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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 985: Ice Age

Chapter 985: Ice Age

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A phantom dragon appeared, roaring out with legendary might. Leylin had ignited the red dragon’s soul without a single thought to the consequences, conferring unimaginable power to the dragon. A mighty draconic aura almost fully materialised, and dazzling crimson light dyed the skies red.

*Boom!* A river of magma flowed into Leylin’s position, with Malar’s towering avatar at the centre. Having borne the brunt of a legendary attack, his skin was now charred. It was the first injury he’d sustained today.

Leylin’s figure appeared beside a tree across him. The dragonscale armour had three long gashes in its breastplate, inflicted by Malar’s attack.

“Damn it, isn’t it ready yet?” Just as Leylin began to curse, the pleasant voice of the A.I. Chip finally rang out. [Beep! All preparations have been completed, epic spell formation activated.]

Golden threads began to float in the air, engulfing their surroundings. Malar felt the imminent danger, and bellowed in rage. Many of the golden threads began to converge into chains as they coiled around the avatar.

At this moment, Leylin could see Malar’s feats of epic damage reduction and magic resistance weaken, and finally disappeared. He heaved a sigh of relief.

The ambient temperature fell drastically, and hexagonal snowflakes sparkled as they drifted down from the sky.

Summon— Giant Frost Sprite! The snow converged into an icy white giant. Each of the giant’s movements added a layer of frost to its surroundings.

“Apologies for the delay!” Lillian said as she sat on the shoulder of the frost sprite, “Malar’s resistance was too high, but it’s been negated by the spell formation…”

The several legendaries present heaved a sigh of relief as they looked on. They weren’t about to give the avatar any breathing room.

“Roar!” A legendary roar sounded once more, but this time much stronger than that of Leylin’s phantom dragon. A black shadow covered Malar.

Accompanying the deafening roar was a red-scaled dragon that dived to attack the avatar. Its razor sharp claws met his, causing blood to spurt out.

‘A legendary dragon? No! There seem to be a trace of ancient dragons…’ Ahead of Leylin was a legendary dragon. An ancient aura radiated from its body, and its dazzling crimson scales glowed like mesmerising rubies.

“Well done, Alegor!” Lillian’s eyes widened as she charged forward with her frost sprite.

‘Alegor? The druid… So this is legendary Transfiguration.’ The crimson dragon seemed incomparably authentic to Leylin’s eyes. Nobody would have been able to tell that it was a druid.

Malar’s speed had been reduced by the frost sprite, and he’d suffered from the melee against the dragon. The avatar was now in bad shape. Drops of dazzling golden ichor spurted from it, rising off the ground as steam.

“Die!” Patrick seized the opportunity, and radiant light shone from behind his body. A holy figure appeared, restoring him to full strength immediately and wreathing his crystal sword in flames.

*Shlick!* The holy sword stabbed into the avatar’s thigh, almost breaking the bone.

Malar who had suffered some injuries howled loudly, “AH… TYR, you deformed thing! I’ll never let you get away with this…”

‘Tyr struck as well?’ Leylin turned to the holy figure behind Patrick with some apprehension. It was obvious that a hand was missing from his body, and legend had it that the God of Justice had been injured while trying to seal Cerberus.

‘Avatars are indeed the best counter to their kind… I should be more cautious of them in the future…’ Leylin lowered his head slightly as he gripped tightly onto an ancient purple-gold coin.

“Argh…!” The injury to the thigh caused a lasting effect on Malar’s body. His damage resistance had dropped, and even his hair charred. It made him look miserable.

Having been pushed to the edge, Malar finally decided to use his other powers. All this while he’d only engaged in melee, but how could a god not have any spells at hand? After one last roar, the avatar disappeared into the void. Neither the dragon, the frost sprite, or the paladin could detect any traces of him.

‘Is this Absolute Stealth? It’s rumoured to be the most powerful stealth technique for rogues…’ Leylin turned serious. This skill allowed his opponent to completely conceal himself, and rendered him immune to all attacks. However, the body was still in the prime material plane, and he could launch a sneak attack at any time. It was worthy of being called the ultimate rogue skill.

“Be careful, he’s still inside the array!” These legendaries weren’t less experienced than Leylin himself. After all, they’d reached this peak from a mountain of bloody corpses. Once Malar’s avatar disappeared, the other legendaries immediately began to attack as a defensive measure.

It was a pity though. It was all a child’s game against the God of the Hunt. Just as Patrick had sheathed his sword, the enormous figure of Malar’s avatar appeared before him. A shadow sprung forth from his terrifyingly omnipotent body, engulfing the paladin completely.

“Help! Save me!” The other three legendaries all understood the importance of working together, and even Leylin began to act.

It was a shame that Leylin suddenly perceived a tremendous evil intent in the atmosphere at this moment. He immediately activated all the defences of his dragonscale armour, and the Red Dragon Staff thundered as it launched a Dragon Breath in the danger’s direction.

“Aah…” A momentary hiss sounded, and an illusory shadow seemed to disappear in a blazing tower of flames.

“This must be… When did they prepare a Phantasmal Killer?” Leylin began to think at lightning speed. This was the advantage of being a god— even such a high-ranked skill could be used as long as one had sufficient divine force.

“Get lost, you abomination!” Lillian and Alegor had also been blocked by Phantasmal Killers, and were both delayed from acting.

In this short span of time, Patrick’s fate had been sealed.

“Aah! Chaotic evil, why can’t you disappear from this world?” Before death had its grasp on him, Patrick displayed his peak legendary strength. The burning crystal sword widened in a flash, immediately becoming a broadsword that was over five metres long. It clashed fiercely with the bestial claws of Malar’s avatar, who radiated divine force even more fiercely. Malar seemed to be on the verge of possessing the paladin.

*Snap! Crack!* Faint shattering sounded from the points where the claws clashed with the sword. The special ability of the claws was Shatter!

Patrick could only watch with a dumbstruck expression as Malar’s avatar snapped his longsword with its claws. The giant claws covered in golden fur snatched the knight up immediately.

“Ah…” Powerful divine force imprisoned Patrick, and he could only frantically howl in response. Nothing he did managed to harm a single hair on his opponent. His surging qi began to wane.

In the end, all Patrick saw was an enormous smelly mouth clustered with sharp teeth that stood straight like pikes.

Leylin and the others saw Malar’s avatar toss the legendary paladin directly into his maw and chew him up. Patrick’s defences were useless against Malar’s teeth, and a crunching sound made everyone’s hair stand on end as a great amount of blood and bones fell from the corner of Malar’s mouth, trickling down his fur.

Four great legendaries had surrounded Malar’s avatar. Of them, the paladin Patrick had now fallen.

“Damn, should we retreat?” For the first time, Lillian felt that she was not prepared. Even just the avatar of a god possessed unimaginable strength. She hesitantly glanced at the legendary druid beside her, who was still in his red dragon form.

“It’s just an avatar, and its divine force reserves should be running low… It used up a lot against the paladin earlier, now is our best chance!”

‘A.I. Chip! Calculate the avatar’s trajectory!’

[Beep! Mission established! Avatar’s coordinates have been input… Simulation established!] The A.I. Chip loyally executed Leylin’s task.

Afterwards, Leylin’s eyes glowed as he cast a legendary spell that he had long prepared— Greater Disjunction!

*Snap! Crack!* Malar’s bestial claws were still only a high-ranked legendary weapon in the end, and not a divine weapon. They had sustained some damage fighting the paladin, and Leylin’s Greater Disjunction caused them to finally crack.

“Now’s our chance!” Lillian and Alegor’s eyes lit up with hope as they advanced, revealing their own greatest trump cards.

“Legendary spell— Ice Age!” Lillian chanted in a high voice, and the surrounding air seemed to turn into a blizzard. The trees, and even rocks around them all turned into sparkling ice, as if the entire world had returned to the Ice Age.

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