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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 994: Domain of Massacre

Chapter 994: Massacre Domain

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“Hmph, what a pigheaded idiot! You haven’t even ignited your godfire yet and have the gall to go against me?” Leylin snorted, and the flames immediately went out. After obtaining divinity, he no longer saw anything in regular divine beings. This divine creature in front of him was merely seeking death.

At this thought, Leylin looked through the results of the A.I. Chip’s scan.

[Totem spirit (Flaming Bird) Divine being. Strength: 15 (+5) Agility: 17 (+5) Vitality: 19 (+5) Spirit: 20 (+5) Possessed feats: 1. Domain: In the range of the followers’ prayers, the totem spirit will obtain a boost to properties. All stats will increase by 5. 2. Affinity with flames. 3. Holy form: Immune to all spells below rank 5. 4: Unknown ???]

“While in the range of the followers’ prayers, all stats increase by 5? This really is a god similar to earth-bound spirits…”

Leylin snickered, “Is this what you’re depending on? Unfortunately… This isn’t your time anymore. With the loss of followers, the boost you get from your domain will decrease, which means the optimum opportunity to have you serve under me is now…”

The boost from the domain would obviously come along with the existence of followers.

Now, however, with the pirate army closing in and the young men of the native tribe being massacred, faith was quickly diminishing.

The effects from the massacre was trivial. What was worse was that without the totem spirit’s protection, the faith of the natives collapsed.

In a short period of time, Leylin saw the (+5) at the end of the stats slowly dim and turn into (+4). As the areas they occupied expanded, the numbers went down.

“Is this faith? So powerful and so pitiful…”

Leylin sighed, noticing the fraud that was totem spirits. If he really could become a true god and bestow divine spells, the followers’ faith would not crumble so quickly.

*Chiu chiu!*

Leylin actually had plans to subdue this flaming bird totem, since this would be his first guide on the Debanks Island.

Unfortunately, the bird had no plans to make use of Leylin’s kind intentions and used a huge bundle of fire to end the conversation.

Flames filled with golden luster struck the region where Leylin had been standing, the boiling-hot temperatures taking in all the oxygen in the surroundings and created an area like a vacuum.

“It only has an ability similar to magic and can’t make use of the divinity and power of faith in its body well. It’s like the instinct of beasts.”

Leylin sighed, the Roaring Red Dragon Stuff appearing in his hands then.

As he had used [Dragon Soul Burn] a few times already, the red dragon soul inside had already diminished in size and looked rather dispirited.

[Dragon aura domain]!

[Conical Flames]!

Now, however, in the face of a legend that was merely a divine creature, Leylin did not even need to burn the dragon soul. With a wave of his staff, a powerful dragon aura domain expanded with the dragon aura rippling within.


A red dragon figure appeared above Leylin, spewing out unique conical flames at the flaming bird. Such might immediately had the giant flaming bird snarling unceasingly.

*Rumble!* Two huge bundles of flames strived for victory in the air, turning the horizon red.

“How can such brutish strength contend against me?”

Leylin yelled, conical flames piercing through the flaming bird’s golden fire and enveloping it.

*Chiu chiu…*

The enraged howls of the bird could be heard in the flames, but there was something peculiar about the situation.

*Rumble!* All of a sudden, the red dragon’s flames exploded into what looked like a red lotus. At the heart of it, the flaming bird did not seem to be injured and instead, even larger.

It chirped in its excitement, swallowing the red dragon’s flames with large gulps, its golden flames flames turning crimson.

*Chiu chiu!*

The flaming bird that had assimilated with the red dragon’s flames became larger in size, eyes looking human and filled with pride as it flew towards the red dragon figure in the air.

“Being able to take in the flames? The A.I. Chip should have found out. Is this a unique divine ability?”

Leylin’s eyes flashed with wit, “Are you trying to swallow a legendary dragon soul? In that case, I’ll give it to you!”

[Dragon Soul Burning]!

The dragon soul at the tip of the staff completely withered, body enveloped by translucent flames.

With the burning of the dragon soul, the red dragon figure in the air became more solid. Each scale seemed to be more corporeal, and sharp claws held a sharp glint.

*Roar…* The red dragon’s large eyes showed intelligence as it collided with the flaming bird all of a sudden.

High-pitched dragon howls and bird cries surprised both the natives and pirates on the ground. All of them gazed upwards, watching the battle between the red dragon and flaming bird. Some natives were able to recognise their totem and immediately tossed their weapons aside, beginning to pray right away.

“What are you standing there in a daze for? Go!”

A similar dragon aura burst forth, and Isabel drew her Red Dragon Sword from a native soldier with an unknown duty as she berated the pirates loudly.

With two legends in charge, strength, great equipment, and having more fighters than enemies, they completely crushed the opponents. The pirate army had now pushed through to the outer regions of the tribe, and the enemies they faced had turned into a group of people acting without structure. There were even appearances from the old, young, female and frail natives.

“Those who do not surrender are to be killed with no exceptions!”

With her life as a pirate over so many years, Isabel lacked the pity that regular females had and sent down the command. Those pirates and devil followers that were initially extremely evil carried this out ruthlessly, and perhaps even did this even more cruelly than required.

“All I can do is to give him all my faith and complete all mortal battles…”

Isabel’s eyes showed her understanding of her position and charged to the depths of the tribal area. Around her, the red dragon’s figure and flames followed, making her look like the most beautiful war goddess.

*Chiu chiu…*

Meanwhile, the battle in the sky between legendary beasts reached its conclusion.

While the red dragon was of a legendary rank and had its dragon soul burnt, it was a fact that it was already dead and its power was diminished.

The giant flaming bird was not only a legendary being but even had divinity! Through several rounds, it had torn of large chunks of soul force from the red dragon’s body and even swallowed its flames, causing its golden fire to turn red.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

At the end, as the flaming giant gnawed at the head of the red dragon figure, the crystal with the dragon soul at the tip of Leylin’s staff shattered.

“Tsk… after so many uses, the red dragon’s soul force is completely consumed…”

Seeing the dragon soul vanishing in front of him, Leylin did not look the least bit surprised. The flaming bird, on the other hand, released an elated chirp and gulped down the red dragon figure while absorbing the flames it possessed.

“Then again, it’s time I change the core!”

Leylin’s figure ascended till he stood before the flaming bird. After absorbing the dragon soul, its body had become more enormous. A sense of a dragon aura was also being emanated by it as it met Leylin’s gaze without fear. There was even desire in its eyes.

“Oh? Trying to eat me too?”

Leylin could not help but begin to chuckle after understanding what the bird wanted, “It really is a beast. It can only do everything on instinct and doesn’t even care if it can digest me.”

“Go crazy…” Leylin snapped his fingers, and the flaming bird immediately began to writhe, layers of flames rising as half of the red dragon’s head appeared from its body.

“While being able to assimilate the flames is advantageous for you, you might want to be careful since eating too much could mean you might be assimilated instead…”

A sinister smile rose by Leylin’s lips, “As you are now… you are prey truly worthy of being slaughter after being fattened up…”


Leylin tossed the Roaring Red Dragon Staff in his hands, and it began to soar into the air till it reached the head of the flaming bird. The sharp end of it quickly pierced downwards!

*Chiu chiu…* The large flaming bird could have easily dodged the attack, but it seemed to have gone stupid as it stayed where it was, golden and red flames twining around and eating at it.


The red dragon staff was like a sharp arrow that disappeared through the head of the bird, causing flames and golden blood to spurt everywhere.

*Chiu chiu…* With the large flaming bird’s last miserable cries, a huge explosion sounded. The sound first came from its stomach, which then formed a storm that swept the bird within.

Leylin stood at the side, watching the large body being torn and devoured by the storm…

“If all earth-bound spirits on the Debanks Island have this level of strength, I have nothing to worry about. However, with the support of the native empire, those earth-bound spirits have strength probably similar to demigods…”

Leylin sighed inside.

The pirate allied armies had now killed their way into the inner parts of the native tribes. They began their ruthless massacre of the old, weak and ill, as well as all sorts of atrocious activities.

“Is this what conquering means? Increasing my strength by massacring continuously…”

Leylin’s eyes showed his bewilderment for a moment, before the A.I. Chip sounded. [Beep! Host has killed a divine creature. Obtained partial information on the domain of massacre. Massacre domain model establishing. Beginning digitising…] [Beep! Host has grasped domain, massacre.] [Massacre domain. Obtaining strength by constant massacres! In this environment, host’s stats increased by 1% (Current effect). With a certain probability, Host can obtain opponent’s soul energy. Host’s followers can also obtain boost from massacre domain.]

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