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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 981: Malar

Chapter 981: Malar

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“This is the necromancer, Mallister! He is a powerful death wizard who gained fame 1200 years ago, and has already entered the ranks of a high-ranked legend. It’s even said that he’s on equal grounds with the lich, Ilyo…”

Lilian introduced him to Leylin, looking astonished, “While that was a slight probe, Wizard Leylin being able to take on the attack so easily means he must have quite a number of secrets…”

“Alright! Since everyone’s here, let’s begin.”

Mallister urged, sounding enthusiastic. The great desire in his tone shocked Leylin slightly.

As Leylin was right now, he had become more sensitive to emotional force. From the excitement of this old wizard coupled with the situation in the north, it was evident that they had huge plans.

“The reason we’re gathered here is obviously for the eternity that gods have…”

Lilian spoke softly, sounding just as eager.

Even if they were necromancers, Legends like them who did not turn into liches or spirits could only live for at most a few thousand years. This was a stark difference from the mighty gods in the skies.

As legends, they felt that they did not have any less talent or invest less effort than the gods did. The only thing they lost out in was that they were born too late, which meant they had no opportunities by then.

In this situation, which legend would feel content with staring at the gods up high and in eternal glory?

Basically every single one of them had the ambition to ascend and become a god!

While there were agreements between the legends on the continent as well as rules of churches or organisations, private gatherings like these still happened.

After all, godly roles and positions were all accounted for. To successfully become a god, one or perhaps even a few had to be pulled down!

Even if many legends were to gather, they could at most only beat up an avatar. The true forms of gods in their godly realms were practically invincible.

Hence, it was necessary to wait for a battle between gods! Only when they began attacking each other did the legends have a single chance at obtaining divinity, godspark or even a godly role!

The legends all knew of this possibility, which was why they had gathered.

“I’m sure all of you know the situation with the north. The Weave Goddess and God of Justice have made a deal, so the decision to support Queen Alustriel in regaining her kingdom won’t change. There’ll definitely be a battle against the orc gods. Based on my intel, other human gods aren’t going to do much about this…”

Lilian now looked extremely zealous and ready to make a gamble, “The Weave Goddess and God of Justice are greater gods, while the orc god only has a greater god, Gruumsh. However, he’s supported by intermediate and lesser gods. The battle with the two greater gods will soon arrive, which will be an opportunity for us…”

Leylin finally knew why the legends had gathered here. They were counting on the gods getting injured in battle, which would give them the opportunity to obtain divinity or a divine spark.

However, even the weakest true god was not something a legend could deal with. This was not much less difficult than pulling chestnuts out of fire.

However, this matched well with Leylin’s goal.

Hence, his lips quirked in a smile, “A good choice… Well then, may I know what your targets are?”

“We obviously won’t put any hope on the three greater gods. Wizard Mallister is only interested in divinity and divine roles that have to do with death. He’s only requesting the divine force amassed from the avatars as well as any divine weapons that might appear…”

Lilian did a brief explanation and then looked at him, “How about Sire Leylin? Do you have any goals?”


Leylin rubbed his nose, “As I am now, I don’t think I can ask for much. I’ll go along with what you do. All I want is a trace of the divine force from a true god…”

“For ordinary legends, that is a very good choice…”

Mallister gave Leylin a long look.

For most legends that wanted to become gods, they first needed to amass followers and faith, and then attempt at comprehending a law. By combining that with faith, divine force would be formed.

It was a pity that this was the most difficult part!

Even in the Magus World, Morning Star Magi could not get past the hurdle of laws. Only after becoming a rank 6 Breaking Dawn Magus and after a soul became completely positive could one start to comprehend laws.

In the World of Gods, while there was the power of faith as a cheat, actually getting past the hurdle was very difficult.

However, stealing a trace of divine force would be able to solve this problem, allowing one to get past the threshold of laws. This was a huge temptation for legends.

“Then… which god are you aiming for?”

Lilian asked.

“Probably Malar…” Leylin brought up the name of this unlucky person. This was one of the gods that had been mentioned in the discussions before.

“Mm, that matches up with our original plan. There aren’t any conflicts either. After I get back, I can use my influence and have you join in the operation to attack Malar’s avatar. Of course, you’ll have to mention your interest here…”

She nodded.

The God of Hunt, Malar, was a very good choice considering the plan.

There was no other reason than that Malar was but a lesser god and the weakest of all. This was the most important, because the legends were not that confident that they could take down the avatar of a greater god.

Secondly, Malar was not an orc god and merely an ally. He would not have too many reinforcements with him.

Thirdly, and also most importantly, he was an evil god! There were no risks of tarnishing of one’s reputation for eliminating him, and might even get a good name of being righteous and all that.

In addition, the faith in him was underwhelming. Besides the werecreatures, there were only a few intellectual beasts. He had few powerful beings he could truly make use of.

With all these factored in, the tragedy that Malar would become was obvious.

Leylin had been eyeing Malar’s divine force for a long time.

Initially, with his strength, the scale of the followers and his comprehension of the law of Devour, he should have been able to produce a trace of divinity of gluttony or devour.

Unfortunately, these two were too obvious in that he could easily be associated with Beezlebub.

Beezlebub had only just fallen into a deep sleep, and if Leylin were to suddenly appear, the gods would definitely start making associations. Gods were no fools and, on the contrary, were extremely intelligent. It was just that they were sometimes influenced by their godly roles and the emotions from it.

“Beezlebub and the other archdukes in hell are all targets for me to kill in the future, but not now…”

Leylin stroked his chin as he pondered.

Besides this choice, he had few others. After all, this also had to be compatible with the path as a rank 8 Magus that he would take.

“My path must contain emotional force and the vileness of all living things. With dreamforce being used as the base, I will then contain the law of space and time…”

“With this foundation, the only thing compatible with the might of devils can only be massacre and death…”

“The temptations of devils will definitely give rise to massacre and death. After fusing them, it will form the most basic sin!”

He had a number of things restricting him due to his goal, and he therefore had little choice. The only two paths possible for him were massacre and death.

These two godly duties were very powerful, and it was not advisable to provoke gods who grasped these roles.

The one controlling death was the greater death god Kelemvor, as well as the god who had relations with both massacre and death, the God of Murder, Cyric. They were both greater gods.

If Leylin had plans to go against these two’s divinity, Leylin felt he would be better off looking for a better method in death.

Besides these two, there was only Malar, with the role of hunt, that somewhat had relations with the law of massacre.

If it was said that a full godly role meant having 100% comprehension of a law, then there would only be at most 10% of divinity. For the godly role of hunt, this obviously included ‘pursue’, ‘slaughter’ and many others that would make up around 80%, as well as other miscellaneous laws.

On this basis, even powerful intermediate gods could easily obtain the divinity of massacre and pursuit from his avatar.

While Leylin’s ranking in terms of strength was slightly lacking, he was still a Magus of laws. It wasn’t that troublesome to separate and change the power of divinity that he required.

“If I really have to form a trace of divinity for massacre, it’ll still take me a decade even with prayers from my followers…”

Leylin sighed.

It would take a decade just to obtain divinity, much less ignite his godflame and obtain a godly role or becoming a true god.

While this speed would otherwise be astonishing, Leylin was still unsatisfied.

Ever since he met Distorted Shadow, he had been feeling very nervous.

Since Distorted Shadow wished to revive himself and had his conscient survive for tens of thousands of years, he definitely had more up his sleeves than just the taboo arcane spell Leylin had. There had to be other pawns.

The moment he did not make a move quick enough, Distorted Shadow would definitely show his trump card.

Distorted Shadow was an ancient peak rank 8 Magus! In comparison, Leylin was like an ant and the passive party.

Hence, it was necessary that he come to the north and obtain a trace of massacre divinity.

After obtaining it, legends could become more sensitive to one’s followers’ prayers, and the speed at which faith and divine force was amassed would quicken.

“From divinity… and then igniting godflames to become a demigod… And lastly getting a divine role to ascend and become a true god!”

The system of advancement in the World of Gods was clear.

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