance to us reviving…”

Distorted Shadow sent a spiritual undulation.

“Seal at the core? Conscient fragments? So that’s what’s at the heart of the Weave…”

Leylin’s eyes narrowed, “In that case, there should be many other conscients sealed inside…”



After goodness knew how long, Distorted Shadow automatically dissipated, and the beast hide spell scroll also completely vanished.

This was just a dead conscient, and after showing himself, he could not maintain himself for long.

The seal on the floating city was released, and Leylin sank into deep thought, “Revival? This seems to be getting more serious…”

Now, he felt that he had made contact with the greatest secret of the ancient gods’ battle that led to its dusk.

From what was known in the Magus World, the World of Gods had buried numerously mighty ancient Magi of laws, causing huge damage to Magi organisations and leaving them no choice but to withdraw from the World of Gods.

If those rank 7 gods already had the possibility of revival after falling, then this was even more possible for ancient Magi of laws.

Rank 8 and peak rank 8 existences were already beginning to attempt at containing the laws of space and time in their bodies. Even if they were to fall, their truesoul could still sleep in the long river of time and space, and wait for a chance of revival. They would leave behind many conscients and make arrangements to give themselves another way out.

In the World of Gods, which was the battlefield of a large war, this would definitely happen.

Hence, the gods had worked together to develop the Weave. Using power of the entire world, they had gathered all the conscients of the fallen Magi and sealed them at the deepest parts of the Weave, and even formed the Weave Goddess to guard over it.

However, even though the gods had done their best to scour through the world, there were definitely still some that had escaped. Distorted Shadow was the largest one that had gotten away.

Now, after tens of thousands of years, Distorted Shadow had finally found a Magus suitable to deal with this situation. That would be making use of Leylin, who had used Alternate World Reincarnation and arrived in the World of Gods!

The moment he used Calcas’ Avatar, the Weave Goddess would immediately fall. Making use of his temporary hold over the weave, Leylin could destroy the seal of the gods and let out the conscients of the ancient existences of laws.

“Dying here in ancient times and still leaving conscients behind in wait for a chance at revival… These are all at least rank 7 Magi of laws…”

Leylin stroked his chin, clicking his tongue as he imagined this.

“While they’re a bunch of dead people who are powerless, the mystery of Magi can’t be easily understood by the gods. They can probably regain much of their strength in a short time or even completely revive. That would mean the reappearance of the ancient final war…”

“His plan is great, and he seems to have something planned not just in the floating city…”

Leylin’s lips quirked in a smile, “Unfortunately… he met me…”

Initially, with Distorted Shadow’s laws, he could entirely cast the power of distortion by making use of the conscient and energy in the scroll. That would cause Leylin to unknowingly walk the path that Distorted Shadow had determined.

It was a pity that even the peak rank 8 ancient Magus, Distorted Shadow, knew nothing about the existence of Leylin’s A.I. Chip. His main body had reached an unimaginable level and could discover the Magus and even expel him, therefore allowing him to have the upper hand.

Now, the key to starting the final war once again and letting out the conscients of numerous existences of laws were all in Leylin’s hands.

The main body of Distorted Shadows had already fallen, and much of his conscients were sealed in the core of the Weave. With Leylin, he could only try to make a trade and entice him to doing what he wanted.

It was a pity that Leylin had no intentions of letting them out.

“I’m too weak… my main body is only a semi-rank 7 Warlock. When it comes to battle might, I’m only comparable to a rank 7 Magus of laws, and I’d find escaping from a rank 8 existence to difficult, much less those peak rank 8s…”

Leylin evidently knew himself well.

The World of Gods was like a playground for him now. Why would he divide it and hand it over to others?

In addition, these methods of causing a life and death struggle would definitely result in an all out counterattack from the gods. Leylin wasn’t so eager to please the Magi that he would do this.

“But if I don’t do anything, those ancient Magi might do something desperate, so I need to give them some hope…”

Leylin’s eyes darted around as he came up with a plan. Having this Calcas’ Avatar was an important deterrence and meant that he could turn the tables at any moment!

Even if his identity was found out or leaked, then he could just move on. When faced with a threat like this, it was probably the gods who were more fearful.

“But this is only in the worst case scenario… I have to focus on becoming a god first…”

Leylin pondered inside. He knew clearly what his path was. While he was merely a semi-rank 7 Warlock, successfully becoming a god and receiving his main body to descend here would definitely allow him to advance to a whole new level.

“I’ve made all the theoretical preparations. I just have to wait for energy to be poured in.”

Leylin sighed, “Looks like I’ll have to go to the north and spread faith in me as well as prepare to get priests. That’s the priority now…”

Trying to become a god as a Legend without help from any god could be said to be insane.

However, after getting the Shade City, Leylin now had the confidence to say this!

The fusion between a great arcanist and a floating city would even cause a true god to tremble!

“Things are dire now, so there’s no need to return to the outer sea. I’ll go to the north then…” Leylin’s eyes flashed and he transmitted a few orders.

The Shade City that was in a spatial turbulence rumbled and, like a huge warship that was ten thousand tons heavy in the sea, split the waves at both sides and pushed the elemental turbulence aside. It began to move at what appeared to be slow but was actually quick pace in a certain direction.


The north, at the edges of Sabu Valley.

Noble cavalry with the flag of a viscount unhurriedly moved along, protecting a noble couple within.

There were green wheat fields at the sides. The ears of wheat were being extracted, and farmers caressed them with their two hands lovingly as if watching one’s lover, elated at the harvest.

For refugees from the north, obtaining life as it was now had been difficult.

Just surviving from the orc disaster three years ago meant needing protection from the Goddess of Luck, and very few were lucky enough to arrive at human territories. The others either starved to death or were killed by bandits or orc soldiers, and even became rations.

The refugees that survived had no guarantee that they could settle down, as there were far too many of them from the north. This resulted in great pressure for the master of the territories.

Those who had gotten the distributed territories could only weep at the difficulty in dealing with the disaster.

In comparison, the benevolence of this master of the land was enough for these victims to pray to him sincerely.

“The harvests from the newly plowed farmlands aren’t half bad. Looks like we’ll be able to get through winter…”

The viscount mistress spoke reservedly, glancing past the farmer that had bowed towards her. Only a few lucky ones were fortunate enough to be acknowledged by her by the nod of her head, and she had the air of an arrogant noble lady. Now, she watched her husband.

When it came to her husband, she wasn’t satisfied nor dissatisfied. This was a mere transaction.

Thankfully, the people in the organisation had not lied to her and gotten her to marry some old man at death’s door. That was something lucky for her.

The Viscount mistress looked at Tiff, who seemed like a middle-aged man, and could not help but sigh deeply.

Recalling what had happened to the north, she could not help but shiver. Those fierce and violent orcs had killed her family and slaves, and she herself had almost fallen into their devilish palms.

While she had been fortunate enough to escape, she had then met a few greedy pigs. Thankfully, with some quick-wittedness and luck, she had managed to keep her family’s name and territories. However, almost half of it was gone, but the pitiful lady did not dare hope for more.

“Next… I’ll have to give birth to a few children…”

She watched her husband as well as the few cowering maids behind him, looking hostile.

Only the mistress of the territories who gave birth to a male successor had the most secure position. There were already many girls wanting to climb into the bed of the master and get a better life, many of whom had once been nobles in the north.

“Indeed… while we spent a lot, we’ve finally we’ve finally settled this batch of refugees…”

Tiff had changed his appearance. He was now nearly two metres tall with bushy eyebrows and large eyes and seemed very masculine. His silver hair was slightly curled but combed neatly, and looked exactly like a traditional middle-aged noble in the north. The poor mistress had no clue that in terms of his real age, Tiff was probably even older than her father. However, if his age was to be considered in comparison with the average for Legends, Tiff was rather young.

However, nobles never cared about age, did they?

“What’s wrong, darling?”

She found that her husband looked lost in thought.

“Oh, it’s nothing. You can return first. I’ve gotten someone to call the jewel merchant and tailor to come over. They’re going to pick the most beautiful and luxurious gown for you…”

Tiff planted a kiss on his lady’s hand and sent her away.

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