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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 986: Haul

Chapter 986: Haul

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“So what if you’re a god’s avatar? You shall fall!” On the shoulder of the giant frost sprite, Lillian was like a goddess of snow. A layer of ice covered Malar’s feet, planting him firmly on the ground as an icy meteorite hundreds of tons in weight broke through the skies to land on the avatar.

“What the hell. Is this woman crazy? This attack will also affect us…” In the face of such earth-shattering strength, Leylin was forced backwards. Even Alegor in his dragon form flapped his wings with as much strength as he could muster to keep a distance.

“You mortals profane gods…” Malar’s avatar transmitted spiritual undulations in the face of the meteorite. Yet, it crashed down before he could finish speaking, and his words were drowned out.

*Rumble!* A magnitude ten earthquake erupted abruptly, shaking the land and causing dust to form a terrifying mushroom cloud in the sky. Everyone with strength in the north felt the earth shaking in that instant!

“Hah… this mad woman…” Leylin had grown himself a pair of powerful wings of air, and he looked down at the huge pit from the meteorite. The terrifying hole was tens of kilometres deep, and the middle was pitch-black with a base that could not even be seen. “Has the avatar died yet? I doubt it, but he’s sure to be heavily injured…”

“Alegor, quick!” Lillian seemed to be on the verge of collapse after casting this legendary spell. She couldn’t even maintain the giant frost sprite under her, only able to let it explode back into ice and snow in the air.

*Roar!* The legendary dragon threw himself into the depths of the pit, and what followed were furious snarls and yells. A large black figure was flung out, like a small mountain being tossed away.

Leylin’s astonishing eyesight had allowed him to see what happened clearly. The legendary druid Alegor in his dragon form had been caught by the tail, and Malar’s avatar had thrown him out like he was tossing a hammer.

Leylin’s pupils shrank, and he muttered to himself, “Such tenaciousness… So this is the avatar of a god.”

“You who profane the gods! I will extract all of your souls and place them in my divine realm, burning them in holy fire for a hundred thousand years!”

The gigantic ape monster walked out of the pit, clearly agitated. However, he clearly wasn’t doing well either. Golden liquid flowed out of his wounds, glowing with the light of divine force. Still, it was hindered by an invisible force.

‘Seems like he really is gravely injured,’ Leylin thought as he nodded to himself. Still, Malar’s body was just a convergence of divine force held together by a god’s conscient. It was this divine force that allowed him to maintain physical form. Even the blood spurting out of his wounds was the same, slight injury unable to harm the god’s origins.

And yet things were different now. His wounds were making it difficult for him to maintain his form in the material plane, and his divine force was already beginning to dissipate.

“Mortal woman, how dare you harm my divine body…” The golden ape monster appeared in front of Lillian in the next instant, its giant claws slashing forward.

“Ah…” In spite of crystal armour and tens of layers of frost shields, Lillian’s defences were broken apart. The legendary wizard’s body shot out like a cannonball, and smoke filled the skies.

The red dragon was nowhere to be found in the deep pit. Instead, Alegor’s original form lay there unconscious.

“Damn it… So I’m the only one left at the end?” Leylin rubbed his nose, wondering with a wry smile.

‘There’s a few dogs beside this monkey, it’ll be a little troublesome…’

“Keke… there’s one left? Are you trying to flee? Come, let me enjoy this hunt!” Malar’s eyes were fixed straight on Leylin, emitting a crazed bloodthirst.

However, in the next moment, a large palm pushed the head of the avatar into the ground. This was Crushing Palm!

“Are you crazy? I finally got my prey here after much effort. Why would I leave?”

Leylin’s eyes were cold and wise, “A god letting me leave? The divine force forming your avatar is now lacking, and you urgently need to replenish it.”

How could Malar’s thoughts escape Leylin? The four legendaries had made preparations for a long time and given so much. While the avatar had persisted up till this point, the grievous injuries he had sustained were serious enough!

“ROAR! I will kill you… Kill you!” The large monster ape pulled up from the soil and shook his head in fury.

“You won’t be able to kill anyone!” Leylin’s voice was cold as he pointed to the avatar’s head with his right hand.

Legendary Spell— Meteor Blast!

Four large fireballs fell from the sky, exploding on top of Malar’s head. The exemplary flames immediately caused Malar to snarl in anger, “Legendary spells again! Why? How do you have so many spell slots?”

“You can ask again in death.” Leylin looked apathetic as legendary spell was cast after legendary spell.

Legendary Absorption. Legendary Detonation!

“Im…possible…” The avatar blustered. Much of his negative energy and defences had been neutralised by the absorption spell, leaving him open to the detonation that struck his neck.

Malar’s large head disintegrated.

Having become a legendary arcanist, Leylin had integrated his research as a Magus with the analytic abilities of the A.I. Chip to cause a terrifying qualitative change. He could now cast legendary spells near-instantly. Having been drowned in them, it was no wonder that Malar’s avatar died.

“Still… We haven’t even started the true battle yet…” Leylin stared at Malar’s avatar’s corpse unblinkingly.

The collapsed body was undergoing a huge transformation. The pieces of the corpse melted to form a thick golden liquid, much of which fused to form a large golden sphere. Malar’s cries could still be heard from its core.

“The avatar isn’t made of flesh and blood after all. Even if the head is cut off, it can still move. Then again, a form made of just divine force is extremely fragile…”

Leylin understood the various forms gods could take on. Malar’s avatar wasn’t completely dead yet, and as long as he could flee to his divine realm and fuse back into the main body he would suffer no real losses.

“This unique ability of divine force, the ability to vary its form, is what makes it difficult for people to capture it. It is also the key to murdering a god…” Leylin glanced in the direction of the unconscious Lillian. She was currently gravely injured, rendered immobile.

The original plan was for her to capture the avatar. She would use extremely cold ice to dull the life of the divine force, then use a special container to capture or directly absorb it. Of course, Leylin had not expected too much of her. He had a better method.

“Don’t you leave!” he yelled, numerous thin green threads forming a large web that shot forth from his fingertips.

“Did you think a mortal object like that… could…” As he saw what Leylin was doing, the bundle of light that was the avatar scorned him. However, Malar was then left unable to laugh.

*Swish!* The large green web stopped most of the golden ball. The liquid divine force could not break through its seal!

“How’s this possible? What kind of web is this?” Malar roared, but was unable to do anything about the tightening of the web. He soon reached Leylin’s palm.

“As expected, a web formed of origin force works very well at detaining the divine force of a god. The A.I. Chip’s predictions were right.” Leylin saw the struggle within the web, where Malar was like a large fish that had accidentally fallen inside. He could not help but snicker as he grabbed the web tightly.

World Origin Force! This was the origin power of everything, what arcanists called origin energy.

A web formed of origin energy was the bane of all godly beings. It was no wonder that the ancient gods and arcanists were arch enemies, and the arcanists had been wiped out.

Leylin was probably now the only Great Arcanist on the continent. He had no problems with turning origin energy into a web, and this was the insurance he’d prepared for this operation. As the large web tightened up, Malar’s avatar’s cries grew soft until he completely stopped moving.

*Rumble!* Tremendous undulations filled the skies in the direction that the other small part of Malar’s avatar had escaped, and his worshippers’ prayers formed a golden light

“So we weren’t the only ones coveting the avatar after all. I managed to lure them out by letting that small part go…” Leylin had no plans of stopping. While the smaller avatar still had most of the firepower focused on it, he opened a teleportation gate next to him.

“Please wait, Lord Leylin!” Numerous figures shot over at this moment, all with powerful divine force on their bodies.

This was a group of legendary priests. They were led by Benedict, the bishop of the church of justice.

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